A Thousand Rooms And One Locked Door


I open the door to the next room and as usual. There’s the chair and the table, they’re hot pink. There’s nothing on the walls but crude pictures of flowers. There’s an asian woman sitting at the chair shouting at nothing. “一切都是陳詞濫調! 一切都是陳詞濫調!” I didn’t understand Chink so I don’t even try to speak to her and I just go through the next door. There’s a man in the chair with a goddam tooth in his forehead. A stainless steel dentist pick comes out from the skin on his right palm. He instantly grips the pick and begins ripping open the skin and flesh around the tooth, and when he’s done he pulls out the tooth and the flesh it’s growing out of. “What the fuck are you doing man?” He doesn’t respond. I don’t care, I’m honestly tired of it at this point. I’ve been here too long. I calmly move to the next room. There’s a guy and a little girl this time facing each other at the table. The chairs and the table is covered by brown fur. The man says endearingly while pointing at the table “Heehee you love the new dog don’t you baby! It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!” The girl looks terrified. I shout at him “Hey retard! She clearly doesn’t like it!” The guy turns to me, looking a bit annoyed. “Do you mind? I’m trying to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party.”
I let out a sigh. “Whatever,” I say as I move to the next room.

“What the hell!” I say as I walk in. I’m actually surprised. Something that didn’t happen for a long time while I’ve been here. I’m startled at the fact that I see my dad in the chair and he’s already staring at me, smiling softly. He says “Hey kid, please sit down you need some rest after walking all these years, I don’t think you ever even got a bite to eat.”
“My bad dad, but I think I’ll pass.” I say as I slam into the next room, scared out of my fucking mind.
He’s there again, sitting at the table spouting out the same words “Hey kid, plea-“ I run out before he can finish and he’s there in the next room and I instantly run out. He’s there again and again and again and again. I keep hearing the same thing again and again. It’s so goddamn annoying. When I finally come to the realization it’s never going to stop I finally sit down with him. He says to me “Do you know why you’re here?” “No,” I say. He begins to grin, his mouth expanding to the edges of his face. Then he says, “Hee hee! That’s good! Please go through the next door, it’s a very important one.” With nothing better to do, I listen to the thing pretending to be my dad and go through the door.

There isn’t anyone in it. There are the normal table and chair, surrounded by dull, gray walls but nothing else. There is a door though. I try to open it, it’s locked. I let out a sigh and say “I understand,” acceptingly. I sit in the chair saying nothing, waiting for the next broken man to walk into my cage.

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