Dynamite Is An Acceptable Substitute For Bug Spray


Interviewed: Dr Mario Colombo
Interviewer: Site-Director [REDACTED]
Foreword: Interview conducted 3 weeks before execution of Operation Delta-865.
<Begin Log>
00:00:03 Director: Take a seat Mario, I'll get straight to the point.
00:00:11 Mario: I'm sure you will. [Mario is seen pulling out a pack of cigarettes] You mind if I smoke?
00:00:32 Director: Go ahead.
00:00:47 [Mario is seen lighting cigarette]
00:01:02 Mario: So, what do you want?
00:01:09 Director: Firstly, for the sake of clarity; please inform me of your role in the Authority.
00:01:22 Mario: The explosives department. I'm head of the explosives department. Whenever shit needs to be blown up, they call on my boys.
00:01:52 Director: [Observed looking at file] Everything checks out. I assume that you and your team are capable?
00:02:26 Mario: Capable of what?
00:02:41 Director: Let me ask you another question. Tell me, Mario. Have you heard of RPC-865?
00:03:09 Mario: Yes [Mario is seen smothering a cigarette into an ash tray]. I do believe I have…

The helicopter arrived inside a secure location, with the hospital clearly in view, and the sun rising behind them. By now, 9-OMEGA had already begun. The liquid seeping out of the hoses and on to the hospital ignited, obscuring the building in smoke and flames. Mario watched as the men turned off the napalm hoses and carry three larger ones in their place. They forced the hoses through the windows of the still burning building, while another group of men began to turn large valves. The flames died out and their smoke replaced with a yellow-green fog that forced its way into the building.

The team quickly fell back as a horde of black spiders pooled out of the building through every opening possible. In an instant, the team began to blast their flamethrowers towards the mass. Mario turned towards one of the supervisors and questioned them about the process.

"Sir, would you mind explaining what the hell is going on?"

"Beta-41 are currently filling the building with chlorine gas, and killing any RPC-865-2 instances that escape" a strangely feminine voice responded "By the way, it's 'ma'am'."

"Apologies, everyone looks the same in these hazmat suits." Mario replied "I assume you're in charge of my mission brief?"

"That would be correct, I'm Sergeant Alex Williams. Once Beta-41 has finished 9-OMEGA we will begin the planning."

The two of them observed the building as 9-OMEGA continued. It seemed like an assembly line in execution. Beta-41 pumped the building with gas, a mass of spiders pooled out, Beta-41 unleashed their flamethrowers on the mass, the swarm stopped, Beta-41 pumped the building with gas, and so on. The sun was already at its highest point by the time the process was deemed a success. Beta-41 dragged the hoses out of the windows and wound them back into a coil. "This is Commander Grey of Beta-41, 9-OMEGA has been a success at 1204 hours. Over." A radio blurted out. "This is Sergeant Alex, pack up the equipment and begin quarantine procedures. Over."

"I assume we will begin the mission brief now?" Mario inquired.


00:05:23 Director: [Director is observed to gesture for a cigarette] Mind if I have one?
00:05:31 [Mario is observed to pass and light a cigarette to Director]
00:05:46 Director: Cheers. Now then, let's get straight to the point.
00:05:57 Mario: So, what do you want my team to do with RPC-865?
00:06:10 Director: Isn't it obvious? [Slight chuckle is heard] I want you and your team to blow it up.
00:06:18 Mario: I figured as much. You don't become head of explosives department by brushing kittens for a living. [Mario is observed pulling out another cigarette and lighting it] Are you sure this is safe?
00:06:41 Director: This is a hospital full of parasitic spiders who suffocate people to death and line their webs with writing that drives teams to insanity. No, it is not safe.
00:07:00 Mario: At least you're honest about it. But why did you drag me here on the guise of a mission, only to inform me that the mission wasn't safe and couldn't be done?
00:07:26 Director: I said it wasn't safe. Not that it couldn't be done. Your team have collectively centuries of training between them. On your own you could probably complete this. Trust me, Mario. If anyone can blow this shithole off the face of the planet, it will be you and your team.
00:08:37 Mario: Well Sir, when do we leave?
00:09:01 Director: You have three weeks.
<End log>

"Mario, follow me." Alex ushered Mario towards a bunker, where other identical bodies clad in hazmat suits were glaring at screens. Mario took a seat on the long table, and observed the frantic rustle of scientists monitoring the accursed building. Alex took a seat beside Mario, at the head of the long table.

