_test 5

[Taken from RPC-139 as an example]

Audio Log 139-1

Crewmembers: MST Uniform-5 "Sea Kings" Units 1-15

Date: 12.00 AM - ██.██ ██

<Begin Log>

Unit 14: Day 13, Month 3. We are detecting an unidentified ship on the horizon.

Unit 11: That's SS Silence. Target confirmed. Engage.

[Artillery Shot can be heard]

Commander Unit 1: Is that smoke coming out of the target?

Unit 11: What the fuck is that?

Unit 14: Home Base, SS Silence appears to be excreting reddish smoke. Awaiting orders.

[Unit 14 was responded with a permission to keep firing]

Unit 14: Understood. [From a distance] Keep firing!

Unit 2: There's something making noise under the ship commander!

Unit 11: SS Silence isn't backing down!

Unit 14: The sky is turning red, Home Base, what is happening?!

[Loud metallic noise can be heard exiting the water]

Commander Unit 1: They are coming out of the water! Team, stand your damn ground!

Unit 11: I can't see! The red's everywhere!

Commander Unit 1: What the fuck is this light?! My skin fucking burns!

Unit 11: Th-the gun's not working! It's all black and rusty.. Everything is god-fuck-damnit!

Commander Unit 1: [Screaming] My skin! My fucking skin what is happening?!

Unit 14: Home Base, everyone is screaming outside, the units down are telling me something, like a red light is watching them. The ship's losing control as we speak.

[Various voice recorders from the top part of the ship catch their respective units screaming, this extends for 5 minutes]

Unit 14: It's coming. Silence is comi-

[An unknown entity rams Vessel 139-2 from the left side. Contact lost.]

<End Log>

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