The following document was transmitted to the Authority’s Database on 01/01/████ via RPC-███. The following document is hypothesized to originate from a timeline designated “Remnants”.


Anomalous Entity/Object Code: 002

Codename: Dog Food

Threat Class: Theta-Yellow

Entity/Object Description: AEOC-002 is a singular Canis lupus familiaris instance of the German Shepherd breed. AEOC-002 measures 35 kg in weight and 63 cm in height. AEOC-002’s fur is a mix of brown and black. The creature’s eyes appear to have been gouged out. Due to this, AEOC-002 wanders its containment cell aimlessly.

AEOC-002 anomalous properties is the ability to instantaneously manifest two (2) identical clones of AEOC-002, designated AEOC-002-A. AEOC-002-A are 100% biologically identical to AEOC-002. Unlike AEOC-002, AEOC-002-A are completely non-anomalous. It is hypothesized that because of this AEOC-002’s anomalous properties are not biologically based. AEOC-002 is able to produce two (2) AEOC-002 instances per day.

Engagement Procedures: AEOC-002 is to be contained in a 4 x 4 m containment unit. Site-100’s medical staff are to keep AEOC-002 in good health. All AEOC-002-A instances created by AEOC-002 must be located to the adjacent containment chamber. Once fifty (50) AEOC-002-A instances have been obtained, they are to be euthanized and cut into small pieces. Skeletal remains are to be incinerated after their procedure.

AEOC-002-A instances’ meat are to be contained in Site-100’s cafeteria for later consumption. 50% of all AEOC-002-A meat is to be sent to Outposts and Authority Controlled Settlements. Distribution of AEOC-002-A meat is to be under the control of Project Ambrosia.

Discovery Log: AEOC-002 was originally designated RPC-[DATA CORRUPTED] before the “Alpha Trigger” event that caused knowledge of the anomalous being known to the public as well as the destruction of many countries, cities, and organizations. AEOC-002 was originally classified Alpha-Yellow before the Alpha Trigger event. AEOC-002 was found in [DATA CORRUPTED] in what is now known as the Adamfield Void, or AEOC-[DATA CORRUPTED]. AEOC-002 was transferred from Site-087 alongside many Alpha class objects before Site-087’s destruction. On [DATA CORRUPTED], Dr. Barrison proposed the use of AEOC-002-A instances as a source of substance in the case of ration shortages. On [DATA CORRUPTED], Site Director, [DATA CORRUPTED], approved Dr. Harrison’s proposal.

Addition Information: Dr. Allison’s Proposal

Ever since the “Alpha Trigger” event, the Authority, or our site specifically have shifted goals. Before our goal was to research, protect, and contain. That was when we were a global superpower, but now times have changed. Rumors of the AEP raiding Authority facilities and assets has brought to my attention that we no longer have the resources as we once did.

Our goals have changed from the containment and research of anomalies to the neutralization of hostile anomalies and utilization of Theta anomalies in our favor, but research is still important. We cannot take back this world without knowing our enemy. Our CSD supply is currently at 100 CSD personnel. This leads me to the bulk of my proposal. I propose we use AEOC-002-A instances as a replacement for CSD personnel. I suggest using 10% of all AEOC-002-A instances created by AEOC-002 be used as CSD personnel. - Dr. Sarah Allison, Director of Human Resources

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