SCP-ES-277: Almarduk

SCP-ES-277: Documentación Principal

Ítem #: SCP-ES-277 Nivel 7/ES-277
Clasificación del Objeto: Keter Clasificado

Ítem #: SCP-ES-277

Clase de Objeto: Keter

Procedimientos Especiales de Contención: SCP-ES-277 debe ser contenido en una máquina de escribir Remington '47. Otros procedimientos serán innecesarios.

Descripción: Hello. So, yeah, this is an SCP format. In an RPC page. Crazy, right? Fuck you for questioning it. And fuck you for not knowing Spanish. O tal vez si sabes, en cuyo caso te amo.

I don't think it'll be necessary to explain what my nationality is after seeing the page theme. I bet you're thanking God I put this div so you wouldn't have to directly look at the Argentinian flag in order to read this. Comfy, right? The theme is from Tarbolin's author page. Swell dude, 5 star him.

Some other things about me;

  • I'm a former SCP-ES writer. That's Spanish SCP, by the way. No pedos involved, unlike our english-speaking equivalents.
  • This page is littered with references to SCP-ES you will never understand. Have fun trying.
  • fuck the UK
  • RCPA and Children of Nihil are the only good Groups of Interest
  • RPC-101, 745, 579, 438, 464, 494, 722, 749, 917, 068, 983, and 052 are my favourite RPCs
  • That was a lie, RPC-052 is mine and it sucks

SCP-ES-277: 1/4 RPC Authority/ES/S-34/2007

SCP-ES-277: Apéndice I — Articles I Wrote

DATE: [09 Jul 2020 20:14] — TAGS: (alpha cair-aisling rpc uncontained white)

SIZE: [20799] characters

TRUE RATING: 4.5 [19/07/2020]

More subtle Children of Nihil stuff. About wyrms and authorial wishes.

A hopefully somewhat subtle Children of Nihil article. About hollow kings and Ozymandian rule. Quite proud of this one!

DATE: [02 Dec 2019 20:24] — TAGS: (aquatic-hazard below-zero beta children-of-nihil climatological-hazard extreme-temperature-hazard rcpa rpc white)

SIZE: [39910] characters

TRUE RATING: 4.6 [19/07/2020]

More CoN stuff. This time, really long.

DATE: [28 Jul 2019 21:46] — TAGS: (alpha children-of-nihil extra-dimensional-hazard info-hazard rpc white)

SIZE: [14214] characters

TRUE RATING: 4.1 [19/07/2020]

A weird article with a shitton of site references. WAY too pretentious for what it actually does, but I like it anyways.

DATE: [22 Jul 2019 19:40] — TAGS: (destabilization-hazard ecological-hazard extra-dimensional-hazard geological-hazard grouped-hazard mechanical-hazard neutralized remnants rpc sentient-hazard)

SIZE: [12054] characters

TRUE RATING: 4.2 [19/07/2020]

My first RPC! Mediocre Remnants article, kinda bad actually. If you want to rewrite this, feel free. Just let me know.

I also made this piece for the Below Zero event.

SCP-ES-277: 2/4 RPC Authority/ES/S-34/2007

SCP-ES-007: Apéndice III — Things I Did

1st Place

Three Random Hazards Contest

RPC-052 — Hollow and Drowning

2nd Place

Below Zero Event

RPC-747 — Black Downpour

fuck you fox i was going to win

SCP-ES-277: 3/4 RPC Authority/ES/S-34/2007

SCP-ES-277: Apéndice IV — Things I Eventually Want To Do

  • World-build about RCPA's Argentina.
  • Write about an Authority division of semi-sane Nihil cultists, and how they concile both groups' apparently contradictory goals. Hopefully much depression.
  • Write more around RPC-992, specifically the steel box that appears in 747 and 992.
  • Write an info-plane article.
  • Write a collab. (stop laughing)
  • Write an alternate reality where the Authority is a society of potentially mentally ill people who are the only ones capable of perceiving anomalies and feel the world going to shit in front of their eyes while everyone else is oblivious and thinks them mad. Ambiguity between whether there are actually anomalies. They'd name themselves "Maintenance Union."
  • Write AEDF article.
  • Write Howler article.
  • Hopefully port my space series from SCP-ES.

SCP-ES-277: 4/4 RPC Authority/ES/S-34/2007

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