It Sits
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It sat there, that thing.

That thing that writhed and howled in the blackness of non-reality, yet there it sat.

Not writhing.

Not howling.

Just… There.

It sat upon a chair, if you could call it a chair.

A chair crafted from the nonexistent rules and laws that hold the universes together.

It sat there, that horrible, nebulous thing.

Yet, was it so horrible?

Was it so nebulous?


It simply was.

And that thing that had contradicted existence itself, that thing that had marched to the gates of heaven, and demanded upon God:

"You can't know everything."

That thing that knew everything, yet still knew nothing.

It sat there, that thing.

And it looked at me.

"What do you want from me?" I asked the thing, that horrible thing.

The thing simply grinned.

I looked at its face, that horrible, eldritch excuse for a face.

"But.. Why?"

It began to laugh.

I hated that thing.

And so I waited for it to stop laughing.


After an eternity, it spoke.

"Why must we do anything?" It said, glee in its voice.

I thought on that. "Well.. There must be some sort of reason!"

"Why must there be?"

I paused.

Why, in fact, must there be a reason for the things we do?

There was an obvious conclusion. "Because if there is no reason, nobody would do anything."

It responded immediately. "You wouldn't do anything."

It had me confused again.

"What even are you?"

The grin returned, wider than before.


But how should one guess the form of such a formless thing?

It leaned back upon its accursed chair, a smile upon its face.

For once, it asked me a question. "Why must you be afraid of the dark?"

I wasn't entirely sure what it meant by that.

"Why, we're not in the dark." I said, puzzled. "We're in some void, yes, that's what this is."

The smile remained.

The thing leaned forward. "Is that what you see it as?"

I looked around, only seeing a gray emptiness.

"Well, yes, there's nothing here but us two."

"And why is that, you think?"

That thing leaned back in its chair yet again, the smile growing ever wider.

"Did you.. Cause this, somehow?" I was more confused than ever.

The smile remained. "No, in fact I believe it was your companions who caused this."

"Companions? Whatever do you mean?"

"Why is it you call yourselves an Authority?" It said, almost interrupting me.

That wretched formless thing clasped its hands together, staring at me.

I thought about it for a moment.

"Because we're an, err, the Authority, yes, above the normal nations of the world."

"But not above everything."

The smile grew ever wider, as that thing stared into the blackest pits of my soul.

I spoke again, still wondering what it meant by all this. "Well, of course there's things above us."

It leaned in again, the proportions of its body warping.

"So then why is it The Authority?"

"Well, because there aren't any other ones."

It laughed. "But alas, I am right here."

"So you're above the Authority, then?"

The smile on its face faded, it being replaced with something akin to that of annoyance.

"And how," It said, its tone changing from amused to pure spite. "Did you come to that conclusion?"

"You've just said it yourself there." I replied, trying not to give that thing any leverage.

It leaned in further, its hellish face coming but an inch away from my own.

"Your authority is crippled compared to that of my own," The thing said, not a trace of humor in its voice. "When faced with the reality of the situation, I'm afraid your Authority is woefully unprepared to face the purely uncountable numbers of antediluvian things, whose own authority very nearly rivals that of mine."

I was taken aback, to say the least.

"W-Well, err,"

The thing's proportions warped even further, until only the face retained a semblance of humanity.

"Would you like me to name a few, then?"

I almost replied. Almost.

The thing let out a hellish noise, proceeding to, by the looks of it, detail a list of unknown names, the origins of which no doubt came from beyond the universe's conception.

"Oh, apologies," It said, returning to semi-normal. "Did you want that in English?"

I nodded, working up the courage to speak.

It spoke a name so horrible, so… Eldritch, that I dare not even think of it, even in my own memory.

"That, my little ape friend, is Them."

I mustered the courage to reply. "Them? Who the hell are they?"

"The ones who walk unseen beneath the boundaries of your little dimensional pocket."

"..So they're just four dimensionals, then?" I asked, attempting to understand.

The thing responded with more laughter.

"In a sense, you've almost learned a fraction of the truth!" That horrible thing said, the humor returning to its voice.

I tried to step back, to look anywhere other than that writhing, nebulous thing. But I couldn't.

"Authority is relative, little ape friend. Relative indeed." It said, leaning back in its pitiful excuse of a chair. "There are those who would extinguish your civilization on a whim, They who walk among your planets as if they were grains of sand, nothing more than pitiful little specks, to be pushed together for a greater purpose."

"But what purpose, then?"

The smile returned.

"None at all."

I stuttered, still unable to look away from the thing.

It spoke once more. "Perhaps you should return to your tribe then, little hunter."

I was unable to reply, stuck within my own head.

"Yes, you'll do that. And you'll give them a nice little message of nihilism."

It clicked.

"You're one of those- those Children of Nihil things, yes?" I asked, almost hoping it was true.

The look on its face told me otherwise.

"You equate a flood to a bubble, little ape." The thing said, without a trace of recognizable emotion.

I thought for a moment. "But, in the recovered documents, they mention a flood."

"Yes yes, a Nivaldian flood, you've mentioned it several times."

I was taken aback. "I've mentioned.. What?"

"You were about to mention it several times." The thing said, its grin managing to grow wider.

"Err," I licked my lips, regaining my posture. "You can see the future, then?"

The expression vanished from its face in an instant, the thing returning to its natural state.

And the mad faceless god got up from its chair, the scenery morphing and twisting beyond any reasonable explanation.

It was then that I awoke.

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