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The Order Of The Cross

First article I had ever made. I was in a crusader mood. Also, AEP dead lmao funny.

Operation Sub Vesuvia

My first submission for Sub Vesuvia. A boring and disappointing article that was nothing but a setup for a much more read-worth tale. Definitely will rewrite.
The characters of the tale are a big inside joke that was turned into something serious: around 2016/17 i was writing a lot of military fan fictions (extremely bad too) and I just couldn’t be bothered with coming up with names, so I always used the same four names: Fox, Lance, Pearce and Gilmour. These four characters were supposed to come to life in SCP, as Nu-7 operatives, but the thing never made it there. Here we are now.

The Hole

What I personally consider to be my first REAL tale. Second submission for Sub Vesuvia, follows the same squad and some additional characters.
The main idea was inspired by the sci-fi horror movie “Aliens”, and the at times cheesy dialogues were some sort of reference to the great sci-fi movies of the 80s. The scene where Fox and Ross handshake is by itself a reference to the 1987 movie “Predator”. Overall my best work yet.


My submission for Cair Aisling: a short series of tales that I will pump out periodically that will focus on worldbuilding, character development and… just plain fun, I guess. Right now there’s only the prologue, I will write the sequel, eventually.

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