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RPC-004: The Serial Poet

"RPC-004 is a collection of anomalous books, two of which remain. RPC-004-1 is a red hardback notebook that contains writings from an unknown author; the writing itself, however, is not memetic. The text within RPC-004-1 describes anomalous events and criminal acts, the investigations of which are still ongoing."

Sean's Bizarre Adventure

"Sounds like a spy movie. A computer at the end of a dusty hallway, a facility built under a sleepy eastern European mountain town, a lone fiberoptic cable leading to the outside world…"

RPC-543 The Howlers of Dreamland

"We have enough instances in containment already that we have instituted a "shoot on sight" policy for any found attempting to escape. Regrettably, it does not seem to have any instructive effect on those still left alive."

Men on the Moon

"Do you ever wish all this was a little bit more… I dunno, exciting?"

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