Awakening Hell's Gate



Canon: Baseline
Series: Fail-Safe
Canon: Baseline Series: Fail-Safe

"Oh, for God's sake." Supervisory Agent Philip murmured to himself as he took his magazine subscriptions with him, walking to Deputy Director Mooney's office on the upper floor.

He entered Director Mooney's office while he was on the phone, slamming the magazines down on the desk in front of him.

"What the hell is this?" Director Mooney asked as he took away his phone, looking at the magazines published by the Eye Spy and the New Internationalist. He paused and glances at Agent Philip, and back at the magazines.


"Shit, who the hell leaked our presence in Nevada?"

"I don't know. I just found out about this now."

Dr. Mooney sighed and sat down on his chair, continuing to look at the magazines on the desk. He grabs the TV in his first drawer and turned on the news channel for CNN.

"… Officials from the State and Defense departments refused to comment on the leaked documents about the nuclear accident that occurred just two days ago. These documents contained numerous back-channel logs of what appears to be the discussion forum between a UN agency only referred to as the UNAAC …"

Director Mooney's office phone began to ring, catching the attention of both Agent Philip and Director Mooney.

"I think I'll leave you to it .."

Dr. Andrea sneakily enters the assembly room without disturbing the talks. She walked to the back where Colonel Lazarev was, whispering to him as she approached and sat down beside them.

"What did I miss so far?"

"Nothing much, we're just beginning doctor."

Colonel Sergey Lazarev was a bold and ambitious military officer. He often preferred to take risks in order to succeed in his objectives. Since 2013, Colonel Lazarev now serves as an official for the Military Actions Committee in the UNAAC.

"You heard about the leaks?"

"Da. The Russian government is in a panic that the world may now be in the brink of total transparency."

"What do you mean?" Dr. Andrea turns to Colonel Lazarev with her eyebrows raised.

"President Petrov and some of his minister cabinets are calling for the total transparency in order to evade public scrutiny if they keep continuing to dissuade from the truth. Especially in times of .. well, elections."

Dr. Andrea sighed and looked away from the Colonel.

"What even is the point if we keep hiding the truth from the people. I mean, they have the right to know, you know? People died."

Colonel Lazarev looked at Dr. Andrea, glaring at her with suspicion.

"So, you mean to say that you leaked to the press?"

Dr. Andrea's eyes widen and shook her head at Colonel Lazarev. "Are you fucking crazy? Why would I do that?"

"I was messing with you, doctor. You Americans are too easy to be pissed off." The Colonel chuckled to himself quietly as he gazed away from Dr. Andrea.

Director Xiao, the Chinese delegate, briefly glanced at the American and Authority delegates, before turning towards the Speaker.

"I am normally be only able to speak for my government, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say this AEP organization seems to have finally shown their true colors. Even if it was not their intention to do so yet, we cannot allow them to continue their actions when they may be deemed a threat to the security of the international community. Which is why the Chinese government is formally requesting the Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy be listed as a 'hostile entity' under Operation Dawn Initiative."

Director Xiao pauses, sipping a glass of water before continuing. "In addition to that, we would like to file a motion that the UNAAC, and its members, begin to take immediate action against the AEP"

Ambassador Leo Schimpff interrupts Director Xiao. "Apologies Madam Speaker, and to Director Xiao, but this motion is unnecessary when this organization had nothing to do with the events that occurred. The Association was simply supporting the acts of Mr. Anders who acted on their own behalf, and not behalf of this organization."

"Ambassador Schimpff, while I understand your stance, let me ask you this: If this happened in your country, Germany, would you still think of them that way?"

Ambassador Schimpff glared at Director Xiao with disgust.

"May I remind you that that question is very different from what we're dealing with at the moment. This didn't even happened in China—"

Director Xiao interrupts the Ambassador Schimpff, raising his voice.

"But it easily could've. While China has the least Authority sites relative to that of the physical size of the country, the majority of these facilities in China are in populated areas. So, if this happened in my country; many would've died."

The Speaker bangs their gavel towards the Chinese and German delegates. "Director Xiao, please do not overstep your boundaries. Now, all in favor for the Chinese delegates' motion?"

The members within the room pass on their votes; however, a majority rejects the Chinese delegates' motion to take immediate action against the AEP.

"If I may Madam Speaker, I would like to pause this forum for a moment to garner your attention to the commission report finalized by the Mendoza Commission."

Commissioner Schneider interjects as he placed his microphone next to his mouth, holding and raising a copy of the Mendoza Commission report.

The Speaker glances over to the standing Commissioner. "Please proceed."

The Commissioner cleared his throat. "Madam Speaker, members of the WSC, this Commission has finalized its reports in regards to the Authority facility, Site-014. In front of you is the copy of the commission's report, and I would like all of you to turn over to page twenty-four."

The ambience of the room is suddenly filled with page flickering, but quickly goes back into an intense silence within seconds.

"With the helpful assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency, including the Authority Central Intelligence, we've determined that there was no mechanical nor system error. But instead, we've determined that the cause of the incident was the manual activation of the facility's self-destruct protocols."

"Apologies Madam Speaker, but I will like to add a few things to the Commission's findings." The Authority representative interrupts the Commissioner, and politely ask the Speaker on their request.

The Speaker nods at GD-4, continuing the discussion of the Commission's findings.

