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At 04:37 on June 13th, 2019, a long neglected fail-safe in the depths of the underground Site-014 was activated. The resulting 5 kiloton nuclear explosion wreaked havoc on the surrounding Nevadan countryside. With the main section of the site destroyed, those who are left need to find any way that they can to endure. Who knows what the survivors will see in the irradiated wasteland that is now their home, and could be their grave.

To participate in this in-canon event write or create anything you wish about the preceding events or resulting effects of the blast. Options can include the anomalies, the site, operations in the Authority, GOI involvements and the civilians affected. You are highly encouraged to collaborate and interact with each others writings. You may submit at any time. Only items submitted before or on July 14th will be eligible to get featured. Once the eligible submissions have gained 8 votes each (in interest of fairness) the four submissions with the highest scores will be featured on the front page. You can continue to contribute to this event at any time afterwards. You can edit your existing articles to be included in this event, but to be eligible for the featured prize you must rewrite and re-upload your submission.

To submit a written work upload your writing to the site as you normally would and tag it with #Fail-Safe.

To submit art or other media upload it to your desired page and tag it with #Fail-SafeArt.


  • Anyone is allowed to participate!
  • You may contribute as many entries as you like
  • Submissions must match the theme in a justifiable way
  • Pre-existing drafts and articles are allowed, however articles posted on the wiki must be rewritten and re-uploaded in order to be eligible for being featured
  • Edits to works are allowed
  • Anyone found using alt accounts to vote on their submissions will be disqualified and banned from entering in future contests or community events
  • Do not coldpost. You must receive feedback in the drafts forum for RPCs and Tales

Background Information

To help with writing the aftereffects of a nuclear event, we have created an Informal Guide to Radiation to provide a quick overview of how radiation works, what it is, and how it kills people.

Please also review the detonation Timeline to ensure that canon remains consistent.

The Authority: Fail-safe Submissions

Fail-safe Artwork Submissions

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