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Overview: The Authority must deal with many and varied Entities involved with the anomalous; for the most part, these are fringe groups, much like the Authority themselves. However, some Entities operate within the framework of the non-anomalous world, as agencies for nations and international organizations. Dealing with the population-control cult of Malthus is very different from negotiating with the legitimate representatives of China; whether hostile or cooperative, the power dynamics and threat that the latter may pose is radically different. Such Groups are registered within the Authority Global Information Database, colloquially known as the Agencies of Interest. The Database contains entries on these Groups as well as government programs related to the anomalous.

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Project Blue Book


Project Blue Book is a large scale International government agency formed by the UN security council to resist against Incursion and assault by non-human entities. Project Blue Book primarily operates in space however numerous facilities can be found on earth. Not much is known about Blue Book save for the fact that Project Blue Book is divided into the Xeno Defense Bureau (XDB), Scientific Research Bureau (SRB), and the Engineering and Manufacturing Bureau (EMB). Our relationship with Blue Book is tenuous at best due to a great deal of mistrust and a disagreement over operation standards.

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