Catalog Of Lesser Anomalous Items

Forward: In addition to containing Major Anomalous objects, the RPC Authority also contains numerous Lesser Anomalous Items. These items are always Alpha in classification and frequently mundane in nature. The majority of lesser anomalous items are contained at Site 016 'The Warehouse'.

The Lesser Object Format can be found here under the "Lesser Object" section.

Designation: LO-101
Description: A ████ brand bar of soap.
Site Location: Site-279
Properties: When being held, the item exhibits a decrease in friction, invariably slipping away from grip and landing on the floor with the branded side up. Subjects around the area express heightened expectation and a sudden interest on the object, with reluctance to picking it up. The item later returns to its holster by unknown means when out of sight, with the effects dissipating. Using the object for its intended purpose shows no wear on the item whatsoever.

Designation: LO-102
Description: A large egg, formerly measuring about 11.4 centimeters in diameter, with a cheetah-print pattern.
Site Location: Site-279
Properties: Egg hatched into a female Acinonyx jubatus20after 94 days in incubation. The subject, hereby designated as LO-102-2-1, is healthy, but X-ray analysis of the reproductive organs indicates a series of egg-producing and laying organs similar to that of an oviparous animal. LO-102-2-1 was transported to Site-279 for further research, and to attempt to set up a breeding program in order to further study its reproductive anomalies.
Note: LO-102-2-1, as well as any hypothetical parents, siblings, or offspring, has been given the tentative scientific name of Acinonyx jubatus ovumalgarum, as of ██/██/2018.
Additional Note: Subject was recovered from an Albanian street vendor named Alban Ismail, who claimed to be selling "authentic cheetah eggs." Upon interrogation, Ismail revealed that nineteen (19) additional instances were sold for 3300 Albanian Leks21 each. When pressed on where he obtained the eggs, Ismail refused to answer, even under threat and eventual application of force. Funds obtained from the sale of LO-103 instances have since been seized. Ismail was given the tentative designation of a PT-03 POI, and has since been detained at Site-009 for further questioning.

Designation: LO-103
Description: An adhesive bandage strip with no apparent brand.
Site Location: Site-008
Properties: When the item is applied to any open wound in a way that successfully apposes the borders of the wound (Cut, ulcer, burn or even firearm wound) it accelerates the rate of healing and scarring, cutting the time it would normally take to heal by half. However users report loss of key events from log term memory the longer it takes to heal the wound. Item is currently contained at Site-008, available for use by medical personnel to treat minor wounds.

Designation: LO-104
Description: One (1) CD Case containing a disc labeled "Super Street Fighter IV RPCDX Turbo"
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Can be played on any game console from the 7th generation22 onwards. Appears to be a completely new game based on the engine of Street Fighter 4, where the character roster is made up entirely of anomalies contained by the Authority, with some exceptions23. Besides the mechanics of the in-game depictions of RPC-068 and RPC-686, the game itself appears to present no other anomalous effects. The game also contains a bonus stage, where the player is tasked with destroying a car that resembles LO-023.

Designation: LO-105
Description: One (1) unmarked cassette tape, manufactured in 1984.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If LO-105 is inserted into any compatable device, it will proceed to play Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Every attempt to overwrite the contents of the tape has been unsuccesful.
Notes: LO-105 was recovered in 1994, 10 years before the release of Mr. Brightside.

Designation: LO-106
Description: One (1) textbook entitled Disorderly Conduct
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If the user attempts to order LO-106 in any given list, the list will shift to depict LO-106 to be ordered incorrectly. Any attempts to correct the list will result in further damage to the list's order. Due to the anomalous properties of LO-106, the succeeding lesser anomalous object is to be to designated LO-106.

Designation: LO-107



Description: One (1) MP3 Player manufactered in 2011.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If LO-107 is used to play any mp3 media, all users within range of hearing will each hear a different song that is seemingly chosen at random.
Notes: LO-107 was recovered due to a report made by the daughter of Dr. █████ ████ when she apparently bought the object in a common technology store.