"You ever been in the building?"

"No. I'm not allowed on exploration attempts. 'Too valuable to risk losing' they say. I just end up monitoring the radio logs." Alex grabbed a CD and a CD-player. "I think you should hear what goes on in there." Mario leaned in and the CD player started.

"Jesus Christ! Jacob! Do not remove your head! JACOB! FUCK!" Mario shuddered as the sound of breaking plastic and the screams of men filled the recording. "DOC! JACOB JUST SMASHED HIS FUCKING SUIT! THERE ARE SPIDERS CRAWLING INTO HIS-" The audio cut out, startling Mario.

"Is it finished?" Mario inquired. "No, keep listening." 5 minutes later, the audio resumed to the sound of sobbing. "Please…doc…I wasn't cut out for this. Please…get me out of here." A stern voice replied "Agent Harvey, I'm afraid that we are unable to conduct a rescue mission. Cutting communications in five seconds." "No, please. Wait! DON'T LEAVE M-" the feed ended. Mario could not muster the strength to speak on the recording.

Overview of Drone unit C56-865:
C56-865 was designed specifically for the entering of RPC-865-1. C56-865 is modelled after the units used for the maintenance of Laboratory-865-ALPHA. C56-865 has also been equipped with the following:

  • A 50 Newton battering ram, designed to break down doors to reach the centre of RPC-865-1.
  • An additional control tower, allowing for remote control up to 30km.
  • Hydraulic lifts allowing for the re-positioning of drone.
  • Clamps designed for carrying of payload.

Drone unit C56-865 will carry 100kg of dynamite. 5 Drone units will be sent into RPC-865-1, each with a specific destination. Drones will be piloted by Dr Mario's Explosives Team, located in the on-site bunker. Once all payloads have detonated, Beta-41 will begin the process of filling the dome with hydrogen gas before igniting it, causing a final explosion. Estimated success rate: 17.20%.

"This is why we called you here, Mario. For the sake of every life wasted to this fucking building." Alex mumbled, her voice clearly distressed about the situation. The sombre moment was interrupted by the chopping sound of a helicopter landing. "That would be the rest of the crew, Alex. I'll bring them in."

Mario returned into the bunker, trailed by 10 other men. They took their places on the table, and awaited the mission briefing. Alex was the first to break the silence. "Welcome, Explosives Department. In a minute our drones will arrive, and we will go through their functions and use in Operation Delta-865. Do you have any questions?"

"Are we allowed to remove these suits?" One of the members meekly replied. "I'm afraid not, Hazmat suits must be worn at all-" Alex was cut off by a radio message; "This is Beta-41, the drones have arrived. Someone let them in." Alex assured the Department that she would not be long, and left for the bunker entrance.

In order to contain the destruction that will no doubt be caused by Operation Delta-865; an explosive resistant dome has been constructed completely cover RPC-865-1. This dome is made of a combination of steel and acrylic glass.

The dome will be transported to Moldova from Germany, and assembled on site around RPC-865-1. Testing has ensured that the dome is capable of sustaining damage from detonations both inside and outside of it. It has a mass of over 500,000kg.
"This dome has cost us over $13 million, but is the best chance of containing the damage caused by Operation Delta-865" -Site Director [REDACTED]

It was only a minute before Alex returned to her place at the table, and introduced the group to their new toys. "These, are our five C56-865 units." Alex announced while passing a sheet of paper to everyone at the table. "All information about them can be found here. I will brief you on the mission once you have finished reading."

