Red Gate


Anomaly #: 006
Code Name: Red Gate
Tier: Low
Anomaly Type(s): Transport, Dimensional
Hazards: DIM-01
Departments involved: Dept. of Extradimensional Affairs
Discovery: ███████ Germany, 20██

Image received from AEP-006 during initial communications.

Description: AEP-006 is a circular dimensional anomaly (approx. 3 meters in diameter) that resembles theoretical wormholes. AEP-006 provides access to an adjacent reality where the now defunct German Reich (further designated as AEP-006-1) managed to be victorious in World War II. AEP-006-1 was confirmed to achieve advanced technological progress. The current year within AEP-006 was discovered to be 20██ during initial communication.

Upon initial enclosure, AEP-006 appeared within Site 628 seemingly intentionally in an area large enough for containment. After enclosure, multiple communications messages were intercepted, being confirmed to be various phone calls, songs, and radio frequencies. Multiple expeditions were undertaken with teams of 5 O-Class Personnel each to examine the reality AEP-006 connected to. All expeditions ended in success with no losses.

The first contact with AEP-006-1 was established on ██/██/20██ when multiple armed personnel from AEP-006-1 entered the enclosure via AEP-006. The following log contains initial contact established by Dr. ████.

Following initial contact AEP-006-1's Administration has been highly cooperative with the Association. Allowing the exchange of personnel and information between Site-682 and Site-782.

Addendum 1A: AEP-006-1 personnel notified Site-628 Personnel on ██/██/20██ that the "Führer" (further Designated as AEP-006-2) is to communicate with Site 628's Director █████. Multiple security personnel from AEP-006-1 were dispatched days before communication was planned.

On ██/██/20██, AEP-006-2 made contact with Site 628's Director. AEP-006-2 refused to document the event but allowed notes to be taken of the meeting.

Addendum 1B: Further cooperative actions have been approved by AEP-006-1 following the meeting between AEP-006-2 and Site 628 Director █████. Cultural and technological exchange is now approved to take place yearly between Site-782 and Site-628. Further guard detail from AEP-006-1 has been added.

Addendum 2A: During a routine O-Class Exchange with AEP-006-1, O-6897 attempted to flee and defect to AEP-006-1. No further events have been recorded with O-Class Personnel fleeing. AEP-006-1 personnel has remained silent about the status of O-6897.

Addendum 2B: AEP-006-1 Personnel have released information regarding O-006-1, detailing that once apprehended O-6789 was found to have partial Ashkenazi heritage. Documents show that O-6789 was terminated by AEP-006-1 personnel following the capture of O-6897.

Following the release of information, Site-782 submitted a request to Site 628 for all O-Class exchanged to be of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Israeli, and Various African ancestries. The request was partially granted on the condition that nonspecified subjects would make up 2 of 5 exchanged O-Class Personnel.

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-006 requires a constant 5-megawatt charge to maintain contact with AEP-006-1. AEP-006 can be maintained indefinitely without this charge but at the cost of contact with AEP-006-1. AEP-006 is enclosed in a 15.5³ m room at Site 628 (located near █████████, Germany).

Members of AEP-006-1 are scheduled to make contact at approximately 7:00 GMT+2 to 12:00 GMT+2 bi-weekly (every two weeks). Technological and cultural exchanges are permitted after proper filing and documentation. AEP-006-1 Security Personnel and Site personnel are to cooperate in the security of both Site-628 and AEP-006-1's Site-782. During communication with any individual from AEP-006-1: the falsehood of a German Victory in World War II in this reality must be upheld.

All maintenance equipment for AEP-006 must be in an adjacent room to protect against possible malfunction.

Value Assessment: Communication with AEP-006-01 has been extremely profitable for the Association and further trades would be highly beneficial considering how far ahead AEP-006-01 is.


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