Designation: LO-108
Description: A female Oriental Longhair cat.
Site Location: Site-016 (Under the personal care of Dr. Dalia ████████)
Properties: LO-108 is measured to be about 4.5 kilograms and 55 centimeters without its tail, possesses 6 legs, and black non-reflecting sclera. LO-108 is confirmed to be blind and possesses an enhanced sense of smell and hearing. Subject appears to not be slowed down by its additional limbs, being able to run faster than the average cat and climb surfaces with ease. The feline shows no abnormal signs of aggression towards the monitoring staff, however it does not accept physical contact with any individual other than it's personal caretaker Dr. Dalia ████████. Further tests to record behavior during periods of increased sexual drive pending.

Designation: LO-109
Description: One (1) Leather Aviation Cap
Site Location: N/A26
Properties: When worn by a living subject, they gain a large amount of "Luck". This allows the subject to avoid most lethal encounters. However, this effect is at the expense of their personality, as the individual will become extremely unlikable.

Designation: LO-110-AR
Description: A Heineken-brand bottle cap.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Subjects who visually perceived LO-110-AR experienced an intense desire to chew on it.
Notes: Destroyed after an unfortunate interaction with CSD-1032, whose jaw structure was drastically altered by RPC-███, resulting in a notable increase in the subject's bite force.

Designation: LO-111
Description: A human female with vulpine ears, eyes, and tail with black hair and fur.
Site Location: Site-031-2
Properties: Entity is capable of creating thaumaturgic fire from its hands at will.
Notes: LO-111 is known to be an instance of a mass produced model from the "Sacred Flame Kitsune" range of products made by the GOI known as Kabushiki Kawaii.

Designation: LO-112



Description: A rubber duck.

Site Location: Site-016, formerly Site-027

Properties: LO-112 functions identically to a rubber duck unless buried in any substance with similar consistency to soil. When provided with water, LO-112 will sprout a small tree with red bark and yellow, duck-shaped leaves. In addition, a single new instance of LO-112 will be grown from the tree, falling from the tree a day after blooming.

Addendum: LO-112 was utilized in the creation of RPC-735. However, due to LO-112's nature, an additional instance was created and later retrieved from Site-027 and relocated to Site-016.

Designation: LO-113-AR



Description: A spot robot identical in appearance to those produced by Boston Dynamics.

Site Location: Neutralized, formerly Site-027

Properties: LO-113-AR is a spot robot that mimics the behavior of a standard household cat. It functions without power and is generally friendly to staff it interacts with. The claw arm attached to the top of the robot functions independently of the main body. It will attempt to "bite" anything that gets close that it perceives to be alive. The claw arm is equipped with a muzzle to prevent any injuries when dealing with LO-113-AR.

Addendum: LO-113-AR was utilized as the body of RPC-735. As there appear to be no means of separating it from RPC-735, LO-113-AR is effectively neutralized.

Designation: LO-114

Description: A quill.

Site Location: Formerly Site-027, currently stored within RPC-735

Properties: LO-114 is a writing quill that, when ink is applied, is capable of writing in air, or what has been dubbed "3D writing" by some staff. Anything draw with this ink will be fully functional as if it were made of ordinary materials. However, LO-114 is unable to be used to create weapons such as guns and swords. Attempting to do so will still create an object that can be interacted with, but any gun will not shoot and any sword will not cut. The cause of this still is unknown.

Addendum: LO-114 is currently stored within a chamber in the center of RPC-735. Attempts to retrieve it are being considered.

Designation: LO-115-AR


LO-115-AR in an inactive state

Description: A colonial organism resembling sand.

