Facebook Message 01/14/2016


Dear "The RPC Authority"

We mothers are concerned that your treatment of so-called "anomalies" is inhumane, unjust, and could be putting our kids in danger. Just because someone is a little different, doesn't mean they're an anomaly. It only means they're a special child, and in need of some special treatment. They don't need to be locked up!

Locking up an animal just for trying to survive is cruel, unjust, and generally just not a nice thing to do. We don't want our children living in a world where they can be locked up just because God said they'd be a little special. That's why we're forming a Facebook group to spread awareness of your cruel activities, and how they could be endangering our kids. If we find you're censoring our Facebook group, well that's against the Constitution. And you're not above the Constitution!

-Sincerely, Concerned Mothers

Note: After the Authority received this letter, a formal response was written, however the user who sent the message was found to no longer exist. It is believed the group manufactured a memetic agent to hide their identities from the Authority.

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