Extergito Glyphs

Extergito Glyphs are special symbols that result in a variety of memetic and psychological effects when combined with a unique color and played at a specific frequency. These glyphs, colloquially referred to as EGs, are used by The Authority as a primary means of maintaining secrecy and for use in containment. There are three EGs approved for field use by Authority security and: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Additionally, other specialized, glyph sequences are utilized by high-level staff for many classified purposes. Although resistance to EGs has been recorded, it is exceedingly rare, believed to pertain to only a small fraction of the population.

EGs displayed below have been color adjusted and are non active


tumblr_pbs71aWDhE1s2m122o1_250.png Sedation.


tumblr_pbs71aWDhE1s2m122o3_250.png Memory Loss.


tumblr_pbs71aWDhE1s2m122o2_250.png Suggestion.

Example of Documented use of EGs

"Suspect was detained by local police. A nearby collection force was dispatched and retrieved suspect with little incident. The two officers present were administered EGs 1 and 2, given false memory suggestion, and told to sit in their cruiser, followed by the confiscation of recording equipment."

Often, EGs will be documented as amnestics, as they are most often used for memory alteration purposes.

Security Level 4 and 5 Extergito Glyphs:

The majority of EGs exist within this category and are determined by The Global Directors as too dangerous to be widely used or known about by general personnel. The EGs in this category are applied only using site-based EG Devices, used for conducting procedures such as Termination of CSD personnel, intensive memory alteration, retirement of Authority Staff, and █████████-███████.


EG Devices:

These are the devices which agents use to administer EGs. They can vary in form, but have been issued from day one of the modern Authority activity. Several devices are available to display EGs, depending on the agent's needs. Standard EG Devices are small box-shaped devices with a grip attached and several versions of EG Devices exist in disguised forms, typically as pens or other innocuous items. They’re versatile forms allow for safe and inconspicuous use by any Authority agent.

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