Site Location: Neutralized, formerly Site-027

Properties: LO-115-AR is a colonial organism that resembles a pile of sand when inactive. The individual grains of LO-115-AR are also identical in appearance to a grain of sand, with the exception of the presence of an elytra-like structure. When in need of food or needing to move for other reasons, the entire colony will open their elytra and unfurl insect-like wings. The colony moves as a single mass, and moves in a similar manner to how a jellyfish would move in water. The colony seeks out rocks or metal to consume, though will always prioritize the former. Any consumed rock or metal will be brought to the center of LO-115-AR and converted into more colony members. Any member who is removed from the mass will instantly lose their anomalous properties.

Addendum: LO-115-AR was absorbed into RPC-735, where the primary function of the colony was shifted as well as several members expiring and being uses as a form of armor. As such, LO-115-AR is effectively neutralized.

Designation: LO-116-AR



Description: An eyeball with neural connections split into 8 tentacle like structures.

Site Location: Neutralized, formerly Site-027

Properties: LO-116-AR is an eyeball which has had its neural connectors lengthened and split into 8 separate arm-like structures. Each arm is approximately a meter in length. LO-116-AR is able to manipulate these arms in a manner akin to an octopus. LO-116-AR is also capable of plugging these arms into existing neural structures or similar structures. Though LO-116-AR is incapable of boring through animals to reach these regions, it is more capable of digging up a plant's roots and connecting there. However, this can only be used as an energy source for LO-116-AR. Following Incident-116-L, reclassification of LO-116-AR into an RPC object is pending.

Addendum: Currently utilized as they eye and controlling consciousness of RPC-735. While it is considered neutralized, it could alternatively be considered reclassified as RPC-735 due to its prominent role in its existence.

Designation: LO-117
Description: A human male with reptilian scales covering various parts of its body. Also has reptilian eyes and a reptilian tail.
Site Location: Site-009
Properties: Entity possess the ability to freely change the colour of its skin in a manner similar to that of a chameleon.
Notes: LO-117 is known to be an instance of a mass produced model from the "Chameleon" range of products made by the GOI known as Kubushiki Kawaii.

Designation: LO-118

Description: A 10.5 inch audio reel tape, designed to play ten seconds of layered, complex tonal frequencies on a constant loop.

Site Location: N/A

Properties: Brief exposure to anomalous frequencies yields no long-term physical damage. The tape itself plays at extremely low volume, as even the most powerful speakers barely emit 30 decibels; Electronic enhancement only seems to increase white noise and obscure the actual subject of the recording. Regardless of volume, listeners exposed to the anomalous frequency claim to hear "the perfect guitar solo". Several researchers with musical training were asked to dictate, with most attempts ending in the musician growing frenzied and depressed. Subjects claim they could not recreate what they'd heard, or insist that repeated observations of the tonal pattern continued to yield varying results.

Recovery: RPC-235 was seized from Studio Z27 on March, 1965. Frank Vincent Zappa, who was renting the recording studio at the time, was suspected of creating the tape in question. Coinciding with reports of unexplained mania connected to the location, initial investigations suggested that Frank Zappa was unaware of RPC-235's anomalous properties. This was quickly disproved, however, after a series of missives from The Academy of True Art were discovered during the search and seizure. Vice squad was tipped off, and a raid conducted, tasked with confiscating suspected pornographic material. Three RPC agents were planted on the vice squad to seize RPC-235 without alerting civilians or authorities. While the raid was successful, Studio Z was later found to be unrelated to the anomalous activity in the area.

Addendum: Provides treatment for temporary relief of RPC-234-2.

Designation: LO-119

Description: A .3 x .3 x .3 meter 'Rubix Cube' bearing an immeasurable amount of densely packed cubes.

Site Location: Site-077's low risk anomalous object storage wing.

Properties: The value of cubes LO-119 possesses constantly changes, with it's average amount being around 85,000. Subjects attempting to 'solve' LO-119 report an inability to do so, and begin to experience intense emotional distress when met with failure.

Designation: LO-120

Description: A lamp post that is unable to be perceived without the aid of Leptosiderine.

