Anomaly-198 “The Black Box”




This document was provided to the Authority by the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects during the Agency Self-Reliance agreement of 2008. Anomaly-198 is currently under Authority possession. Anomaly-198 currently does not have an RPC designation.


Anomaly ID #: 198

Threat Level: 1

Benefit Level: 4

Security Protocols: Anomaly-198-B01 through Anomaly-198-B21 is to be handled by TF-Yuè-2 “Space Men” and with personnel with 198/Alpha clearance. When Anomaly-198 instances are not being handled by TF-Yuè-2, said instances are to be placed back into Anomaly-198-A. Anomaly-198-A is to be kept in its Class AA Containment Storage unit in Facility-001.

Description of Anomaly: Anomaly-198-A is a large black cube made of an unknown type of metal believed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Anomaly-198-A measures seven meters in height and seven meters in length. When any type of biological material makes contact with the object the sides of the object will open up to reveal twenty one (21) instances of Anomaly-198-B.

Anomaly-198-B instances are spear like objects each measuring a meter in length. At the bottom of an instance of Anomaly-198-B is a trigger like mechanism. When the mechanism is activated the tip of Anomaly-198-B will fire a small projectile designated Anomaly-198-C. Anomaly-198-C will leave Anomaly-198-B at a rate of 2816.352 kmph. When Anomaly-198-C makes contact with a surface it will exert a force on said surface of 107,059 Newtons.

Discovery: On 08/12/2000, Anomaly-198-A was found by two civilians hiking Mount Song. The civilians reported the box to the local authorities to the location of Anomaly-198-A. TF-Rì-9 was sent to Mount Song to apprehend both Anomaly-198-A and the two civilians. Civilians were released from PCAAO care on 09/08/2000.

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