One recovered photo from Dr. Kenson's terminal following his suicide.

Item #: RPC-399

Object Class: Alpha1

Containment Protocols: Due to the difficulty of interacting with RPC-399, the object is considered self-containing. All information regarding RPC-399-1 is to be kept within Alpha-class containment lockers.

Description: RPC-399 is a theoretical incorporeal grid which limits the ability of the human consciousness covering the entirety of Earth's atmosphere.

RPC-399's anomalous properties manifest when an individual with a certain mindset and genetic code undergoes an out-of-body (OOB) experience using a ritual deemed RPC-399-1. The specifics of RPC-399-1 can be found in Document 399-1.

Upon completing RPC-399-1 and undergoing an out-of-body experience, RPC-399 will grant the subject what is commonly referred to as a "higher form of consciousness." This experience supposedly grants the subject (now deemed RPC-399-2) as a Class-I reality bender and the ability to experience visions of broad subjects regarding the universe as described in texts from the Ascendants of Prophets.

History: RPC-399 was recovered following a raid on the anomalous religious cult known as the Ascendants of Prophets. During said raid, members of Ascendants of Prophets were attempting to complete RPC-399-1 and access RPC-399. They had one individual who was claimed to have the correct prerequisites needed to be an instance of RPC-399-2; unfortunately, said individual was shot after endangering the life of an MST agent.

Addendum 399-A: Upon further investigation, Authority researcher Dr. Fredrick Kenson was noted to have all prerequisites needed to be an instance of RPC-399-2. Dr. Frederick Kenson volunteered to undergo RPC-399-1 to confirm RPC-399's existence and/or nonexistence.

The following is an audio log of the RPC-399-1 session.


Dr. Purue: Dr. Kenson.

Dr. Kenson: Dr. Purue.

Dr. Purue: Are you prepared to undergo the procedure?

Dr. Kenson: [Hesitantly] As ready as I'll ever be.

Dr. Purue: Alright then. Let's begin. Hit the lights.

[A researcher deactivates the primary source of lighting in the room.]

Dr. Purue: [Reciting RPC-399-1] As ████████ is our ████ and ██████, we shall ██████ the ██████ to █████████ █████. [DATA REDACTED]


Following RPC-399-1, Dr. Kenson suddenly collapses and is rendered unconscious. Dr. Kenson remains in this state for approximately two days. Prior to his awakening, Dr. Purue authored the following:

I genuinely do not know what just unfolded before my eyes.

Kenson was fine and dandy one moment and absolutely blacked out the next. I was in shock at the fact that it actually worked; none of us expected it to.

The Ascendants of Prophets were believed to worship nothing but false concepts for decades. Today, they've painted a new face for themselves. I never believed in a god or anything of the sort until today.

Dr. Kenson has yet to wake up again. I hope that he's okay, and all of Site-109 is anxiously awaiting his return… if it ever comes.

I pray that you're safe, Frederick.

Addendum 399-B: On ██/██/19██, Dr. Kenson suddenly awoke from his trance. Notably, Dr. Kenson had an extremely low measurement of reality as compared to before, supporting the claims of the Ascendants of Prophets. Immediately upon regaining consciousness, Dr. Kenson began to scream about the size of the universe, its meaning, and the "physical barrier which anchors ourselves to this plane" to an extent which researchers have considered "hellish." This screaming continued without a single pause until Dr. Kenson's vocal cords tore due to the excessive pressure and usage of them. Following this, Dr. Kenson was placed in solitary confinement monitored by two research personnel.

Two hours following confinement, Dr. Kenson killed himself via blunt force to the skull using the floor of the chamber.

Dr. Kenson's belongings were being investigated following his suicide with the only abnormality being the photos found on his terminal. Notably, these photos are all under the file name of "399-1-1.jpg, 399-1-2.jpg, etc." and depict multiple photos depicting unidentified humanoid entities, all of which were apparently in the process of being castrated or otherwise violently injured as well as photos of darkened hallways inside of unidentified buildings.

Further investigation is underway.

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