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: LO-120, previously owned by the late John Beckham, who had lived in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The object was discovered to have anomalous properties after John had fallen down a flight of stairs after tripping on it.

Notes: LO-120 has been instrumental in a large chunk of Viderical experiments. As such, its primary housing is located in Site-002's Research & Laboratories Level.

Designation: LO-121

Description: An undocumented anomalous flora resembling a street light composed of wood.

Site Location: Site-031-2

Properties: LO-121 emits radio waves that allows network connection and high speed internet to any device that requires Wi-Fi. The top of LO-121 has a spherical mass that emits visible light at around 180 lm.

Additional: LO-121 was created by RPC-550 during Test-550-35 on ██/██/████.

Designation: LO-122

Description: One (1) Cardboard Box with the GEAR logo on each side of the box.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: LO-122 is filled with fifty (50) dark chocolate bars. Each bar is 30 cm in length and 1.2 cm in width. Once all fifty chocolates bars, designated LO-122-A, are consumed, the box will immediately refill with fifty instances of LO-122-A. Examinations of LO-122-A instances reveal that they are composed of Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Bean, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Vanilla, and Sugar. Each instance of LO-122-A is estimated to have 100 calories per bar.

Additional: LO-122 was given to the Authority during a meeting between GD-██ and a representative from GEAR. LO-122 came with a note on the side that reads as follows:

To one of the sweetest and most powerful women on this planet.

From your secret admire,
P.S. I heard you like chocolate.

Additional: LO-122 is currently being used in Site-016’s cafeteria as an ingredient in various food items.

Designation: LO-123

Description: A clear glass bottle with no brand labeling except for an engraved Amazing! Co. logo.

Site Location: Site-040

Properties: LO-123 is capable of producing an infinite amount of Vodka. LO-123 Vodka has the anomalous property to change the biochemistry of the human body so that it subsists of Vodka. The conversion rate of water molecules to those of vodka is equal to the amount of vodka consumed multiplied by the period of consumption.
A log of tests has been provided below on LO-123 from Site-040

CSD Test Log Result
4046 CSD is a human female that has no history of alcoholism. CSD was tasked with drinking from LO-123 for 10 days. 5% of CSD's blood has been replaced with an alcohol-based solution that continues to function as a medium for transmission of vital nutrients and O² to the body. CSD didn't wish to partake in the test. After a period of 20 days CSD's blood transitioned back into it's original state with no traces of alcohol found in CSD's body, however CSD has a notable aversion to alcohol.
4573 CSD is a human male with an athletic build and an above average metabolism. CSD was tasked with drinking from LO-123 for 1 month CSD drank from LO-123 for 1 additional month before asking for rehabilitation. CSD complied with rehabilitation protocols. On 16/12/1991 CSD confessed to the Site-040 therapist "I'm very thankful for your help. I don't know whether it's that thing I was drinking for 2 months or something else. It's as if the taste of alcohol was imprinted and even water tastes like vodka now. It's really strange, Jr.R Law said it is most likely the bottle but at this point, I'm not sure.". CSD completed his rehabilitation and expressed a desire to never see LO-123 ever again.
4845 CSD is an obese human female. CSD was tasked with drinking from LO-123 for 1 month CSD drank from LO-123 for a period of 4 months longer than the original test period. CSD refused to drink anything other than liquor from LO-123. CSD's Blood was converted up to 90%. LO-123 was later forcefully removed from CSD and she was later provided alcohol form commercial brands which CSD refused to consume stating: "No get me the good stuff! I refuse to drink [EXPLETIVE] give me the bottle now!". CSD later died after 1 week after attempting to breach containment form a gun shot wound to the head.
4489 CSD is a human male with anorexia. CSD was tasked with drinking from LO-123 for 1 month CSD died on week 2 because of refusal to continue with the test resulted in his body going into a severe stage of withdrawal. 70% of CSD's blood was transmuted.
4356 CSD is a human male with alcoholism. CSD was tasked with drinking from LO-123 for [REDACTED] [DATA-EXPUNGED]

Properties: Causes any event or media involving it to play out in reverse sequential order.

