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RPC Authority Files

RPC-164 - Outdated Equipment

RPC-256 - Procedurally Generated Furries

RPC-363 - A parting gift from an Immortal Bird

RPC-439 - Mechanical Yandere

RPC-537 - The loyal soldier of the Grand Kaiser, the rightful ruler of the German Empire

RPC-579 - Goodnight everybody…

RPC-799 - Damaged Alien Terraformer

RPC-929 - Faulty Authoritarian Shock Trooper

AEP Association Files:

AEP-405 - Growth tubes

Array Files:

%ERROR%_criticism-delay_%ERROR% - Immediate Threat #96 You could have saved her

IFEED Files:

%ERROR%_criticism-delay_%ERROR% - The Revival of the Soviet Union


The Beast, when there are no nations (Co-Authored with TogeticTogetic)

Joke Articles:

RPC-404-J - A Flashbang

Exit Terminal?


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