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Declassification Date: 01/01/2020
Security Clearance Required: Level 1


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Updated: 01/01/1957


File Photo, 01/01/1955

Full Name: Janet Enola Neuman

Personnel ID Number: 002-818-006784

Security Clearance: Level 4

Position: Archivist in Human Resources division

Sex: Female

Height: 167cm

Weight: 56kg

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Date Of Birth: 14th February, 1922

Enlistment Date: 28th November, 1946

Description: Janet Enola Neuman (Born Janet Enola Holbrooke) was born to Humphrey and Lauren Holbrooke in Chicago, Illinois. When Humphrey Holbrooke expired due to tuberculosis in ██/██/1925, Lauren Holbrooke remarried to Jason Neuman in ██/██/1927.

Initial interview with Janet Neuman indicated that Jason Neuman was extremely abusive towards her and Lauren Neuman. After several background checks, it was confirmed that Jason Neuman formerly worked for the Chicago Outfit directly linked to Alphonse Gabriel Capone and was charged for bootlegging in ██/██/1931 and sentenced to ██ years in prison.

At this time, Janet Neuman worked as a waitress with Mrs. Neuman in the ██████ diner. In an armed robbery dated ██/██/1938, one of the alleged suspects opened fire at Lauren Neuman after she refused to open the register and immediately terminated her.

Janet Neuman was engaged to ████ ██████ and was planning to marry somewhere in 1941 until her fiancee was drafted into the US Army. ████ ██████ was terminated in Operation Overlord in Normandy, France, 06/06/1944.

Janet Neuman later joined the US Army as a communications officer in ██/██/1942. After World War II is over, The Authority drafted Janet Neuman along with several other assets. Janet Neuman was assigned to Site-002 as an Archivist in the Human Resources Division in ██/██/1946.


Janet Neuman and Researcher Rook. San Diego, ██/██/1949.

Several reports through a yearly interview with Janet Neuman's colleagues indicates that Researcher Jameson Rook assigned to RPC-███ established an intimate relationship with Janet Neuman somewhere in October 1953.

However, recently in August 1956, Janet Neuman and Researcher Rook got into a heated argument as witnessed by Head Researcher █████ and both were subsequently disciplined by a 1-week suspension.

After her suspension, Janet Neuman's colleagues reported her of being distant and would rather do her work with a little-to-none interaction between her colleagues. Janet Neuman has reported of working overtime and visiting the 6th floor observation deck far more often than usual.

Security report of Janet Neuman's assigned residence in the nearby city of Las Vegas reported of seeing Janet Neuman leaving the apartment complex at 20:00 and returning at 02:00 every day.

Several undercover Authority field agents assigned in various locations in Las Vegas witnessed Janet Neuman visiting The Sands Hotel and Casino. Agent ██████ tasked to observe Janet Neuman's late-night behavior reported of seeing her regularly heavy-drinking alone in the Copa Room Stage and showing particular interest in singers like Frank Sinatra and Lena Home if any person happened to sit on the table adjacent to hers.

It is unknown whether Janet Neuman developed alcoholism in late 1956, as her work productivity has increased significantly compared to her previous years.



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