Site Location: Site-016

Description: A cassette tape of the 2000 crime-thriller film Memento.

Designation: LO-124

Designation: LO-125

Description: Three (3) liters of an unknown fluid designated Dihydrogen tetra█████████.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: Anything submerged into the fluid for more than 20 seconds will be spatially displaced to an unknown location. Test to recreate the fluid have resulted in failure. It is hypothesized that the atoms in the fluid are bonded together by some form of unknown or anomalous chemical bond. The fluid was recovered by RPC-251-A during an exploration of an alternate universe Earth.

Designation: LO-126

Description: 65 kg of an unknown meat contained within a crate with the Amazing Co! logo on each side.

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: The crate and the unknown organic material have no anomalous properties. Test conducted on the organic material reveal it to be Silicon based. The crate arrived at Site-002 on ██/██/████ with a paper note found on top of the object. It reads as follows:

Some Alien Meat For Our Friends At Site-002 From Your Friends At Amazing Co!.

Designation: LO-127

Description: An unknown implement of extraterrestrial origin, hypothesized to be similar in function to a stapler. Subject is pale blue in coloration, and is slightly spongy to the touch. Subject is covered in a number of small papillae, which are slightly darker in coloration.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When pressure is applied from the top, LO-127 will pulsate for several seconds before squirting an extremely adhesive glue-like substance downwards from a small orifice. X-ray analysis reveals there to be an internal organ that continually manufactures this substance.

Note: Subject was acquired from a raid on a Project Blue Book warehouse on ██/██/2007.

Designation: LO-128

Description: Fifty-seven (57) unknown objects of extraterrestrial origin, hypothesized to be similar in function to sticky notes. LO-128-1 through -32 are pale green in coloration, while LO-128-33 through -57 are pale blue in coloration. All instances are slightly spongy to the touch, and have a number of pores on their underside.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: Subjects continually secrete a small amount of the glue-like substance seen in LO-127 from the pores on their underside. X-ray analysis reveals a similar internal organ to LO-127's. Research into any biological connection between the two are underway.

Note: Subjects were acquired from a raid on a Project Blue Book warehouse on ██/██/2007.

Designation: LO-129

Description: A snow globe loosely depicting the events of the Barney and Betty Hill UFO abductions on September 20th, 1961. A small vintage car28 with two model passengers resembling Barney and Betty Hill can be seen driving down a forested highway surrounded by trees.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When shaken, a UFO resembling a flying saucer will materialize within the globe, above the model car. A light will shine from the bottom of the UFO, as the car (with both passengers inside) is lifted inside the spacecraft. The UFO will then dematerialize, with the snow globe resetting back to normal after two (2) hours have passed.

Note: Subject was acquired from a raid on a Project Blue Book warehouse on ██/██/2007.

Designation: LO-130

Description: A metallic 1 x 1 meter object made of many intersecting cubes and triangular pyramids at random intervals.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When in the hand of a sapient being LO-130 will expand and release blue gas composed of an unknown substance designated LO-130-A. When LO-130-A is inhaled by any subject, they will suffer from a form of memory loss that removes a subject’s memory of events that occurred ten (10) hours prior to LO-130-A exposure. Collection of LO-130-A gas for experimentation for the production of a form of amnestic gas is currently underway.

LO-130 was found during a containment breach at a Project Blue Book warehouse. MST Zulu-92 (Unknown Object Thieves) encountered LO-130 while moving through a sub level of the warehouse when the team encountered a tall humanoid with many arms hovering off the ground. The humanoid, now designated LO-131, carried LO-130 in one of its many hands. Zulu-92 opened fire on LO-131 terminating it instantly. The team retrieved both LO-130 and LO-131 extracted the objects safely off-site.

