A-005 "The Box From Site-77"



This document was originally in possession by GEAR before the anomaly was sold to the Authority. The object is awaiting numerical designation.

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A-005 upon initial discovery.

Object Number: A-005

Containment Requirements: Low

Danger Level: Low

Containment Procedures: A-005 is currently located in Site-77’s standard storage wing. The object should be monitored regularly in order to detect malfunction and/or damage. Any unrecorded changes in the object should be reported to the site administrator immediately.

Description: A-005 appears externally to be a 1.0m by 1.0m steel storage box with a circular opening on one side of the box. Upon closer inspection, the walls of the box are revealed to be a very thin layer, covering a massive amount of microscopic circuits and mechanical components. These components are highly complex and are still not fully understood by GEAR researchers.

The anomalous capabilities become apparent when an amount of matter is placed inside the box. Once placed inside the box, a thin metal sheet will travel downwards from the inside of the box, covering the opening. For approximately 30 minutes, a loud electronic buzzing can be heard from the inside of A-005 along with a slight vibration. Once this process has completed, the box will open, usually resulting in no change to the original material. The only known exception is when an amount of either plant matter or animal matter is placed within the box.

In the case that plant matter is inputted into the object, the result will always be a smaller amount of animal matter. The resulting animal matter is always one fourth the weight of the original plant matter. It should be noted that although mostly meat has been recorded appearing, it is also possible for live animals and other creatures to be outputted.

When animal matter is inputted into A-005, the output will always be a large amount of plant matter. The resulting plant matter is always four times the weight of the original animal matter and usually consists of fruits and vegetables, although flowers and fungi have also been recorded.

Addendum: GEAR researchers are currently working on developing a 3D map of the object's internal components with the hope that we will soon be able to recreate the asset with a larger container, allowing for more matter to be used in tests. It is hoped that in the future we may be able to market and sell mass produced food using the technology.

The following is the most recent A-005 test log GEAR researchers recorded.

Input Output
2 pounds of assorted, uncooked vegetables. 0.5 pounds of assorted, raw meats.
5 pounds of raw pork. 20 pounds of uncooked broccoli.
A 7 pound, living chicken. 28 pounds of living cocoa plants (the plants quickly died due to lack of water and soil).
A 5 pound piece of human flesh. 20 pounds of raw carrots
A 4 pound iron cube. The same iron cube with no change.
10 pounds of raw carrots. A 2.5 pound human hand (DNA analysis shows that it does match with any known person).
5 pounds of oak tree bark. A 20 pound, bipedal creature. The DNA matched closely with kangaroo DNA, but no recorded creatures had a direct match. The Creature was terminated without any damage to equipment or researchers.
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