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i've always wondered; why can't authoritywave just be canon? make it the canon future/past/whatever, why the hell not

“are oft indistinguishable“

You shouldn’t use incel it isn’t a real word but if you insist on using it put it in quotation marks and put the definition of it as a footnote

“Afore them is”

“individual RPC-X-Α resembled had recently expounded on trauma related to a series of physical assaults he had incurred as a child.”
individual RPC-X-Α had recently spoken about trauma related to a series of physical assaults he had incurred as a child.(it seems like you used “expounded” wrong in this sentence, if you can find a replacement for “spoken about” please do)

“discussions are fairly innocuous”
On fairly innocuous

“streamlined various ARGs are to the artistic styles and preferences the entity favors at that current iteration."
I’m probably just a dumbass but I don’t get this line and “to the” doesn’t sound right idk why.

“A heavily obscured photo designed to pop-up”
Was designed to pop-up

“stream from is heard.”
Idk what’s supposed to replace “from” but I know it isn’t right

“faces resemble the distortions and lacerations used on Junko Furuta.”
I don’t get this are the pics just not that distorted or did the rpc do this by anomalous means? Because I don’t think you can make someone’s face look like a computer made distortion by non-anomalous means.

“Camera lingers on darkness in front.”
Reword this it doesn’t sound right

“Immobile as the operator jaywalks”
What operator? The camera operator? Make this more clear

“reexamine the potential”
For the potential

“intranet. And that. That unsettles”
What do you mean by “And that.”? If she’s pausing then put 2 more periods after “that”. If it’s a faster pause or like a stutter or some shit then put a dash after “that” instead.

It’s good but it’s a bit confusing you jump from one thing to another a bit fast which isnt really a big deal cuz this can be easily fixed by some rewording and/or at least some spacing. Or maybe I’m just a dumbass idk. Another thing is you don’t really make it clear how they connect the video to the arg do they watch the vid first then find the rest or is it the other way around? And what’s really the difference between the -A and -Ω instances I know they disappear in different ways but other then that there’s really no difference and it just adds to the confusion. (if I’m not just a dumbass and this really is the only real difference then just remove -Ω and just say “an -A can be made/occur in 2 different ways” or something like that you know what I mean?) More importantly how the hell does the authority even know the difference between them while watching the videos? Other then these things and the wording mistakes it’s pretty interesting and good.

Dreams. Each man longs to pursue his dream. Each man is tortured by this dream, but the dream gives meaning to his life. Even if the dream ruins his life, man cannot allow himself to leave it behind. In this world, is man ever able to possess anything more solid, than a dream?
~Kentaro Miura

Deletion Timer by ThermicLineThermicLine, 22 Aug 2019 17:26

Cuz it's a great idea

Re: Plans to steal from SCP by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 16:41

Looks good though the central thing reminds me of SCP.

K E EK E E 22 Aug 2019 16:32
in discussion General Discussion / Off-Topic » Yes

Stop it, STOP IT. Get some help

Nein by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 16:32


Re: Who wants to dab? by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 16:27
JoMikeJoMike 22 Aug 2019 14:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-070

this is a great article, my only problem is how graphic the depiction of 070-A instances eating children. pretty jarring tbh.

by JoMikeJoMike, 22 Aug 2019 14:53

Try to raise your karma.

Re: I can't post a draft by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 13:05
Re: ?
K E EK E E 22 Aug 2019 13:02
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We can't help you. You need to raise your karma.

Re: ? by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 13:02

Help users, be a mod or admin, invite your friends to use Wikidot, etc.

Re: how do i get free karma? by K E EK E E, 22 Aug 2019 12:53


oh yeah yeah

This article is exceptionally well crafted, from the overall clinical tone, to the attention to detail in the chat logs. This makes the few issues I can address rather… minimal, I suppose. The first real point I can bring up is that there should be a footnote briefly explaining the concept of anti-memetics for readers unaware of the concept. Secondly, the addendum is quite sizeable. It would make more sense to simply make this part of the main article in question- if that makes sense? -rather than tacking it on at the end as what appears to be a diagetic afterthought by the researchers who compiled this information. They would probably consider the sightings to be numerous enough to warrant more succinct cataloguing, though I may simply be out of the loop regarding the nature of addendums; Particularly in SCP articles, which are often rife with sprawling addendums. It might be wise to instead condense the information (in its format, not content, the word count is just fine), employing well-organized and clearly labeled collapsibles.

Literally somehow I'm going to find a way to make something from this title so it shows up on the google search ranking. The big brain move is that it gets more /x/ conspiracy nuts to RPC.

Followed and edited!

Only thing I sort of reneged on was the placement of the footnote on ARGs in the Special Containment Procedures as past experience lurking on IRC critters has told me ConProcs is sort of usually skimmed.

Besides that, I didn't want to bog it down with too many footnotes.

"The correct term is “the sole purpose,” not “the soul purpose.” These two words are sound-alikes (homonyms) but are different in meaning. “The sole purpose” of something is “the only use” to which it is intended to be put."

I think its sole purpose but had to look it up. Am open to being wrong on this as I sort of just wrote it like that. Wait, was sole purpose the original text? I'm forgetting, but its sole purpose currently.

Made the other edits and will standby for others. Will be implementing more final touches as you read so my mistake if there's any cross-over.

Thank you.

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