Overview: This document contains various organizations and groups that have some similarity to the Authority, and are were known to deal with the paranormal and the occult. They have since then been defunct and archived.

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Overview: Created in 1914, Nucorp Industries started out as a scientific research company that sold plans and blueprints to buyers. Nucorp gained the Authority's attention with the selling of the plans and the copyright for the 1st nuclear reactor to the US Government in 1939. The Authority approached Nucorp after WW2 offering a partnership. An agreement was made and the Authority helped establish their first manufacturing plant in 1956. It was used during the construction of the Authority Battlecarrier, which continued for the next 2 decades. Their current relationship is still friendly, with Nucorp even reverse engineering Anomalies to be beneficial for the Authority.

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Nivaldi - GU-0

Overview: From the first breath of life, the world has experienced catastrophic event the likes of which cannot be imagined. How the world moves past these events, is all due in part of the Nivaldi, a secular group of beings which regularly warn the people of an upcoming catastrophic event. Having only made first contact with the Authority in the past 20 years, the Nivaldi and their motives are still unknown. Although their warnings to the world have been beneficial in the sense, their true intentions are not known leading to the shroud of secrecy surrounding them and the information they hold.

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