M-357 "Wandering the Woods".

Media ID#: M-357

Foreword: The following is a video that was seized from the blog of Jeff███ Sm███, hosted at the address: [REDACTED]. The following transcript has been made and the footage itself archived for review by Authority Personnel as it can provide information into the whereabouts of RPC-357.

<Begin Video>

00:00 - [A plain vignette is shown displaying the following text: I don't know how to start this correctly… You probably don't even know me or my name for that matter… well you probably do… But I need to do this, I can't stay silent, not anymore. My name is Jeff███ S███, and this is the tale of how I found Big Foot.]

00:30 - [Actual footage begins, Date: 09/11/2016 Time: 14:07]
Hey guys, it’s your boy… Jeff. Check this, I was casually texting with Jeremy, one of the admins of my theorist group, no big deal. [He pauses to scratch his head, and looks around nervously]Thing is, I felt some kind of tension in the air at the moment, it was kinda cold even for the morning, and I haven't brought a jacket, also, I have not eaten all day…[Pauses again, and sighs] We are getting off track, I for… Some god forbidden reason decided that it was a glorious day to get out of home… and my wifi was down. [unintelligible sounds] That is not the point. When I got out in the woods… close to NYC, at the █████████ forest, I felt some sort of feeling, a danger that raised through my veins like ants in a sugar-filled picnic… Also, not long ago, I heard a deer was screaming but I am sure I felt the danger before.[Stops to take a deep breath and gulps] So this was a very weird scream… it was…[shakes his head and looks around nervously] …it was a scream of intense pain and fear… like whatever was happening to that poor creature was… I don’t know how to put this.

02:00 - [Camera shakes as he fumbles around with it, walking around the woods] Point is, that wasn’t normal… no one else is hunting around here today… I made sure of that. So what was that? There are no natural predators of deer around this preserve. What if… [He suddenly goes mute, and turns around, as if listening to something, looks back at the camera with a panicked face and puts a finger on top of his lips, before hurriedly making off. Camera feed shows he is running to a dense patch of shrubbery]

04:15 - [He points the camera back at his face, he is seen sweating profusely and trembling and begins speaking on a hushed whisper] D…d…did you guys hear that? I heard footsteps…[Long pause while he listens around] I will just… I will just lay low in here and whatever is making those sounds better go away. Ok I will shut up now. [He seems visibly distressed before pointing the camera towards the trail outside, his breathing slowly diminishes in tone as he attempts to calm down, video feed is suddenly cut off]

05:10 - [Video recording resumes, Jeff███ S███, is visibly distressed and sweating profusely, and speaks in a very hushed tone. Date: 09/11/2016 Time: 14:50]
Uh hi again guys… whatever that thing was… it left… it could be anywhere… watching… [he visibly trembles and gulps] So… we should probably… probably go back and leave. B…But no… something very wrong is going on here. This could be one of those undercover government projects… you know, how they are probably using some weird genetic science stuff to enhance humans? And then use them for war? [he looks around nervously, the camera shaking on his hands] or… what if that was Big Foot? I almost lost my shit back there! He came very close to my shrub… but he didn’t linger and continued on his way. See? This is why I recommend you conceal your own smell before going on trips like these… But you know… this could also be one of those things the Internet has been talking about like crazy recently. You know that big guy people tend to see just standing there? Watching from afar? Ugh…[he looks around nervously with the camera pointing at his face] Well… no one seems to be watching me now… But… to be honest… I feel like I am being watched. [he turns to the camera, smiling nervously] Someone else besides you…

7:20 - Holy shit!!! [he exclaims hushedly as his eyes widen, and then without saying anything runs to an unknown direction, all the time the camera is pointing at his face until he hides among more shrubbery] Ok… ok… this… this is…[he points the camera away, as wet, belching sounds are heard, this goes on for a few seconds before pointing the camera back at his face] Oh my…[unintelligible sounds] The deer we heard earlier… the deer… [unintelligible sounds] I just found it… its flesh… stripped clean. No fur… no skin… just everything else… the blood was everywhere…[he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath] This is very definitely Big Foot… or a skin walker, that American-Indian stuff! And… and… and look at the things I do for you guys… I’m gonna go look for it… I won’t get too close. Just enough to get a look at it…

8:45 - So I’ve seen some of the steps that thing took… mind you, this thing must be huge! I just hope… it isn’t also stalking me. [he shakes his head and continues walking through the woods] I need to see it.[he suddenly goes silent, visibly panicking again, then he shakily points the camera to some trees on the distance, where a shadow is seen rapidly approaching him, at this point the camera is dropped, rushed footsteps are heard in the background]

10:00 - [Jeff███ S███ picks up the camera, and speaks in a loud and shaky voice. Date: 09/11/2016 Time: 14:55]
I don’t know… I have no idea where the fuck it went to! Did you guys hear that?!! What the hell is going on around here…[he stops talking, and without a word he points the camera at the trees he did before, finding nothing] Guys… I think we found an actual Big Foot… this is what the Government doesn’t want you to see! And you saw it here, with your boy Jamison! [he pauses for a moment, heavily breathing on the camera lens] So… uh we’d better get going home… peace off and… see you guys on our next video…
[Footage is cut off]

11:00 - [A slideshow of plain vignettes similar to the one on the beginning of the video is shown, displaying the following text:Anyway I am sure that was Big Foot. There were too many signs. And this wasn’t the last I would see of weird things during that day. Why? When I got home, I felt something, not like all the time I felt some stuff… this time I actually FELT. You get it, don’t you? Deep inside… a feeling of… fear? Hunger? …Love? Anyway, when I got to sleep, I saw 8 glowing eyes staring at me in the deep of a giant pool. Some freaky eyes like spider eyes! And there was that bird… It was a scary bird, I couldn't understand what he said… but I didn't felt scared, I felt… Calm? I’m not sure how to put this into words man… Anyway that was some stuff! Make sure to go check out my blog [REDACTED], follow me and you'll see some top notch content man!]

<End Video>

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