Arctic Sludge


Anomaly #: 009
Code Name: Arctic Sludge
Level: Critical
Anomaly Type(s): Biological, Chemical
Hazards: CHEM-04
Departments involved: Chemical Research Dept.
Discovery: ██████, ██████

Description: AEP-009 is a colony of independent cellular entities taking on the appearance of unrefined petroleum, however, it lacks any similar chemical makeup. AEP-009 shows a bond with petroleum (including refined) as a method of hibernation to an indefinite time limit; Possibly staying with oil deposits since the early Mesozoic Era. Along with its apparent bond with petroleum, it has shown a very high vulnerability to incineration, which has helped contribute to containment procedures.

AEP-009 was first contained on a newly built oil platform north of the town of ██████, ██████, belonging to the ███████ █████████ Corporation before Association acquisition. Initial recovery was carried out by A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5. Immediate reports detailed the loss of the entire platform's crew. Arctica-5 resorted to sinking the oil platform after sealing off every extraction pipe and incinerating all instances of AEP-009 and affected organisms (Further designated as AEP-009-A) onboard.


An instance of AEP-009-A recorded during late stage contamination of Site ███.

Following initial containment, other instances of AEP-009 were reported and contained. Predictions on containment labeled the entire Arctic Ocean as a high risk to leave open to non-association exploration and experimenting. The current quarantine on Arctic Ocean exploration and oil extraction was put in place immediately after this prediction with all major reports of AEP-009 emerging ceasing.

Addendum 1A: AEP-009 has had one major occurrence since the quarantine was implemented. On ██/██/████, extracted colonies of AEP-009 breached containment in Deep Research Site ███. A.R.T. Task Force Arctica-5 failed to retake Deep Research Site ███. G5-03 authorized the detonation of on-site nuclear warheads, neutralizing all instances of AEP-009.

Addendum 1B: During Deep Research Site ███'s containment breach, AEP-009 showed growing signs of intelligence as it grew throughout the site, with instances of AEP-009-A exercising high levels of intelligence to the point of communicating with other AEP-009-A instances. Noted signs of intellect also include AEP-009 and AEP-009-A mimicking ensnared humans and cries for help to lure further victims.

On-site cameras recorded living and deceased human individuals were gathered by AEP-009 and instances of AEP-009-A, and were seemingly assimilated and reassembled with biomass and parts from AEP-009 and other recovered victims. Living subjects for transformation were recorded to still be alive as late as their entire bodies were re-purposed.

Addendum 2: AEP-009 has been determined to be a major threat as of the events of Review Log 009-1. AEP-009 research is now on indefinite standby.

Maintenance Protocols: Due to complete containment of all instances of AEP-009 being deemed impossible; all non-association petroleum and deep-sea expeditions north of ███° N in the Arctic Ocean are to be intercepted and non-association individuals violating quarantine are to be given Grade-A amnestics or terminated.

Any recovered instance of AEP-009 is to be destroyed via incineration immediately. Any handling of AEP-009 is prohibited for personnel not wearing sterilized hazardous material gear. Under no circumstances is AEP-009 allowed to make contact with organic material. Failure to neutralize non-contained instances of AEP-009 may result in an NK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

Quarantine is administrated by Site 789 in Northern Greenland following the destruction of a Deep Research Site ███. Quarantine is to be carried out by multiple outposts throughout the Arctic Ocean.
Value Assessment: AEP-009 has been noted to contain valuable carbon dating on recovered instances. Allowing for detailing of the early Mesozoic Era due to every extracted instance of AEP-009 showing to have been in hibernation for the millions of years it has laid dormant.


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