Once the Department had all read, re-read, and re-re-read the sheet, Alex began the mission brief. "Ladies and gentlemen, you have been brought down here for the purpose of conducting Operation Delta-865. Your objective is simple: You will pilot your respective drones to pre-marked locations inside RPC-865-1. Once inside, you are to alert me via radio that you have reached your destination. While you are piloting the drones, our team will construct the dome around the building. Then, you are to wait for me to deliver the all clear. Once the all clear has been delivered, you are to press this button, detonating the dynamite charges inside the drones, and hopefully, destroying RPC-865." Alex paused for a minute, then continued; "Are we all clear?" A unanimous yes erupted from the crowd. "Very well, get some sleep. Tomorrow at 1200 hours we will begin."

From the journal of David ██████, sole survivor of Exploration Attempt-██;
Every time I blink, I see the writing on the walls. Every silence, the screams of my colleagues. I can't sleep. I can barely think.
Shrink tells me it's a cognitohazard. That people who look at the writing righting writing for too long go nuts. I wonder how many people had to die before they came to that conclusion? Every piece is burned into my mind. I only speak English, but I understood what every single word on those fucking webs said.
They were cries for help. The lott lot of them. All of them begging to be free. Begging for helpp help. And we couldnt couldn't. We just had to snap some photos and get the fuck out.
I need to help them. I don't know what to do I think I know what to do. I can see spiders in every corner. Under my table. But they are none.
Tomorow Tomorrow they send in another group to that fucking hospital. They will see my frend friends cries for help in the webs.
and i know that there their cries will end up on the wall
just like my team [ILLEGIBLE]

Mario awoke in a cold sweat. "Just a nightmare, just a fucking nightmare." He whispered to himself. Since he heard the recording Alex played, he couldn't stop thinking about it. "Your deaths will not be in vain," he told himself "tomorrow, we blow this thing to smithereens."

Tomorrow came earlier than expected. The sound of an alarm clock brought everyone out of their bunk-beds. Mario ate the protein bar that would be breakfast and placed his rubber suit on, followed by the heavy hazmat suit. And followed his comrades into the main hall.

"Good morning people. We have approximately five hours before Operation Delta-865." Alex chirped. "Until then, practice piloting those drones."

Mario sat with his co-pilot and began acting out simple motions for the drone. Accelerating, decelerating, steering. After they were confident in their skills, they began more advanced maneuvers. Using the hydraulic press to re-position, using the battering ram to knock over blocks they had stacked. "It's just like driving a toy car." the co-pilot remarked to Mario, and he could not help but agree.

Time passed as the two mastered every technique the drones were capable of. Eventually, they took their drone out of their room and into the main room. "This is our turf Sir!" A voice shouted towards them, "We can't just let you drive here!"

Mario turned to his co-pilot "These guys think they can keep us off our road!" Mario accelerated their drone towards the enemy "You'll have to ram us off!"

Tension was high, as the two drones began to charge into each other. Eventually, they smashed into one-another with a loud thud. Cheers and excitement filled the room as the two teams attempted to line up the perfect shot with their rams. The two drones circled, neither wanting to make the first move. Eventually, Mario ceased the circling and accelerated his drone into the other, smashing the ram into the side and knocking it over. Cheers erupted as the two walked over to the scene. After re-positioning their drones, the four shook hands and laughed.

"As invigorating as that performance was, I'm afraid there will be no demolition derbies during Operation Delta-865." Alex interrupted "Furthermore, the risk of damaging these drones is too great for this." The four immediately apologised, and piloted their drones to separate ends of the room.

It was another 3 hours before the radios in their suits made any noises. "All personnel involved in Operation Delta-865, please proceed to the main room immediately."

