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Fuck%20You%20Hazard.png Fuck%20You%20Hazard.png Fuck%20You%20Hazard.png

Fuck You

Registered Phenomena Code: FUK-U

Object Class: Fuck-You

Hazard Types: Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you

Containment Protocols: RPC-FUK-U is to be secured in a type FU Sapient Anomaly Container at Site-FUK-U.

Description: RPC-FUK-U is a Fuck You Fuck You similar in appearance to a
Pedicabo ego vos
1. RPC-FUK-U’s anomalous traits show when any attempt to measure or classify it is made. Whenever it is measured or classified, the value/class will always be some variation of the phrase “Fuck You”. For instance, RPC-FUK-U is FU meters long, weighs FUK.U KG, and is fuck you in color.

Addendum: Researchers performed a series of experiments attempting to assign a quantifiable value to Fuck You. However, upon looking through their data, Research team discovered that the values fluctuated depending on which researcher collected the data. Further testing with CSDs led the Research team to conclude that the value of Fuck You is directly proportional to the number of fucks given.


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