Anomaly-197 "Manufactured Manpower"



This document was provided to the Authority by the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects during the Agency Self-Reliance agreement of 2008. Anomaly-197 is still under PCAAO possession.


6 instances of Anomaly-197-1.

Anomaly ID #: 197


Corporal [REDACTED], the DNA source for all current instances of Anomaly-197-1.

Threat Level #: 2 0 11

Benefit Level: 52

Security Protocols: Anomaly-197 is to be secured inside the inanimate objects wing at Facility-12 at all times. All DNA samples are forbidden to come within 20 meters of Anomaly-197, with the exception of testing. Any instance of Anomaly-197-1 which is not part of a test is to be neutralized immediately. As of 3/6/1985, due to the discovery of loyal Anomaly-197-1 instances, Anomaly-197 has been downgraded to Threat Level zero. DNA from volunteering PCAAO units is to be used to create Anomaly-197-1 instances, which are then to be used in military roles. This DNA source is to be changed every year. All corrupted instances of Anomaly-197-1 are to be shot on sight.

Description of Anomaly: Anomaly-197 is a prototype medical device initially manufactured for military use. Anomaly-197 is 3 meters tall, with a width of 4 meters. Anomaly-197 weighs 2 metric tonnes. Anomaly-197 requires no external power source, featuring an internal generator. When needed, Anomaly-197 can be disconnected by the removal of this power source.

Anomaly-197's anomalous properties manifest when used by an individual. Upon use of Anomaly-197, all wounds present on a user's body before the use of Anomaly-197 will be cured. However, Anomaly-197 will create a new wound on the subject's back, which remains as a permanent scar. This process only occurs upon the removal of the current DNA sample. After this process, Anomaly-197 will extend a pod-like device. over the course of two hours, this device proceeds to generate two instances of Anomaly-197-1.

Anomaly-197-1 instances are exact biological clones of the current DNA source, although not baring the Anomaly-197 generated scar. These instances are sapient, and are capable of fluent speech, fluid movement, and perception of all senses. Anomaly-197-1 instances lack individuality, however, operating in a hive-mind. As of 3/6/1985, this hive-mind behavior has been discovered to be similar to a military structure, with all Anomaly-197-1 instances following commands from a perceived "superior," being the original DNA source. As of 21/6/1997, Defective instances have been sighted. These Anomaly-197-1 instances possess many facial variations from the host, as well as the concept of free will.

Discovery: Anomaly-197 was discovered at [CLASSIFIED] Military base on 21/9/1984, when two instances of Anomaly-197-1 were detected inside of the room containing Anomaly-197. Anomaly-197 was then closely observed. upon the detection of a third instance, Anomaly-197 was transferred to Facility-12, with the contained DNA sample being extracted. Anomaly-197 was then put under surveillance for the next 24 hours, in case of leftover manifestations occurring.

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