Catalog Of Lesser Anomalous Items

Forward: In addition to containing Major Anomalous objects, the RPC Authority also contains numerous Lesser Anomalous Items. These items are always Alpha in classification and frequently mundane in nature. The majority of lesser anomalous items are contained at Site 016 'The Warehouse'.

The Lesser Object Format can be found here under the "Lesser Object" section.

Designation: LO-101
Description: A ████ brand bar of soap.
Site Location: Site-279
Properties: When being held, the item exhibits a decrease in friction, invariably slipping away from grip and landing on the floor with the branded side up. Subjects around the area express heightened expectation and a sudden interest on the object, with reluctance to picking it up. The item later returns to its holster by unknown means when out of sight, with the effects dissipating. Using the object for its intended purpose shows no wear on the item whatsoever.

Designation: LO-102
Description: A large egg, formerly measuring about 11.4 centimeters in diameter, with a cheetah-print pattern.
Site Location: Site-279
Properties: Egg hatched into a female Acinonyx jubatus20after 94 days in incubation. The subject, hereby designated as LO-102-2-1, is healthy, but X-ray analysis of the reproductive organs indicates a series of egg-producing and laying organs similar to that of an oviparous animal. LO-102-2-1 was transported to Site-279 for further research, and to attempt to set up a breeding program in order to further study its reproductive anomalies.
Note: LO-102-2-1, as well as any hypothetical parents, siblings, or offspring, has been given the tentative scientific name of Acinonyx jubatus ovumalgarum, as of ██/██/2018.
Additional Note: Subject was recovered from an Albanian street vendor named Alban Ismail, who claimed to be selling "authentic cheetah eggs." Upon interrogation, Ismail revealed that nineteen (19) additional instances were sold for 3300 Albanian Leks21 each. When pressed on where he obtained the eggs, Ismail refused to answer, even under threat and eventual application of force. Funds obtained from the sale of LO-103 instances have since been seized. Ismail was given the tentative designation of a PT-03 POI, and has since been detained at Site-009 for further questioning.

Designation: LO-103
Description: An adhesive bandage strip with no apparent brand.
Site Location: Site-008
Properties: When the item is applied to any open wound in a way that successfully apposes the borders of the wound (Cut, ulcer, burn or even firearm wound) it accelerates the rate of healing and scarring, cutting the time it would normally take to heal by half. However users report loss of key events from log term memory the longer it takes to heal the wound. Item is currently contained at Site-008, available for use by medical personnel to treat minor wounds.

Designation: LO-104
Description: One (1) CD Case containing a disc labeled "Super Street Fighter IV RPCDX Turbo"
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Can be played on any game console from the 7th generation22 onwards. Appears to be a completely new game based on the engine of Street Fighter 4, where the character roster is made up entirely of anomalies contained by the Authority, with some exceptions23. Besides the mechanics of the in-game depictions of RPC-068 and RPC-686, the game itself appears to present no other anomalous effects. The game also contains a bonus stage, where the player is tasked with destroying a car that resembles LO-023.

Designation: LO-105
Description: One (1) unmarked cassette tape, manufactured in 1984.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If LO-105 is inserted into any compatable device, it will proceed to play Mr. Brightside by The Killers. Every attempt to overwrite the contents of the tape has been unsuccesful.
Notes: LO-105 was recovered in 1994, 10 years before the release of Mr. Brightside.

Designation: LO-107
Description: One (1) textbook entitled Disorderly Conduct
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If the user attempts to order LO-107 in any given list, the list will shift to depict LO-107 to be ordered incorrectly. Any attempts to correct the list will result in further damage to the list's order. Due to the anomalous properties of LO-107, the succeeding lesser anomalous object is to be to designated LO-106.

Designation: LO-106



Description: One (1) MP3 Player manufactered in 2011.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: If LO-106 is used to play any mp3 media, all users within range of hearing will each hear a different song that is seemingly chosen at random.
Notes: LO-106 was recovered due to a report made by the daughter of Dr. █████ ████ when she apparently bought the object in a common technology store.

Designation: LO-107-AR
Description: A Heineken-brand bottle cap.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Subjects who visually perceived LO-107-AR experienced an intense desire to chew on it.
Notes: Destroyed after an unfortunate interaction with CSD-1032, whose jaw structure was drastically altered by RPC-███, resulting in a notable increase in the subject's bite force.

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