Note: Currently, LO-130 is being considered for RPC designation.

Designation: LO-131

Description: The cadaver of a three (3) meter tall humanoid with 20 arms. The head of LO-131 appears to have a mask like object composed of an unknown organic material physically bonded to its face.

Site Location: Site-008

Properties: Though LO-131 is currently considered neutralize, several anomalous properties have been observed. Every three to six weeks LO-131 will begin to levitate 3 meters off the ground. During this period LO-131 will anomalously transmute all steel with a 4 meter radius into anti-thaumaturgic steel29. LO-131 will remain levitating for 3 hours, after this period it will violently fall to the ground. Another anomalous property of LO-131 doesn’t show any signs of decomposition.

Organic testing reveals that LO-131 is composed of a magnesium based organic compound. Further examination of LO-131 are currently underway.

Designation: LO-132

Description: One deceased instance of Anomaly-197-1.

Site Location: Site-038

Properties: Every thirteen (13) hours, LO-132’s organic composition will change from being carbon based to any non-Earth Metal element. Every time this chemical change happens LO-132’s body will release high amounts of thaumaturgic radiation that will lead to minor spatial distortions measuring 5.29177 × 10-11 m.

LO-132 was found by two (2) Authority agents embedded within the People’s Committee of the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects (PCAAO) investigating reports of a missing Anomaly-197-1 instance. The instance was found dead three (3) kilometers from a PCAAO facility. The agents collected the body and retrieved it to Site-038.

Designation: LO-133

Description: Thirteen (13) objects of similar design to Anomaly-198-B instances.

Site Location: Site-038

Properties: When LO-133 is handled by an Anomaly-197-1 instance, it will grant them the ability to bend light around the object and the Anomaly-197 instance effectively making them practically invisible.

LO-133 was given to the Authority by a group of thirty-one (31) Anomaly-197-1 instances that defected from the People’s Committee of the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects (PCAAO). The group caused a large containment breach releasing several high threat anomalies. According to the leader of the Anomaly-197-1 defective group, designated Jacob, claims that LO-133 are not part of the original Anomaly-198, but duplicates created via a hostile anomaly in PCAAO containment that is capable of duplicate objects and embedding said objects with new anomalous properties.

Designation: LO-134

Description: One-Hundred (100) 1915 German Stielhandgranate, also known as Stick Hand Grenade.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When an LO-134 instance detonates it will release various spores, designated LO-134-A. When LO-134-A makes contact with soil, various forms of flora will begin to grow at a rapid rate. 80% of flora produced by LO-134-A have been found to be non-anomalous in nature.

LO-134 was found by MST Whiskey-94 (Nazi Hunter Requiem) during a raid on GARD warehouse. LO-134 was found being produced by several anomalous GARD combatants. The conflict resulted in five casualties on the Authority’s side, but resulted on the termination of 51 GARD personnel both non-anomalous and anomalous.

Designation: LO-135

Description: One (1) Ball Point Pen

Site Location: N/A; Currently in the possession of the Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy (AEP).

Properties: LO-135 will float thirty-five (35) centimeters off the ground. Ink expelled from LO-135, designated LO-135-A, will group together to form a singular mass of ink. This mass, designated LO-135-B will begin to hover 2 to 10 meters off the ground depending on the mass of the LO-135-B instance.

Designation: LO-136

Description: Forty (40) 40 x 40 x 40 centimeters cubes composed of a carbon based organic compound.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When LO-136 reaches a certain speed and makes contact with an area containing human beings, LO-136 will expand to a size of 9 m3 in an attempt to crush any humans within its range.

LO-136 was found in a Church of Malthus stronghold in Syria by MST Yankee-54 (Bonded By Sand) on September 19th of 2002. It is believed that LO-136 were being used by Church of Malthus combatants as an anomalous substitute for hand grenades.

