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We will be experimenting with dark theme due to popular vote! Please excuse any bugs on custom themed pages for the next few days while we get it all running smoothly. Thank you for your votes, if you missed it, you can read about it here.

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RPC-137: A Love Story

"RPC-137 is a white, unlabeled hardcover book. When opened by an observer, the previously blank pages will fill with a short piece of fiction centered with the observer as the protagonist. Narratives are universally grounded in reality, and often simply portray the observer engaging in mundane activities shortly after opening RPC-137. The contents of RPC-137 are only visible to the immediate observer, and stories are unable to be recorded using photography or video, vanishing to the observer upon closing the cover."

RPC-547: Rovers From Another Planet!

"RPC-547 is an anomalous mechanical construct with an outward resemblance to the NASA martian rover "Opportunity". RPC-547 displays playful and excitable behavior, making soft chirping noises and driving in circles when it detects personnel who have given it positive attention."

RPC-384: Lucy in the Sky

"RPC-384 is a female human of English descent, weighing 65.4 kg and measuring 160 cm tall. The attire of 384 consists of a white summer hat, 384-1 (otherwise known as LA-384), a rainbow dress that ends at the knees, polka dot leggings and red flat shoes.
RPC-384's behaviour is categorised as very friendly, social and outgoing, despite periods of "aloofness"."

RPC-171: And With It, the Memory of the Republic

"RPC-171 is a heavily damaged Wind-class conventional icebreaker exhibiting acute anomalous phenomena, frozen into Arctic pack ice (currently 45km north of Franz Josef Land, an archipelago in the Russian Arctic.) As all baseline Wind-class vessels are accounted for, RPC-171 must be regarded as extra-dimensional in origin; this conclusion is supported by the phenomena and material evidence detailed below."

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