Below Zero Event

Below Zero

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Command, we found something under the ice. Something massive. Requesting immediate backup.

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Throughout history, tales have been told of mythical cities lost to the march of time. From the floods of Noah to Ancient Persian stories, legends are universal. Irish mythology refers to a city known as Hy Brasil; the Mayans and Aztecs talk of their origins from sunken islands. Mu, Lemuria, Avalon, El Dorado: these names hold a fictitious gleam; however, once in a blue moon, the mythical becomes reality.

On June 23rd, 2019, far south, beneath the frozen hellscape of Antarctica, and under its eternal night sky, a city has been uncovered. And a myth returns to the world.

To participate in this in-canon event, write or create anything you wish about the events leading up to, during or after the event. Options can include the anomalies or artifacts recovered, the location and work involved in its discovery, operations in response to its discovery by the Authority, GOI involvements, or something completely different.

You are highly encouraged to collaborate and interact with each other's writings. Only items submitted before or on December 12th will be eligible to get featured. Once the eligible submissions have gained 8 votes each (in the interests of fairness), the four submissions with the highest scores will be featured on the front page. You can continue to contribute to this event at any time afterward. You can edit your existing articles to be included in this event, but to be eligible for the featured prize you must rewrite and re-upload your submission.

To submit a written work, upload your writing to the site as you normally would and tag it with below-zero.

To submit art or other media, upload it to your desired page and tag it with below-zero-art or post it in the art repository via discord.


  • Anyone is allowed to participate!
  • You may contribute as many entries as you like
  • Submissions must match the theme in a justifiable way
  • Pre-existing drafts and articles are allowed; however, articles posted on the wiki must be rewritten and re-uploaded in order to be eligible for being featured
  • Edits to works are allowed
  • Anyone found using alt accounts to vote on their submissions will be disqualified and banned from entering in future contests or community events
  • Do not cold post. You must receive feedback in the drafts forum
  • Submissions will be locked until the 20th; please use this time to coordinate with your fellow authors to make a cohesive idea before developing with articles.

Below Zero Writing Submissions

Below Zero Artwork Submissions

This contest is community-run and is managed by Doctor Lupin if you have any questions please direct them towards him.

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