Designation: LO-137

Description: One (1) USB of unknown make.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When LO-137 is placed within any computer’s USB port the entire computer will be engulfed by a spatial anomaly that will cause it to disappear. Once five (5) minutes pass the spatial anomaly will disappear to reveal a pile of human feces of equal mass of the computer. LO-137 will be found at the top of the pile.

Designation: LO-138

Description: An organism that resembles an office chair.

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: LO-138 is capable of locomotion via its wheels. When an organism sits on top of LO-138, various tendrils will form from the bottom of LO-138 and attempt to embed themselves into the body of said organism. LO-138 will try to siphon off nutrients from the organism using its tendrils.

LO-138 was found by Two Authority agents in Olympic National Park. The agents encountered LO-138 siphoning nutrients from one Rana Cascadae30.

Note: It is currently being debated whether the object meets the requirements for RPC designation.

Designation: LO-139


LO-139, immediately following recovery.

Description: One (1) Gucci-brand GG Supreme black backpack.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When a subject adorns LO-139, the subject will begin to exhibit signs of severe obsession with the Gucci brand and will suffer from a severe compulsion to acquire products made by Gucci. The effect still remains after the removal of LO-139 from the subject, and appears to worsen over time. Subjects under the effect of LO-139, hereby designated as LO-139-A instances, can be cured from LO-139's anomalous properties via the use of Class B amnestics.

LO-139 was previously in the custody of Tyrone ██████, theorized to be the first LO-139-A instance. On 7/13/2018, Tyrone drove to a Gucci store in ██████, Florida and demanded that the employee working there give him everything in the store. When the employee refused, the man pulled out a gun. The following is a transcript of security footage from the store during the incident.

LO-139-A-001, as well as LO-139, were taken into police custody following the incident. LO-139-A-002 was taken to a nearby hospital, but expired shortly after due to internal hemorrhaging . An Authority agent embedded within the local police department confiscated the footage and interviewed LO-139-A-001. The agent was able to determine LO-139's anomalous properties, and both LO-139 and LO-139-A-001 were taken into Authority custody. LO-139 is kept in an Alpha Class item storage chamber at Site-016. LO-139-A-001 is kept in an White Class containment chamber at Site-███.

Update: As of ██/██/2019, LO-139 is currently awaiting RPC designation.

Designation: LO-140

Description: One cardboard box.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When a subject makes contact with LO-140, an object, designated LO-140-A, will spontaneously manifest within LO-140. LO-140-A instances are usually non-anomalous in nature. Items produced by LO-140 usually have some form of connection to the subject’s past.

The following is a series of tests conducted with LO-140:

Designation: LO-141

Description: Twenty (20) sheets of paper describing the blueprints for a Sector 100 within Site-002.

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: When any personnel reads about LO-141, said personnel will begin to believe in the existence of a Sector 100 within Site-002. There have never been any plans for a creation of a Sector 100 and there is no evidence of a Sectors 100 ever existing.

The following is an example of one of the twenty files of LO-141, designated LO-141-01:

Designation: LO-142



Description: A black "Magnum" Sharpie.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: LO-142 can only be lifted or moved by a male human mammal amniote33 with sufficiently large external genetalia. This criteria appears to adjust itself based on the average penile length for a given species.

Note: "As a reminder, LO-142 is not to be removed from storage without explicit written permission, and certainly is not to be used for dick measuring contests at the annual Site-016 Christmas party. I would like to say I'm appalled, but frankly, I'm not even surprised at this point." - Assistant Site Director Dr. Herschel Gibbins

Designation: LO-███

Description: A Lesser Anomalous Item slot with the designation of ███.

Site Location: N/A. All sites with access to the Lesser Anomalous Items document

Properties: Any anomalous items describe and given the slot designation will have its designation redacted. Authority researchers hypothesize that LO-███ is caused by a bug hidden within the Authority database. Currently there is no evidence of such a bug’s existence.

