December 13th, 1987


NOTICE: The following audio was discovered by Authority personnel after washing up on a tape recorder on the coast of Los Angeles, California, on January 2nd 1987.

Audio log - December 13th, 1987. 3:45 AM.

Loaded up the vessel with several pounds of canned food, water, fishing nets, and other survival supplies which should last the crew for about four weeks. Set to sail off the LA Port into the pacific in two hours. Going to follow several salmon hotspots for a few weeks, and if everything goes to plan we should be making about $140k off of this which we’ll split among me, Richard, and The Captain.

Boat set to automatically send out an SOS radio signal out for 200 miles if shit really hits the fan. But I doubt we’ll need it. Nothing's going to happen. Richard said it was a precaution, some bullshit about strange radio waves from something big up the coast. He was always the superstitious type. Not the man for this kind of job.

I’m gonna hit the hay until we set sail.



Audio log - December 14th, 1987. 6:34 AM.

Nothing interesting has happened since we set sail yesterday. Boring, grey skies. Calm waters, and oh, a very distinct lack of fish to sell. Actually, no, scratch that. We have caught some fish. Lots of green, dead, rotting fish. We hit the first salmon hotspot and all it turned up with were salmon and octopus corpses on the ocean surface, bones exposed and all.

We don't know what did this, but it’s given me and the others serious chills. I almost hurled at the site of these things. The Captain has already discussed going back to the port early, but I convinced him otherwise and said to push on, to only turn back if the next hotspot was a bust. Richard was the first to notice the condition of the area. Seemed on edge at the sight. Didn’t comment on it, just stared from his quarters. I talked to him earlier. He seemed sick, worried and anxious. Told me we needed to “leave while we still can”. Whatever that means.

Nothing else to comment on today. Captains going to sleep for now, so I’m taking over control of the ship. I’ll update this log if anything interesting happens.


Audio log - December 16th, 1987 8:96 PM.

Richard is fucking gone. Yesterday we stopped the boat for a night to take a rest, and in the morning Richard had just, vanished. Completely. No trace, no signs he somehow got onto one of the emergency escape vessels, they're still in check.

We tried to look for him in every corner of the boat, calling his name, searching the basement, captains quarters. He’s nowhere to be found. But if anyone thought a missing person wasn’t bad enough, oh ho are they sure in for a surprise. We have no idea where we are. Our map systems are going batshit, and The Captain can’t seem to tell where we are. We tried sending out an SOS signal, and our radio was also busted. I tried everything I knew to fix it, but it just won't work. Our only emergency hotline. Gone. Just like that.

The water, if I can even call it that at this point, is getting greener and murkier as we go more off route every hour. Even more fish in the same condition as before. We are severely fucked. The Captain said he’s going to try to use a physical map to locate where the hell we are, and try to get to shore. I’ll update if anything else happens. Hopefully the boat will make it back in one piece.


Audio log - December 19th, 1987 9:76 PM.

We- we found Richard. Or atleast, what was left of Richard. Among the increasing number of fish bodies, a human corpse washed up on the surface of the water right next to our boat. It looked just like him. The same plump body, checkered shirt.

This is more than just pollution. And I don’t want to stick around to witness whatever's causing this. The Captain told me to stay on the boat, that it’ll be safer, that we might be able to navigate back. I don’t care. Tonight I’m hijacking the escape boat, taking the last of our rations and this audio recorder, and high tailing until I hit land or die trying.

I just wanna go home.


[Note: This transcript of the recording was muffled and extremely hard to hear over the sound of what is presumed to be splashing waves.]

Audio log - December 20th, 1987 7:23 PM

It’s dark. I’m not sure where I am. I’ve been moving in 1 direction for hours and I have no god damn idea where I am. I can't see anything but stars. I underestimated how far out we were.

I should have stayed on the boat.

But-, on the bright side, I think I’m approaching land. I can see something in the distance. Maybe a rescue boat…?

That’s not a boat.

It’s moving towards me. R-rising up from the ocean… I- it…

Oh my g-


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