"Thank you. Now, I would like to add that the events that lead up to the incident involving in the acts of Mr. Anders, who acted on his own initiative, and previously was a supporter of the terrorist group Church of Malthus. While Mr. Anders had support from the AEP Organization, as evident by channel logs that were discovered and included in the evidence section of the report; Mr. Anders had acted in premeditation, and was not in any way acting on behalf of any organization prior to the incident."

President Petrov of the Russian Federation tapped their microphone, asking GD-4 a question.

"Comrade GD-4, may I ask how a facility's self-destruct protocols work?"

"Apologies Mr. President, I'm not obligated to share that information for security reasons."

President Petrov clears their throat. "Understandable, but, I am confused to as how a facility — like Site-014 — would activate its self destruct protocols when such authorizations also require an external authentication. If my source is correct, a system like that would not merely prevent the detonation of a facility, but would also prevent such activation in the first place."

The room is suddenly filled with a loud murmur passing around. The Speaker grabs their gavel and bangs it on their desk. "Order please. GD-4, I believe it is within the best interest of this assembly to be transparent. How do you respond?"

GD-4 turns to their staff, whispering and looking around the assembly table.

"I would like to convey the President's inquiry to my people, but I will respond to at the very end of this assembly as soon as I get in contact with my fellow associates. For now, I would like to move forward with the Commissioner's briefing on the Commission report."

"All in favor?"

The Speaker raised their voice, calling for a motion at the request of GD-4. All the members within the assembly pass their vote to move forward, excluding the delegates from Russia, and China.

"Very well. Commissioner Schneider, please continue on with the briefing."

GD-4 enters a private area where he took out his black phone to get into contact with another GD. They loosen their tie and clear their throat as the line securely connects.


"Hey, number nine."

"Oh, hello number four. What is it?"

"It's the Russians. They're aware of the external authentication system. They're beginning to suspect that Mr. Anders wasn't the only instigator that lead to the facility's demise."

"Have they mentioned anything about AEGIS?"

"No, but I am beginning to suspect that they somehow know about AEGIS."

"Right .. speaking of, have you heard what's been going on the news?"

"The United Nations white paper leaks?"

"Aye, the rest of the Global Directorate are meeting up at the same place to talk about the matter."

"You may wanna cancel that. The UNAAC has already found a solution to deal with the fire."

"What kind of solution?"

"The former employee, who leaked alleged confidential UN documents of confirmation of a supposed UN agency under the acronym of UNAAC, was arrested by FBI Agents following a four-week surveillance operation that revealed the suspect to be an agent for the Russian FSB. The documents were reportedly to be fake as confirmed by the United Nations and the US Department of Justice …"

"Ouch. That's gotta be a bummer." Dr. Page comments as she watched the TV in the board room.

"Huh, and here I thought the UN was gonna cave in this crisis."

"Well, Kelsey, from what I've heard; the Russian government was actually gonna topple down first. But then decided to play ball and allow the supposed espionage scandal to happen." Dr. Page sipped her drink as she glances over to Researcher Kelsey.

Researcher Kelsey grabbed the TV remote and increases the volume a bit.

" … In other news, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a new addition to the FBI's Most Wanted List; a man, in this photograph, is wanted for terrorism after the suspect had been selling nuclear materials to militia and terrorist groups in the United States."

"Say, were they even a UN employee? Or some double agent releasing reckless information to the public?" Researcher Kelsey turned to Dr. Page as she stood up from the lounge table.

"They were apparently an Authority doctor, actually. It was Dr. Andrea who leaked the UNAAC documents to the news outlets, for what purpose? I don't know myself."

"Welp, the Authority and the United Nations once again avert an international crisis!" Researcher Kelsey sarcastically says as she continued to watch the news.

"Department of Defense inquiries into the nuclear incident on June 13, revealed that the nuclear explosion was the result of an accidental nuclear detonation when US Air Force officials …"

"I would like to apologize for my absence for the past few minutes, but I would like to get back to the inquiry of President Petrov concerning our self-destruct systems."

"You may continue." The Speaker wavers their hand at GD-4.

"To the President's question; yes, we have an external authentication system that requires the authorization of a Site facility's self-destruct protocols as a measure to prevent any accidental, or unauthorized activation."

The room is filled with a loud murmur once more but is silenced by the Speaker's gavel.

"So you are admitting that there is someone else who authorized Site-014's self destruct protocols?"

GD-4 paused, looking at President Petrov for a moment until speaking again. "No."

"Can you elaborate on your response?" Director Xiao adds.

"What I meant was that the system was compromised. Mr. Anders has somehow found a way to bypass the external authentication process, how he did it is still being investigated by our technicians."

President Petrov's advisors whispered behind his ears as he takes a glass of water.

"GD-4, I would like to ask one more question before we move on."


"Has the Authority implement any form of artificial intelligence into its systems to which it would be in a capacity to authorize a Site facility's self-destruct protocols, externally?"

GD-4 cleared his throat, leaning forward to the microphone. "No, Mr. President. To be frank, that would utmost be dangerous and reckless. Would that be all?"

President Petrov adjusts himself on his seat. "Nyet."

"Motion to adjourn?"

The Speaker said as she moves forward a motion to adjourn the assembly. All votes within the room were unanimous to adjourn the assembly. The Speaker once again bangs their gavel.

"This assembly is now adjourned."

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