DATE: 7/11/2001
FROM: Dr. Oleksander Tereshchenko <ytirohtua.cpr|toknehchsereto#ytirohtua.cpr|toknehchsereto>
TO: Site Director Ivanov <ytirohtua.cpr|vonavids#ytirohtua.cpr|vonavids>
SUBJECT: Study of RPC-865-2

Following the sharp decline in effectiveness of 9-OMEGA (It is now taking upwards of 5 hours for no RPC-865-2 instances to be sited trying to leave RPC-865-1), I'm starting to think that we're missing something. Considering how often we shower this thing in napalm, we're not seeing any real results. Something is wrong. No animals should be able to repopulate this quickly, not even ones that are directly anomalous.
As you know, I have been fascinated with these things. Yet we are never able to properly study them, charred ash made of spiders does not tell us anything about how these things work. Or why they are able to repopulate so quickly.
So I have a proposal. Some other researches and I would like for the next expedition attempt to bring us back some RPC-865-2 instances, for us to study and research. I can assure you that there will be no containment breaches, and that the knowledge gained from this will be valuable in attempting to neutralise RPC-865. Please get back to me with a reply.

The eleven readied themselves at the long table, Alex watching them all from her place at the head. "Everyone, the dome has arrived from Germany." Alex started "Once the doors open, you are to pilot your respective drones and enter RPC-865-1. Your view inside will be provided by the sonar technology these drones are equipped with. The coordinates of your destination will also be provided." The team nodded affirmatively, prompting Alex to continue her monologue. "Your drones are carrying 100kg of dynamite, and once you activate the explosives, the building, and all of the horrors inside of it, should be wiped out." Alex waited for the team to nod in agreement, and then sent them on their way.

The team began to discuss the mission among themselves. Mario noticed an aura of tension, yet also excitement as the team were given their routes. Eventually, the doors slowly opened revealing the outside world to everyone. Alex wished them luck, and sent them on their way.

The drones scurried out of the door and into open field. Forming an orderly line towards the hospital. The drones themselves were met with waves and cheers from those outside, all eager to see the building fall to shreds. Eventually they reached it. The charred corpse of a building loomed about the drones, yet they pressed on with bravery. Mario had taken the lead, and readied his ram to knock the door open. With a quick swing, it gave way, exposing the gloomy inside ripe for the drones to traverse. One by one, they slugged through the door. The crank of the door being closed by Beta-41 was one of the first sounds that the pilots heard.

DATE: 9/11/2001
FROM: Site Director Ivanov <ytirohtua.cpr|vonavids#ytirohtua.cpr|vonavids>
TO: Dr. Oleksander Tereshchenko <ytirohtua.cpr|toknehchsereto#ytirohtua.cpr|toknehchsereto>
SUBJECT: RE: Study of RPC-865-2

Having reviewed your request, I have decided to allow your request. Construction of the facility has already commenced and will likely finish in 2 months. But keep in mind that by doing this, you will claim full responsibility for any casualties/issues resulting from this laboratory.
Laboratory-865 is your responsibility now. Your job will be the upkeep, and putting together a team. You will also be in charge of specimen collection. Keep in mind, that I'm only giving you this chance once. If this laboratory ends up having to be destroyed, you will pay for this from your pocket, and I will not let you try this again. If your colony dies, we will not fund another collection.
I am expecting some findings from this. Every month, your team will be expected to submit a full report detailing potential methods of neutralisation. We're not funding a pet for you, we're funding your research into RPC-865 neutralisation. If you do not produce findings, your funding will be cut. Understand?
To summarise, consider your request formally accepted. And consider this your first and final warning, we need to get something out of this. And I expect you to get something out of this.

The drones lumbered through the door of the hospital, almost immediately splitting off to go their assigned directions. Mario directed his drone towards the centre of the accursed building, where his coordinates lay. His partner relaying instructions and assuring them of their task. "Sir, can you hear that sound?" "I know Armstrong, I've never thought I'd be able to HEAR spiders." The two paused, a slight shiver running between them. "Mario, Armstrong, why has your drone stopped?" the voice of Alex pierced through their radio. After Mario explained, they were ushered on, informed that time was of the essence.

The two had been in the hospital for ten minutes, climbing up stairs, down holes, and through walls. All the while, the sound of spiders fulminated through the radio. "It's as if the spiders know what we're doing. Do you think they want to stop us?" Mario stopped to think, and sighed "I don't know, all that matters is that they don't." Suddenly, the radio began broadcasting the sound of cracking wood, and aching rock.

