Designated Site: RPC Authority, Research Advancements and Containment Facility



Site-026, circa. 2004

Established 23rd November, 1962.

Front Cover: Canadian Forces Research Facility, Sector-076.

Location: 700 miles off of Mount Royal, Québec, Canada.

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, Medical, D-Class Holding Facility, First Response Deployment Unit, and Administrative Facility.

Total Area: 140,000m2

Background Information: Currently located 700 miles off of Mount Royal, Québec, Canada. Site-026 was established in 23rd November, 1926, as part of the Mobile Strike Forces rapid deployment expansion following the increase of Authority assistance in the mid 1960s. Original archived indicated that the structure of Site-026 was originally designed for the rapid deployment of Mobile Strike Forces as aforementioned, however, this plan of Site-026 was expanded into a containment facility for the housing of RPCs, which is due to the growing need of further facilities constructed regarding anomaly containment.

However, in ██/██/██, a widespread containment breach caused Site-026 to temporarily go under maintenance, and forced onsite anomalies to be transferred to other facilities until such maintenance has been completed. Maintenance of Site-026 wasn't completed until in ██/██/██.

Recently, Site-026 had increased its security presence and further expanded its Containment Wing to house Alpha, Beta, and Gamma anomalies.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative and Office Wing - This area is the central management of the entire facility of Site-026. The Office of Site Director, and his/her assistants are located within this Wing, which also includes the Office Wing for researchers.
  • Security Wing - Site-026 is secured and patrolled by security officers employed under the Authority Security Forces. Furthermore, the Site is garrisoned by Mobile Strike Teams that are stationed for the purpose of rapid response, or deployment to the nearest RPC Authority unit that is in need of an assistance.
  • Research and Laboratories Wing - This Wing is primarily separated into three sectors, which each is headed by a senior research whom reports to the Research Departmental Director. These sectors include; Containment Regulatory Sector, Biological and Chemical Sector, and Weaponry Advancements Sector.
  • Medical Wing - Housing one of the foremost experts in the medical field; this Wing stations one of the most advance medical technology.
  • D-Class Personnel Cells Wing - Currently housing approximately +1200 D-Class personnel and supervised by onsite security officials; this area is located right next to the Containment Wing of the facility.
  • Containment Wing - Supervised under heavy security, the Containment Wing is separated into three sectors which include; Alpha Sector, Beta Sector, and Gamma Sector, but, Beta and Gamma Sectors are more supervised due to their difficulty of their containment status.
  • Main Intelligence Network Wing - Managed by operatives of the Intelligence Branch, this Wing operates intelligence and counterintelligence on Groups of Interests, and the tracking of [uncontained] anomalies in the world. Disbanded as of ██/██/██.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Director of Site-026: Alexya S. Wellington
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. John Pennyworth
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Amanda Timon
  • Dir. of Site Security: Col. Matthew O'Neill
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. Samuel Morrison
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Charles Williams

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: +4
  • Administrative Assistants: +6
  • Medical Personnel: +80
  • Research Personnel: +120
  • Security Personnel: +180
  • Maintenance Personnel: +160
  • D-Class Personnel: +400

Total: +950

Onsite Anomalies Contained

Notice: Information regarding RPCs contained within Site-026 is unavailable. Will be updated soon as referential of Site-026 within an RPC article has been done.

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