Overview: This document contains information on various organizations and groups that have some similarity to the Authority in that they are known to deal with the paranormal and the occult. While many other organizations exist to suppress paranormal activities, there are those who use the paranormal as a means to achieve a larger agenda, and may be considered as a rival towards the Authority. Their objectives and methods are monitored and documented by the Authority to understand their true goal within the paranormal world— and in some cases, stop them from destroying humanity as a whole.

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Canon Policy

Threat ID System

Threat Level Description
GT-01 A group with knowledge or possession of anomalous objects that pose a direct and immediate threat to The Authority and humanity as a whole.
GT-02 A group with the capacity to cause major disruption to society and who may have knowledge of The Authority.
GT-03 A group in possession of minor anomalous items or knowledge. These groups do not have significant knowledge of The Authority and have little capability to enact major disruptions to normal life.
GU-0 A group whose motives are unknown.
GA-03 A group that is not cooperative with The Authority but does not pose a direct threat.
GA-02 A group which is amicable to Authority actions.
GA-01 A group that is continuously supportive of Authority actions.

Church of Malthus - GT-01


Overview: Some see the medical progress of the human species over the past millennia, and increases in both length and quality of life, as a failing of modern life rather than a strength.

Some even believe that it is the responsibility of humanity to self-correct and evolve further. The Church of Malthus is such a society of biologists and radicals from many scientific fields united under the idea that if it is to continue and thrive, humanity requires progress forced upon itself, whether through catastrophic events, large-scale genetic manipulation, or the culling of "hereditarily weak" populations. They have worked tirelessly to acquire anomalous objects and engineer events capable of eliminating or irrevocably altering vast amounts of the global population in order to accomplish their objectives.

The RPC Authority considers this organization a major threat to its business, objectives, and by extension to humanity as a whole. As such, the Authority has deemed it necessary that any CoM personnel be captured or shot on sight, and has abandoned any concentrated attempts to negotiate or treat with them.

Relevant Documents:
A Malthusian Manifesto

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Amazing! Co. - GT-02


Overview: Similar to many bootleg companies based out of developing nations, Amazing! Co. is a company that produces miscellaneous off-brand commercial products ranging from food items to musical instruments and children’s toys. These items invariably possess anomalous properties and, more often than not, pose a threat to both the user and those around them.

The packaging of Amazing! Co. products often resemble well-known brands, even to the extent of copying mascots and slogans. The only consistent marker of their products is the Amazing! Co. logo, which has been confirmed to be a memetic agent with the effect of enticing those who look at it to purchase the associated product despite their better judgement.

The country of origin of Amazing! Co. cannot be presently determined. Manufactories suspected of being connected to the group have been discovered on every continent save Antarctica. Information shared from multiple governments has suggested that Amazing! Co. ships products to every nation in the native language of the region, and that there are obvious spelling and grammar errors in all versions of the products, no matter the language. To date, no person knowingly under the employ of Amazing! Co. has been apprehended and no person found to be selling one of their products can recall ever stocking them or meeting a representative of the company.

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Global Enterprise for Advanced Research - GT-02


Overview: GEAR is a large-scale consumer products company which employs a variety of anomalous manufacturing techniques in its factories. The CEO and operating personnel of GEAR live in intense secrecy and, it is presumed, considerable luxury, but they have demonstrated a capacity for canny negotiation and political maneuvering that has ensured the survival of the company. GEAR personnel are highly motivated, capable and, if not an immediate threat to the Authority, willing to cross ethical, political and social boundaries to achieve their goals.

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The Children of Nihil - GT-02


Overview: The Children of Nihil is a religious group that reveres the cleansing nature of floods and believes that through metamorphic trials and natural disasters, they can create a utopian society free from the decadence and corruption of humanity. The organization specializes in exploiting paranormal artifacts tied to historical flood mythologies, but this has not kept them from utilizing other anomalous religions and religious artifacts. They function as a conquering religion, prepared to absorb and assimilate other religious groups to reinforce their own position in an area, acquire new converts, or gain access to anomalous artifacts.

All adherents share two fundamental tenets. One is that Nihil serves as a spiritual state of transcendence and a deity, governing the concepts of obliteration and nothingness. The other is that adherents are merely vessels and that through continual service to Nihl and asceticism, they may ascend to become one with their venerable God. They believe that once all sects are united under their banner, they may finally resurrect the Dead Sun, an aspect of Nihil, from the depths. This apocalyptic deity will guide them to bring about a single, reality-ending flood. Sects of the Children of Nihil are numerous and prone to religious divisions, infighting, and endless variations of dogma.

Relevant Documents:
A Sunset Saudade
The Shape of Horns
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AEP Association - GU-0


Overview: The AEP is multinational fringe organization operating within both the public and anomalous spheres of society. The AEP's public side is involved in many different industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, Research and Development, and arms manufacturing.

The anomalous side of the AEP follows its public side quite closely but instead specializes in research on and the production of anomalies. The AEP's overall motives, despite long contact with the Authority, are unclear. They have demonstrated equal willingness to cooperate or use violence when dealing with Authority personnel. The recovery of any strategic information on the AEP is a high priority.

Recovered Documents:


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