The two were frozen in place as they heard the sound of a floor collapsing above them. "Mario! MARIO! What's happened? Is the drone okay?!" Alex instantly began shouting through the radio "The floor above collapsed on us." Mario began explaining "We're readying the ram to push the rubble off." The drone began struggling against its rubble prison, its rams pulsing against the cage of stone and wood. The two stared at their screens, praying that the drone would escape.

As the two struggled to free their drone, minutes turned to hours. "Mario, Armstrong, every other team has their drone in place. You need to hurry up and get that damn thing free." "We're trying here…".

As Mario and Armstrong took turns trying to free the unit, waves of anxiety overcame them. "Mario! You're the only drone not in place, we need you in now!" The stress of the mission overcame Mario, and he suddenly snapped.

Report from Dome erection Summarised:
It took approximately 8 hours to complete dome erection. The helicopters were imperative to its success, as they were able to assist in construction efforts. Original estimated construction time was 5, but due to additional equipment/workers from the RPC Authority and Moldovan government, this time was cut back. Despite this, mild delays did happen.
There were no major injuries to workers during construction, due to their level of training. Although one worker did suffer mild head trauma from a moving piece of metal, his injuries were treated by on site doctors.
By 3 hours, the dome was completed and equipment leased from the Moldovan government returned. This resulted in an increased budget of $2 million, which was paid for by Authority middleman companies.

Mario grabbed the radio and shouted to Alex "Alex, this is Mario. The drone isn't going to free itself, I need to go in there." "Mario, don't you dare go in RPC-865-1! THAT IS AN ORDER!" In an act of defiance, Mario wished Armstrong good luck and bolted from his chair.

Mario ran through the hallways to the bunker exit, grabbing a radio along the way. It didn't take him long to reach the exit, however a pair of guards was in his way. "Doctor Mario, we have been ordered to not let you pass." "Let me through you idiots! It's the only way to get the drone out!" was all he could muster before trying to shove his way through them. Although they were strong, Mario's adrenaline gave him the burst of strength he needed to get through.

Although he was tired, Mario did not let up on his sprint. Alex shouted at him through the radio, but he couldn't understand a word. His mind was in a complete haze, and his determination high. By the time he had reached the dome holding the unholy hospital prisoner.

"Guards! Let me in to the fucking dome!" Mario wheezed, clearly short of breath. The guards held stalwart, "Sorry Doc, Alex has ordered us not to let you in." "Jesus Christ if you don't let me in then we can't blow this thing up!" Mario said with little breath left.

The guards stood their ground, blocking the doorway to the final frontier even despite Mario's begging. Mario would not give up, despite his determination failing. One of the guard's radios piped up "Having reviewed the risk, we have decided to allow Mario in." The guards stepped aside and opened the first layer of the airlock "Good luck comrade. We all believe in you." was their final word to him.

Mario stood in the middle of the airlock, knowing that it would take the guards a small amount of time to get the final one open. "Mario," the radio began speaking with the voice of Alex "you understand that there's almost no way you can survive this? You can turn back now, no one will think any less of you." Mario confessed that he was certainly worried, but reaffirmed that this was his destiny. "Very well, the final airlock is about to be opened. God speed."

The door to that abomination of a building gave way. Mario hesitated, before finally stepping out of the airlock and into the spiders' realm. He stood still as the airlock closed behind him, staring at the building. "The spiders seem to be extra rowdy today. Maybe they know we're gonna blow their home up." Mario said with a clearly uncomfortable tone in his voice "Trust me, it will get worse once you're in the building."

Mario began his journey to the centre of the hospital. When he reached the door, a wave of anxiety overcame him "Alex, are you supposed to feel stressed beyond all fuck when you step in this thing?" "It's just a cognitohazard, push on." Mario stood still, as if frozen in fear, before eventually mustering up the courage to enter the building. "Mario, if you want to turn back now you can. We'll understand if you do." Mario reassured Alex that he would be fine.

His first step into the accursed building was met with a swarm of spiders rustling through the building. "I'm in the building, where do I go?" "Straight ahead, then take the first left." As Mario slowly moved throughout the building, he began to notice the writing on the wall.

