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Registered Phenomena Code: GOI

Object Class: Mu-Purple

Hazard Types: Ontological, Memory Alteration, Ideological, Threat to Good Writing, Emotional1

Containment Protocols: To prevent Authority databases from overloading with RPC-GOI instances, any logged instance must meet the following criteria:

• At least 3 related RPC entries wherein the instance plays a significant role in the creation or acquisition of the entry.
• At least 2 operation logs wherein the instance plays a significant role
• Meet the personal standards of acceptability of Global Director ███████2

Further containment beyond this is neither plausible nor required.

Description: RPC-GOI is a phenomenon wherein a number of previously unconnected people will spontaneously become a part of a group aware of, and with intent to use, the anomalous.

RPC-GOI instances are formed retroactively, with historic references to groups suddenly appearing in both Authority records and, in rare instances, public documents. The memory of all involved parties are similarly retroactively altered, with members of the organisation believing themselves to have been part of the organisation for varying lengths of time, and interconnected webs of contacts both between the Authority and other instances of RPC-GOI forming from non-members who believe themselves to have known of the group for extended periods of time.

While no individual instance thus far has been identical to another, they will invariably conform to one of three broad categories:

• A religious cult or subset thereof dedicated to either enacting a specific religious ideal through the anomalous, or worshipping a specific anomaly.
• A business oriented around the selling, manufacturing, or acquiring of anomalous items and entities, generally with a specific theme
• An organisation analogous to the Authority in goals and methods, but with small differences either observable through action, or entirely present in the perception of the members3

RPC-GOI instances are often hostile to the Authority, either in service of obtaining anomalies they seek or due to the Authority containing an anomaly that, retroactively through the creation of the instance, has some form of history with the group, or simply due to an indescribable hatred of the Authority as an autonomous entity4.

Instances of RPC-GOI will, ██% of the time, randomly cease operation immediately following the cataloguing of an RPC entry related to them. Often this will signal the incoming generation of another instance, and is permanent. In this state, members of RPC-GOI instances appear to functionally cease to exist, having no observable interactions with the wider world following this event, and are to be considered terminated.

Addendum: A brief list of terminated RPC-GOI instances are catalogued below.5
Miracle Labs Inc
The Swords of Christ
Raven Mafia7
The Works of Adamah


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