Designation: LO-144

Description: Ten (10) cadavers of an unknown humanoid species.

Site Location: Site-███

Properties: LO-144 will emit 980 mSv of gamma radiation. Test conducted on samples collected from LO-144 show that the LO-144 are genetically similar to Homo sapiens sapien. Due to physiological differences between the LO-144 cadavers and Homo sapiens sapien researchers working with the anomaly have taken to calling LO-144 “Homo sapien infectus”.

Designation: LO-145

Description: A smart phone with the words “A! Phone Prototype 1” in Helvetica Neue font plastered on the back.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When LO-145 is powered on the Amazing Co! logo will show up on the screen and take the subject to the main menu. The main menu of LO-145 shows ten applications designated LO-145-A-01 through LO-145-A-10. Below is a list of all LO-145 applications and their function:

LO-145 was found in the possession of an Adeline ████████. Adeline used LO-145-A-10 and made her way to Site-016. When interrogated, Adeline claims to have no information of the Authority and our workings. When asked how she came in contact with LO-145, she claims that it showed up in her house on March 23rd 2014.

Designation: LO-146

Description: A DVD copy of “Star Wars The Clone Wars” season 1.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When a subject views LO-146 in its entirety, said subject will believe events from the series occurred in reality.

Designation: LO-147

Description: A pile of one-hundred (100) sheets of toilet paper of an unmarked brand.

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: No matter how many sheets are removed from the pile the number of toilet paper will remain at one hundred. LO-147 was found in one of Site-002’s janitorial closets.

Designation: LO-148

Description: One pair of shoes with the Amazing Co! logo on the side.

Site Location: Site-019

Properties: When LO-148 is worn by a subject on the lunar surface, said subject will be able to traverse the lunar surface as if they were on Earth surface. When a subject wears LO-148, they will require space suit to survive the lunar environment as it appears that LO-148 provides its wearer with oxygen through an unknown method. LO-148 was found in the use of PoI-███ to traverse the lunar surface.

Note: PoI-███ is currently awaiting transfer to Site-009 due to it being held as a high value person of interest to the AEP.

Designation: LO-149

Description: One unremarkable wooden door

Site Location: Site-002

Properties: When the door is opened by a human subject it will take them to ████████ ███ with in Site-002.

Note: Currently LO-149 is designated as neutralized as it was destroyed by RPC-███ on it’s containment breach on ██/██/████

Designation: LO-150

Description: One (1) 2018 Ford Focus

Site Location: Site-019

Properties: N/A. LO-150 was found within the Tycho crater on the lunar surface. LO-150 appears to be fully operational.

Designation: LO-151

Description: One (1) pair of wooden chopsticks with the phrase, “Give me Asian food!!!” scribbled on both chopsticks in black sharpie.

Site Location: N/A. Currently buried under the ████████████ Chinese Breakfast & Buffet.

Properties: LO-151 is constantly levitating. LO-151 will travel to the closest restaurant that produces Asian cuisine. Once LO-151 arrives to the location of a place that sells Asian cuisine, customers within the restaurant will experience a slight increase in the quality of the food. It is unknown wether the arrival of LO-151’s arrival to a restaurant causes the quantity of the food to increase or wether LO-151 affects the expectations of the costumer.

Designation: LO-152

Description: One (1) M1911 pistol with an unknown device found within the weapon. A small switch that has to settings designated “Deadly” and “Safety”.

Site Location: Site-016

Properties: When LO-152 is set to “Deadly” and loaded, LO-152 will work as a proper M1911 pistol. When LO-152 is set to “safety”, loaded, and aim at a subject viewing the weapon, LO-152 will create a series of rapid flashes of light that creates a memetic anomaly that causes a subject who observe the flashes to enter a comatose state. Subjects will remain in this comatose state for twenty-four (24) weeks.

LO-152 was found within a GARD facility by MST Papa-45 (21 Raiders & Thieves).

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