'SAVE ME' 'HELP' 'WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE ME', a shudder ran through Mario's body. "Alex, the writing is so fucked up." he quivered. Alex quickly snapped through the radio "Mario, do not look at the writing, it will mess you up." Mario was quick to respond "It's everywhere though, how am I supposed to not look at it?" There was silence on the radio for a bit, before Alex finally spoke "Shut your eyes and feel your way along."

Mario struggled to close his eyes as he stared at a piece of writing, "Mario, have you shut your eyes yet?" Mario didn't speak for a bit, prompting Alex to shout "Mario, Mario! Snap out of whatever you're doing and respond." This shook him out of the hypnotic stance, "Sorry Alex, I couldn't take my eyes off one of the webs. My eyes are shut now." Alex prompted him to rub against the wall and inch himself along.

Not much eventful had happened once Mario closed his eyes, following Alex's orders to inch himself closer towards the imprisoned drone as faithfully as he could, and engaging in mild banter in an attempt to calm himself down. "Mario, just down this hallway and to the right you'll reach the drone." Mario let out a faithful sigh before continuing to inch himself along the wall.

Journal of Doctor Vladislava Turcan
New patient came in today. Something about a lung condition. He was in a coma, looked like he'd been in one for many months. There was no way he was going to wake up. But the family refused to pull the plug. We're not allowed to force them to do so, but we've been encouraging them to do end his suffering. The man isn't going to wake up, and we have to make sure they know that pulling the plug is the best option.
We noticed a spider on the wall, we left to get bug spray and a broom. We came back, and saw a miracle. The web had written to us. It said "Hope". I knew that God was watching this poor soul, and we knew he would wake up.

Eventually, a voice piped up that didn't sound like Alex. It was wispy and light, and sounded like a whisper. "You can't save us…" It uttered. Mario knew that he was hallucinating, but couldn't help but stop and listen "You won't save us…" Mario shuddered and began shouting back "Who are you? What are you on about?!" The voice continued to echo into his head "Open your eyes, see your failings…" Mario was defiant and shouted back "My failings? I had nothing to do with this place, it's not my fault!" The voice continued whispering to Mario "Open your eyes and bask in your failure, you couldn't save us, you'll never save us…"

Mario gave in to the voices, and slowly opened his eyes. "Wallow in your shortcomings, you will not save us…" Mario could not see anything except blackness. "You can not save us, you are not strong enough…" the voice continued to torment Mario. Mario eventually noticed that the blackness covering his vision was a mass of spiders. He let out a shriek and stumbled back, falling onto his back. "Look upon your shortcomings, you did not save us…" Mario was frozen in fear as the mass of spiders shifted in front of his face. Eventually, he regained his ability to move and started brushing off the mass of spiders.

What Mario saw horrified him. A decayed corpse was in front of him "You can not save anyone, you will end up like us…" The voice repeated into his ear. Mario shambled his way towards the corpse with the voice whispering in his ear "You are too weak to save us…" Once he was in front of the body, he reached his hand out and lightly slapped its head, causing a mass of spiders to poor out. Mario let out a cry of fear, before shambling back to the other wall.

Mario curled up into a ball as the mass of spiders erupting from the corpse made their way towards him. The voices began to get louder and louder, shouting into his head "YOU WON'T SAVE US, YOU WILL NOT SAVE US!" Mario could do nothing but watch in horror has the began to crawl over his body. But just as he was ready to give in, a familiar voice shouted through the radio.

"MARIO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THE DRONE IS JUST DOWN THE HALLWAY!" The voice of Alex pierced through the vale of terror that had covered Mario. "Alex, some fucking voices were speaking to me." Alex asked him to go into further detail, but he couldn't muster up the ability to describe it. "Mario, you'll soon reach the drone. Good luck."

