Iron Key


Anomaly #: 010
Code Name: Iron Key
Tier: Low
Anomaly Type(s): Transport, Object, Dimensional
Hazards: DIM-01
Departments involved: Dept. of extradimensional affairs
Discovery: ███████ Oregon, 1978

Description: AEP-010 is a key constructed from an unknown mixture of metals. The key possesses an extremely high rigidity factor while maintaining a lightweight feel. Research is currently underway into duplicating this metal for Association use, but with little luck. AEP-010's primary anomalous feature presents itself when used on any door with a working locking mechanism. Upon using the key and opening the door a rift will form in place of the said door leading to a pocket dimension designated AEP-010-01. Upon using AEP-010 to open a door with a broken lock, [DATA-EXPUNGED].

AEP-010-01 varies in appearance based on what type of door AEP-010 is used to open, however, all instances of AEP-010-1 observed thus far can best be described as maze-like and illogically designed. Upon entrance to AEP-010-01, individuals will immediately suffer from increased levels of fear, tension, and nervousness. Despite said feelings, individuals will continue to explore AEP-010, eventually becoming lost within the maze-like constructions.

AEP-010-01 appears completely lifeless, even to the point of a lack of microbial life. The only exception to this is an incredibly hostile entity with very little known about it besides how it hunts designated AEP-010-02. AEP-010-02 upon discovering an individual within AEP-010-01 will use fear tactics and psychological warfare in order to rile up its prey before paralyzing said prey. At this point, it is unknown what AEP-010-02 does with its prey after paralyzing it. However, based upon its activity AEP-010-02 seems intent on maximizing fear in its victim before paralyzation. AEP-010-02 has very rarely been caught on camera and little is known about the way it looks, due to the fact that it is always obscured with shadow.

AEP-010 was discovered after the reported disappearance of 9 individuals in ███████ Oregon, an ART was deployed to the area and discovered the lost individuals had each used AEP-010. The ART quickly acquired AEP-010 and moved it to Site-3 where it remains today.

Maintenance Protocols: AEP-010 is to be stored in a titanium-alloy box located at Site-3 inside Secure Locker-5. Tests involving AEP-010 with a duration of longer than 24 hours are strictly prohibited. Tests must be ended upon subject termination.

Exploration Logs:

Value Assessment: While AEP-010-02 is incredibly hostile, it has been suggested that we use AEP-010-01 as a disposal method for particularly hard to destroy materials/anomalies. In addition, further expeditions into AEP-010-01 may yield useful materials.


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