Jacob D. Eridanus



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Jacob during an Alpha-1 briefing.

Name: Jacob "Odin" Eridanus

Area of Occupation: MST Alpha-1 (Angels of Eden)

Rank: Seraph

Codename: Azrael

Commanding Officer: █████ ███████

Clearance Level: Level 4

Biography: Previous to joining Alpha-1, Jacob was a pizza deliveryman, in Boston. After tensions escalated in the 1940's, John, having no friends or family members, joined the US army. After training, he was assigned to the E Company, 506th Infantry Regiment, wherein he fought in World War Two. After showing exceptional combat prowess, he was recruited by the Authority for the Alpha-1 program, and redacted from American military documents.

Current activities in Alpha-1 are restricted to Level 5 clearance only, however previous documentation have been opened to the Authority database.

Current Duties: Deployed at Site 000 for protection purposes.

Previous Operations: [AWAITING APPROVAL]

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