Journal of Doctor Vladislava Turcan
The writing on the wall has gotten far more sinister, and nobody wants to enter the patient's room. So far his family and I are the only ones brave enough to come in. And when we do, we feel a chill run down our spine.
17th of March
By now we'd come to the realisation that this spider wasn't watching over the poor man. I consolidated with the family, and they finally agreed it was time to pull the plug. The family said their prayers, and reached for the plug.
At that exact moment, we noticed the man's chest move. A nurse examined and noticed a mass in his chest. We told the family to pull the plug anyway, and they did.
At that exact moment, we noticed his chest burst open. Black spiders were erupting from his body, his mouth, and his nose. I called an evacuation, and ran as fast as I could. I ordered the family to follow, but they didn't. They're no doubt still in there, likely dead.
I was lucky to escape from the hospital alive. I stood outside with the staff who had escaped, and we watched the building swarm with spiders. There were no doubt countless patients and staff still inside. I just wish that I could save them, somehow.

Mario forced his eyes shut and ran along the wall until Alex gave the queue that he was in the vicinity of the drone. "Mario, the drone should be just in front of you. Tell me if you can see it." Mario slowly opened his eyes, and saw the captive drone slowly moving within the rubble. "We're gonna set you free." Mario said to himself before commencing the task.

"Alright Mario, we need you to move the rubble and free the drone." Alex blurted over the radio. Mario acknowledged this and began the process of dismantling the drone's prison. One by one, he removed the pieces of concrete and wood that surrounded the drone. Eventually, there was but one piece that still held the drone in captivity. "Just one more Alex, but it's a pretty heavy one so give me time." "Alright Mario, good luck."

Although it took him a while, Mario eventually managed to get the largest piece off. He alerted Alex to the victory. "This is great news Mario. Now you still have time to get out of RPC-865-1." Mario quickly dismissed the notion "As soon as I leave the spiders will find another way to drop a floor on top of the drone. I'll guide it there." Alex was shocked by this deceleration "Mario, that's suicide! You won't be able to escape!" Mario reminded Alex of what she'd said "I'll do this for the sake of every life wasted in this fucking building."

Mario followed the drone through through the halls, however the voices returned as he walked with it. "You can not do it, you are not strong enough…" They whispered into his ear. Mario immediately started shouting "I AM STRONG ENOUGH!" defiantly. He forced his eyes shut and held onto the drone as a guide.

The voices got louder and louder until Mario was in physical pain. However, he soldiered on until they reached their final destination. He opened his eyes and in horror, saw as swarms of spiders rushed towards him and the drone. He dropped to his knees as the infernal wave of blackness rushed towards him. It didn't take them long to reach him, and he began the process of defending himself, swatting away the spiders as they came towards him.

At first, Mario was content with trying to defend himself. Suddenly, his radio piped up. "Mario, they're webbing the antennae, we don't have a signal. We're unable to move or detonate the drone! Get the webs off!" Mario was reluctant at first, already surrounded by a horde of spiders himself "You cannot do it, you are not strong enough…" the voices began whispering to him.

The quickly became a loud scream "YOU HAVE FAILED, YOU DID NOT SAVE US!" Mario was overcome with grief and guilt. Suddenly, Mario heard a sharp crack. "YOU ARE TOO WEAK!" The voices shrieked to Mario. A piece of debris broke from the above ceiling and landed directly onto Mario. Taking advantage of this, the spiders swarmed towards Mario. "YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH!" Mario was knocked unconscious.

