Catalog Of Lesser Anomalous Items

Forward: In addition to containing Major Anomalous objects, the RPC Authority also contains numerous Lesser Anomalous Items. These items are always Alpha in classification and frequently mundane in nature. The majority of lesser anomalous items are contained at Site 016 'The Warehouse'.

The Lesser Object Format can be found here under the "Lesser Object" section.

Designation: LO-151
Description: One (1) pair of wooden chopsticks with the phrase, “Give me Asian food!!!” scribbled on both chopsticks in black sharpie.
Site Location: N/A. Currently buried under the ████████████ Chinese Breakfast & Buffet.
Properties: LO-151 is constantly levitating. LO-151 will travel to the closest restaurant that produces Asian cuisine. Once LO-151 arrives to the location of a place that sells Asian cuisine, customers within the restaurant will experience a slight increase in the quality of the food. It is unknown wether the arrival of LO-151’s arrival to a restaurant causes the quality of the food to increase or whether LO-151 affects the expectations of the costumer.

Designation: LO-152
Description: One (1) M1911 pistol with an unknown device found within the weapon. A small switch that has to settings designated “Deadly” and “Safety”.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: When LO-152 is set to “Deadly” and loaded, LO-152 will work as a proper M1911 pistol. When LO-152 is set to “safety”, loaded, and aim at a subject viewing the weapon, LO-152 will create a series of rapid flashes of light that creates a memetic anomaly that causes a subject who observe the flashes to enter a comatose state. Subjects will remain in this comatose state for twenty-four (24) weeks.

LO-152 was found within a GARD facility by MST Papa-45 (21 Raiders & Thieves).

Designation: LO-153
Description: A mundane copy of volume 1 of the manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Any heterosexual human male that reads the volume in it’s entirety will instantly develop homosexual tendencies. At the time of writing there is no known way to prevent this.

Designation: LO-154
Description: One (1) board game with similar rules to Monopoly with the Amazing Co!. logo on the side. The phrase “Amazing Monopoly 2 - Electric Boogaloo”.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: LO-154’s anomalous properties when two or more players begin playing LO-154. When a player wins, through an unknown process, LO-154 will deposit 100 USD in the winning players bank account.

Designation: LO-155
Description: one (1) generic 30cm(12 inches) stainless steel tongs with the number “419” printed on its handle.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: LO-155 when grabbed by a person while making skin contact, they gain increased proficiency in cooking with grills. The current theory is that the data are stored inside the LO-155 itself and while LO-155 is grasped the subject has access to the data within LO-155 temporarily. This is comparable to a USB connection to a computer. It can access the USB’s data while connected without it being downloaded into the computer. LO-155 can differentiate different types of touch from grabbing. It is theorized that the number 419 is supposed to represent that LO-155 is the 419th invention of its creator. LO-155 is able to survive 1473 Kelvin (1200°C) and is able to stay in shape even after 1270 kilograms of force (12454,45 Newtons) is acted upon it. LO-155 limit of insusceptibility is unknown, though because of its mundane nature and mild usefulness, it will no longer be tested.

Designation: LO-156
Description: One (1) Panasonic camera of unknown type, manufacture date circa 1992
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: LO-156 will transform into a clone of American filmmaker George Lucas for exactly 17 minutes once every 24 hours. This effect appears to trigger at random.

Designation: LO-157
Description: Ten (10) Organisms that resemble that of a Samsung A20.
Site Location: Site-002
Properties: LO-157-1 through LO-157-10 are able to obtain nutrients by absorbing particles in the air via an orifice located on the very bottom of the organism. The organisms are able to obtain energy by photosynthesizing light. Research into LO-157 instances reveal they have eukaryotic cells.

LO-157-1 through LO-157-10 were found on a raid on an APAS34 site on 02/01/2001.

Designation: LO-158
Description: One Pair of Wooden Earrings.
Site Location: Site-002
Properties: When worn by a female of any age they will experience feelings of extreme euphoria. This experience will last for as long as LO-158 is worn. Once LO-158 is taken away from a subject, the subject will experience feelings of depression.

LO-158 was found in the home of PoI-████ (Monica T. Corazon). PoI-████ was taken into Authority custody for interrogation. It is believed that PoI-████ has connections with an APAS auction site in the area of Miami, Florida.

Designation: LO-159
Description: One (1) Metallic Box with the words “Bullets” painted onto each side.
Site Location: Site-010
Properties: When an item is placed within the box the item will turn into a mass of bullets equal to the mass of the original mass of the object placed within the box. LO-159 was given to the Authority by PoI-████ (Timothy Q. Giovani) after defecting to the Authority from the group of Interest known as AEP or The Association.

Designation: LO-160
Description: One (1) Canis lupus.
Site Location: Site-002, previously contained in Site-014
Properties: LO-160 anomalous trait is its size. LO-160 is 55 mm in length. Previously, LO-160 was Dr. Yannis’ service animal given the name “Barker”. “Barker” is believed to have made contact with RPC-███ during Site-014’s destruction which is hypothesized to be the reason of LO-160’s anomalous properties.

Designation: LO-161
Description: ███████ Brand Kids’ Frisbee
Site Location: Site-022
Properties: When rolled, LO-161 will anomalously bounce 12.2 centimeters every 4 meters at 12 kilometers per hour and will roll through any material in its path without interference. Currently, LO-161 can only be stopped by concrete.

