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Beasts, in the Belly of the Beast

"Life in the Malthusian Church was give and take. Give and take. Bad things were good things and good things were bad things. The salvation of humanity through ugly deeds - the ultimate good by a thousand sin's cuts."

Awakening Hell's Gate

"Oh, for God's sake." Supervisory Agent Philip murmured to himself as he took his magazine subscriptions with him, walking to Deputy Director Mooney's office on the upper floor."

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Sword

"You’re not entirely sure how long you’ve been in this room. It’s certainly been most of your short little life, you barely even remember what it was like back at The Factory anymore, but it’s still not enough for these four sterile walls to feel like home."

RPC-193: The Amazing! Co. Kidz-Frendly STAPLOR!™

"RPC-193 is the collective designation for 8 anomalous staplers capable of manipulating the coherency of localized areas in order to form molecular bonds between objects."

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RPC Failsafe PSA

"Officer Shwartz sat at his desk, very hung over and extremely tired. He didn't want to come into work that day (or ever, for that matter)."

Scenes from Site-014

"A collection of moments, great and small, from the disaster at Site-014."

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