“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the Spider to the Fly,
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there.”
“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “to ask me is in vain
For who goes up your winding stair can never come down again.”
“I'm sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
Will you rest upon my little bed?” said the Spider to the Fly.
“There are pretty curtains drawn around; the sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest awhile, I'll snugly tuck you in!”
“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “for I've often heard it said,
They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed!”
Said the cunning Spider to the Fly, “Dear friend what can I do,
To prove the warm affection I've always felt for you?
I have within my pantry, good store of all that's nice;
I'm sure you're very welcome — will you please to take a slice?”
“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “kind Sir, that cannot be,
I've heard what's in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!”
“Sweet creature!” said the Spider, “you're witty and you're wise,
How handsome are your gauzy wings, how brilliant are your eyes!
I've a little looking-glass upon my parlour shelf,
If you'll step in one moment, dear, you shall behold yourself.”
“I thank you, gentle sir,” she said, “for what you're pleased to say,
And bidding you good morning now, I'll call another day.”
The Spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
For well he knew the silly Fly would soon come back again:
So he wove a subtle web, in a little corner sly,
And set his table ready, to dine upon the Fly.
Then he came out to his door again, and merrily did sing,
“Come hither, hither, pretty Fly, with the pearl and silver wing;
Your robes are green and purple — there's a crest upon your head;
Your eyes are like the diamond bright, but mine are dull as lead!”
Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little Fly,
Hearing his wily, flattering words, came slowly flitting by;
With buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer drew,
Thinking only of her brilliant eyes, and green and purple hue —
Thinking only of her crested head — poor foolish thing!
At last,
Up jumped the cunning Spider, and fiercely held her fast.
He dragged her up his winding stair, into his dismal den,
Within his little parlour — but she ne'er came out again!
And now dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly flattering words, I pray you ne'er give heed:
Unto an evil counsellor, close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale, of the Spider and the Fly.

Mario quickly awoke to the voice of the mysterious whispers. Mario wanted to get up, but quickly realised that he could not move. He looked down and noticed that he was covered in webs. "You are too weak…" the mysterious voice whispered to Mario, "Stay here and become aware of your failure…"

Mario lay his head back down and thought to himself. "Maybe I really am a failure. Maybe I'm too weak." He watched the spiders moving over him. He knew they couldn't speak, but he was sure that if they could, they would be telling him to give up. He closed his eyes "I can't save them, I failed everyone."

He drifted back to sleep…

"MARIO! MARIO! WE NEED YOU! GET UP MARIO!" The voice of Alex burst from the radio and woke Mario from his slumber. "MARIO! GET UP! THE DRONES ARE READY TO DETONATE!" Mario struggled to move from the webs, as the voice of Alex grew louder and louder. He wriggled his right arm and managed to grab the radio, activating it. "Alex…a piece of the ceiling fell on me. I can't move."

Mario could not muster up the energy to struggle against the spiders, nor try to push away the debris that was covering him. The voices continued to whisper in his ear "You are weak, you will not save us…" He felt the blackness overcome his eyes as he realised his fate. "MARIO!" the familiar shout filled him with a sense of hope. He felt adrenaline rushing through him. With a defiant shout, he forced the debris off of his body and shambled towards the drone. The voices continued their torment "You will fail, you have already failed…", but Mario would not listen. Eventually, Alex's encouragement and Mario's defiance drowned out the spiders' voices.

Mario stumbled towards the drone, refusing to yield to the mass of spiders crawling over him. Despite the crushing weight and voices in his head, he eventually made his way to the drone. Alex informed him of the issue "We need you to rip the webs off. Then we can detonate Mario." He immediately went to work, tearing the mass of webs covering the drone.

The voices began to scream in his ear. But he would not be discouraged. Tearing off chunks of web off of the drone, and trying to throw them to his side. With Alex's encouragement, neither the mass of spiders nor the voices could stop him.

The drone eventually was freed from the webs. Alex informed him of this "Mario, you've done it. We're ready to detonate." They both knew what would happen, and neither was going to say it. Mario grabbed his radio for the last time "Ready when you are Alex. Let's burn these spider bastards to the ground…"

Obituary for Dr Mario Colombo:
Dr Mario Colombo had faithfully served the Authority for 16 years. During the operation that resulted in the destruction of RPC-865, Mario was fatally killed in the explosion resulting from the mission. As a result of being directly within the blast radius, recovery of the body is impossible. It was only due to his intervention, where he (against orders) entered RPC-865-1 to free one of the required drones, that the operation was a success. Thanks to his intervention, RPC-865 was completely eliminated.
His funeral will be held on ██/██/████ with an empty casket. Where we will honour his sacrifice to the Authority, and his work to protect the innocent from the horrors of RPC-865.
Research, Protection, Containment.

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