Eric R. Driscoll



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Driscoll confirming credentials for entry into Site-002, circa. 199█

Full Name: Eric R. Driscoll.

Date Of Birth: 19th October, ████

Position: Senior Researcher

  • Security Clearance: Level 3 Clearance.

Description: Dr. Driscoll is a 3█ year old North ███████, measuring at 1.80 meters and weighing at 53 kilograms. He has brown hair, brown eyes and no facial hair.

Additional Information: Dr. Driscoll had graduated from the Berkley University of California with a master's degree in Chemistry and Particle Physics. Driscoll soon had been employed into the Science and Technology Branch (STB) within the FBI for 5 years, before his employment was terminated after multiple reprimands for access to unauthorized documents describing classified chemical weapons, experiments and strategies.

He had soon been taken into the Authority after his amateur studies upon RPC-███ when he had viewed it through a telescope and documented his discovery. Authority personnel seized his residence and confiscated his files. Because of his scientific background, he was offered either employment to the Authority, or to undergo memory-wipe.

Driscoll is as well known by other personnel for his car, a black Lotus Espirit S3 for it's rumored anomalous capabilities. Several unauthorized "experiments" have been attempted on the vehicle to prove it's theoretical anomalous capabilities, such as suffering absolutely no damage observable and possessing a seemingly "infinite" amount of fuel.

Researched RPCs:

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