Designation: LO-162
Description: One (1) IKEA Brand KALAS Spoon
Site Location: Site-022
Properties: Has a human hand where the handle ends. This hand generates body heat, and attempts to grasp the fingers of anyone wielding LO-162. Subjects holding LO-162 note feeling relaxed, even in the most stressful of situations.

Designation: LO-163
Description: One (1) Alchemically combined liquid composed of liquid tungsten and RPC-████.
Site Location: Site-001
Properties: LO-163 is exhibits the unusual property of increasing in temperature when cooled and decreasing in temperature when cooled. Another property of LO-163 is to completely vaporize when exposed to oxygen or carbon dioxide gas. Producing a sample of LO-163 requires an individual to perform the rite of █████ while having 13.9 g of tungsten in its solid state and 83.1 g of RPC-████ in its liquid state in close proximity in a basic alchemical circle with various ████████ attached for the circle to provide power to it.

Designation: LO-164
Description: 5.5 Five (5) kilograms of fully cooked Linguine pasta.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Each strand of pasta is fully animate and exhibits behavior similar of Lumbricus terrestris35. LO-164 instances are fully edible and exhibit no I’ll effect prior to consumption. LO-164 was discovered in a Publix36 located in Miami, Florida when employee, Antonina ██████, discovered ██ boxes of pasta with the label:

Amazing Pasta II by Amazing Co!

Antonina observed the boxes moving and proceeded to dump the content of each box on the floor revealing LO-164. Antonina recorded footage of the anomaly and uploaded it to the social media application known as “TikTok”. Authority personnel were able to take down the video and four agents were sent to apprehend LO-164 and amnestisize Antonina ██████.

Designation: LO-165
Description: One (1) cylindrical glass cup
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: When LO-165 is held in the hands of an individual suffering from dehydration, the object will materialize water. The amount of water materialized is equivalent to how dehydrated a subject feels.

Designation: LO-166
Description:One (1) plastic doll resembling the Nintendo character known as “Princess Peach”.
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: When a subject vocalizes any negative statement towards or about the video game company Nintendo, LO-166 will vocalize various insults and threats toward the subject for 30 seconds. LO-166 focalization are also similar to that of the Nintendo character known as “Princess Peach”. It is believed that LO-166 is sapient, but only for the duration it is able to make focalization. The following is an interview conducted with LO-166.

Interviewer: Dr. Prost

Interviewee: LO-166

<Begin Log>

Dr. Prost: Fuck Nintendo.

LO-166 properties are activated.

LO-166: What the fuck did you just say you old fuck!

Dr. Prost: LO-166, we’d like to condu-

LO-166: Shut the fuck up I will fuck your mother and kill your whole family if you don’t shut the fuck up you dumb motherfucker.

Dr. Prost: LO-166, we do not have time for your-

LO-166: I’m gonna-

Dr. Prost: You're gonna what? You’re more immobile than a beached whale.

LO-166: How the fu-

LO-166 properties deactivate.

Dr. Prost: I apologize this interview was very impromptu.

<End Log>

Designation: LO-167
Description: A Ferrari 250 GTO
Site Location: Site-007
Properties: LO-167 is a non-anomalous vehicle that was found inside a Babylonian archeological dig site within a recently discovered cavern. The cavern is believed to have formed in 40,000 BCE and it is theorized to have formed by a large spatial/temporal disruption.

Designation: LO-168
Description: One 5 x 5 meters plain of glass
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: When two subjects make eye contact with each other through LO-168 they will report a feeling of nostalgia towards each other. LO-168 was created during the cross testing of RPC-███ and RPC-███.

Designation: LO-169
Description: One (1) female Canis lupus familiaris of the Siberian Husky breed
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: LO-169 is able to increase the probability of unlikely events by 10%. LO-169 was found within Site-016 with a note contains the following:

Shitty dog making my boyfriend break up with me. I will move back to Wuhan soon. Take care of her.

Addendum: LO-169 was artificially inseminated and gave birth to seven infant instances and one Felis catus domesticus. All birthed entities exhibit the same properties as LO-169. The infant instances are designated LO-169-A1 through LO-169-A7 and the Felis catus domesticus instance is designated LO-169-B.

Designation: LO-170
Description: One (1) oil painting depicting the site director of Site-019
Site Location: Site-019
Properties: LO-170 exhibits no anomalous properties. LO-170 was found by an expedition and research team surveying a naturally formed cavern and came across LO-170 in the center of the cavern. LO-170 contained a note with the following content written in an unknown fluid:

To: Gunther von Erbach

From: [DATA EXPUNGED] (Data have been expunged due to a major cognitohazardous effect found.)

When I first saw you I think it was lust at first sight. I had no human form so I took one to observe you. The more I observe you, the more I want to have you. I was going to reveal myself to you, but knowing the fragile mind of humans I would probably break you, so I have resigned myself from observing you from afar. I await for the day I can have you. With love, [DATA EXPUNGED].

The site director has shown interest in raising the security of Site-019.

Designation: LO-171
Description: One (1) DVD box set of the American television show Full House
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: When LO-171 is viewed directly, the observer will begin to experience an auditory hallucination resembling the Full House laugh track at random intervals. This effect ceases after twenty-one minutes. The DVDs contained within LO-171 do not exhibit any anomalous properties.

Designation: LO-172
Description: A collection of twelve (12) 150 ml glass cups
Site Location: Site-016
Properties: Every thirty minutes, an instance of LO-172 will translocate to a completely random location within 15 meters of its current position. Liquid contained within the instance of LO-172 during this event will not be translocated.

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