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Forward: Anomalies are not only limited to just objects and entities that can be contained. Sometimes there are simply events that happen that are too fast to prevent or are caused by a secondary force. These events are listed in this location for index and reference.

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Log #: 001
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Date of Occurrence: Janurary 17th, 1990
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Unknown amount of civilians
Description: At 0800 hours an unidentified giant sea mammal of an unidentified species arrived on the shore, stayed until 3 hours when it retreated back into the ocean.
Reactionary Measures: All videos of the creature have been continually scrubbed from the internet, local Sites located on the coast in the entire region have been assigned with locating the aforementioned creature.

Log #: 002
Location: San Ysidro, California
Date of Occurrence: September 12th, 1970 to September 12th, 2019
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Commercial truck drivers, and civilian drivers.
Description: At 1800 hours to 2200 hours on September 12th of every year following 1970, a visual anomaly resembling a young woman with white garb reminiscent of the time period is seen by drivers walking on a stretch of the I-905 closest to the Otay Mesa. Interviews were done with a cover as a paranormal research and hunting magazine have yielded information that all drivers with visual confirmation of the anomaly heard looped renditions of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler and "Every day Is A Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow through their radio speakers regardless of station, working radion condition, or volume. Interviews also revealed drivers who stopped for the entity found they were alone, and the entity had reappeared in their rear view when they continued driving.
Reactionary Measures: Similar stories of women wearing white on long stretches of road in other regions have been fabricated and spread online to facilitate hiding the anomaly.

Log #: 003
Location: Tampa, Florida
Date of Occurrence: June 17th, 2012
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: ███████ Suburban Neighborhood
Description: All citizens within a 0.3 km radius within the neighborhood had reported an extremely loud low-pitched sound which seemed to have no point of origin. The sound was described to be quickly approaching listeners, gradually causing violent vibrations and minor damage to the interior of multiple homes. Below is a civilian recording of the event, confiscated by the Authority.

Reactionary Measures: Reports and evidence of the event have been wiped from numerous media platforms to prevent dissemination of the event. Amnestics were administered to the neighborhood via chemtrails and manual administering. The neighborhood and nearby areas are currently under Authority supervision. The media was as well fed a story of a minor 2.5 magnitude earthquake which was explained to have only been felt by very few people.

Log #: 004
Location: Miami, Florida
Date of Occurrence: January 8th, 2019
EOI Involved: RPC-███
Observed By: ████████ Catholic Middle School
Description: On January 8th, 2019, students in the classroom of a Janet █████, who was 5 months pregnant, witnessed her give birth to a large humanoid entity with multiple arms and two horns that resembled that of an Ankole-Watusi1. The entity went on to terminate three students and injured another eighteen students and teachers before exiting the school grounds. The entity was contained by MST Foxtrot-04 “Prey” and was sent to Site-███.
Reactionary Measures: Reports of the event were wiped from all media platforms. All civilians involved in the event were administered amnestics. Parents of the children who were terminated during the event were given amnestics to believe that their children died in a car crash.

Log #: 005
Location: Trinidad, Cuba
Date of Occurrence: December 3rd, 2002
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Ronaldo Rodriguez Stadium
Description: A large mechanical black spherical object materialized in the center of Ronaldo Rodriguez Stadium. The object began to shift between its three-dimensional form and a two-dimensional shape. The object was estimated to hover 15m from the ground of the stadium. A crowd of people gathered below and around the object to observe the event. The object de-manifested one house after its original manifestation.
Reactionary Measures: All reports of the event was wiped from Cuban media. Bystanders that observed the event were immediately administered amnestics and the surrounding area is being observed for any other anomalous phenomena.

Log #: 006
Location: ██████, Venezuela
Date of Occurrence: January 1st, 1971
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Civilians of the town of █████, Florida
Description: On 01/01/1971, all humans in the town of ██████, Venezuela dematerialized at an unknown time and reappeared 50m above the town of █████, Florida. All 643 civilians of the town of ██████, Venezuela floated above the town of █████, Florida for 10 seconds and then fell to the ground. All 643 civilians died upon impact with the ground.
Reactionary Measures: Authority agents within the town who observed the event amnesticized all civilians who also witnessed the event. No reports of the events were found on any form of media. The Venezuelan government is still unaware of this event happening.

Log #: 007
Location: ███████, New Mexico
Date of Occurrence: █/█/5█
EOI Involved: RPC-███
Observed By: Those who were present at the [REDACTED] Stadium and watching public television at the time.
Description: In the days leading up to the event, Governor Thomas J. Mabry had announced that he would be revealing a set of political and economic reforms for his state that would ''Bring us to the same prominence as New York or Washington." At approximately █000 hours on the day of the incident, Governor Mabry was slated to give his speech. However, as soon as he had begun to discuss his proposed reforms, the subject forgot the topic of the speech and the information he was going to reveal.
Reactionary Measures: A cover story that involved the subject being drugged by foreign agents prior to the speech was released to the public.

Log #: 008
Location: N/A
EOI Involved: Minor GoI "Moms Against Magic"
Observed By: Authority internet surveillance and MST X-Ray 6.
Description: Prior to this event, multiple private messages were sent to Authority personnel, from unknown sources. Exactly a month after the messages were received, numerous known Children of Nihil cult members were found dead in rural areas, generally in the American south, in locations relating to presumed members of the "Moms Against Magic" anomalous Facebook group.
Reactionary Measures: The Children of Nihil members were reported to the public as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and that they were killed during an unnamed string of police raids. No members of the minor GoI were ever found.

Log #: 009
Location: Yukino-ōtani
Date of Occurrence: April 1, ████
EOI Involved: Unknown GoI(Crossy Clover), RPC-167
Observed By: Authority drone
Description: When checked Snow wall area, found Crossy Clover's members wrote something when Yukino-ōtani is not opened. Then, one of RPC-167-B who in Crossy Clover become anger and wrote "APRIL FOOLS!!!". Then, they left.
Reactionary Measures: Nothing. Because other RPC-167 in Yukino-ōtani cleaned after they left.

Log #: 010
Location: Verdun, France
Date of Occurrence: June 21st, 2016
EOI Involved: N/A
Observed By: Civilians of Verdun, Various Tourists
Description: Two males, one of French descent and the other of German descent, manifested within the middle of the Verdun Memorial. The individuals were clad in the standard military uniform from their respective nations circa 1916. The DNA of the two men were later traced to Maximé ████████ and Erich ██████, both of whom had passed away in 1952.
Reactionary Measures: All reports of the event had been erased from local media, with all witnessing civilians being amnestized. Both Maximé and Erich, who had not de-manifested, were taken in by Authority personnel and given the opportunity to join the Protection Division.

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