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Anonymous 05/17/19(Fri)20:35:52 No.22588579

>be me
>working for the authority
>really shitty job as a janitor
>have to deal with tons of bullshit all day and the pay is terrible
>hear from a buddy that those maintenance union guys installed these fancy new showers in the rest room
>on break, decide to go check them out
>they are fucking nice
>individual showers, total privacy
>only have 30 minutes left in break
>kinda have to take a shit but know that it'd take all of break and i wouldn't have the chance to try the shower
>decide to hold in the shit
>get in the shower and turn on the water
>the water is instantly a perfect temperature
>just enjoying the experience, not too worried about washing my body
>water flowing down my back, feels amazing
>feel the water flowing through my ass hair
>kinda weird but still feels good
>start playing with my ass hair
>really weird but still feels good
>form a cup using my hands
>water pools inside the hands
>without thinking, put the hands up to ass
>water starts flowing into ass
>why the fuck did i just do that
>can feel the water inside ass
>the water is collecting inside colon
>incredibly uncomfortable
>intense confusion, shock, and fear all at once
>what is wrong with me
>in a panic, jump out of the shower and try to shit out the water
>realize that i still have to take that shit
>try to stop
>it's too late
>liquid shit pouring out of ass
>it's all over the floor
>anus is relieved, but im still in shock
>tfw just gave myself an enema
>tfw just explosive diarrhea-ed all over the fucking floor
>tfw im the janitor who has to clean it up

pic related (it's an enema)

Anonymous 05/17/19(Fri)20:36:35 No.22588585

>>22588579 (OP)
idk what the authority is but no one's ass is that fucking loose to let in all that water

Anonymous 05/17/19(Fri)20:37:12 No.22588593

several years of daily anal will do it to you



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