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Agent Urquhart and RPC-591 art by Kozunos.

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Lieutenant Marshall, or Marshall for short. I know the official title is "Agent", but I've changed my name a bit too much, so now I'm stuck with Lieutenant for the time being.

I joined the Authority on the 23rd of September in 2019 as a means to get my creative juices flowing and to share my passion for literature with the online community. During my stay here, I realised my talent lay with the development of creature anomalies. From ultrasonic praying mantises to humanoid light constructs, crafting these creatures has always been a favourite passtime of mine, and the Authority has given me the window to help share them with many people.

My interest in writing stems from when I first read the novel "Skulduggery Pleasant" by Derek Landy, and I desired to write characters of my own in a similar fashion to the skeleton detective. Nowadays, I study both Tertiary English and English Literature to strengthen my skills, with the RPC Authority work I do greatly assisting me in maintaining that skill.

In my spare time, I enjoy acting and singing (mostly online voice stuff for the former), creative writing, Discord chatting, moderating for Colossal is Crazy's Discord server, playing videogames, and Lipton Peach Ice Tea consumption. I'm also known for attacking the city of Tokyo.

My Articles

After reading H F DummieH F Dummie's Author Page, I definitely thought you could all learn a thing or two about my articles, in case you have any questions regarding their origins or why I wrote them. If you'd like to just find them all in order of publication without the thoughts, here's a table:

Other Assignments
Plainswalking Hub

Author Insight

So, if you wanted some author insight, here's the thought process of:


RPC-459 fanart by JokezmJokezm

RPC-459, Enlightenment. 7/10/2019 (Reuploaded 18/05/2020)

A failed SCP Foundation submission, I decided to try my luck and rearrange a couple things to see how well this article would sit with the Authority. After a series of unfortunate events (READ THE SITE RULES PEOPLE), I finally got the bloody thing posted. The article came into being with my desire to take a break from writing "evil creature" archetypes, and focus on the "thinks they're doing a good thing but is remarkably short sighted" kinda deal. The imagery was created by me initially as a weird bit of photoshop artwork that, after a couple of filters, made it look like an authentic picture of a truly bizarre, alien creature.

It's pretty well received by general audiences. This is also the only article I have received fanart for, which I think is pretty bloody great. Personally, I am very proud of RPC-459, and it is definitely one of my more unique pieces.

RPC-237, Caersephyr, the Lich™. 7/10/2019 (Reuploaded 15/03/2020)

Another failed SCP submission, but this one is much, much older. Dating back to 2017, I had a prime interest in the Bionicle toy line of the LEGO company, and longed to write an article on what would happen if one of these Bionicles pertained the powers described on the front of the box. And hey, presto, you have my worst received piece yet; RPC-237. This was also the first RPC to feature my character, Agent Urquhart, who I plan to use in other pieces sometime down the line.

Most of the criticism was that I used Amazing! Co. as a crutch, and that the thing itself just isn't very interesting. It's just a thing that kills people. What I'm upset about is that no one understood the forshadowing of the fact that there are hundreds of these things still in circulation, and there's possibly many different variants, and perhaps and entire line of products already on shelves. But I guess it's an idea that will have to be developed in further articles. Oh well.

RPC-591, The Ultrasonic Mantis. 30/12/2019

The first article written with the RPC Authority in mind. And by God, the lift in quality was amazing. RPC-591 was written as a warm-up for getting back into the Authority after a 2 month hiatus. And by all accounts, I think I'm only going to be improving from here on out. Main inspiration for it was to give it a strange trait for a praying mantis to have, and ultrasonic beams seemed like a very out there choice; exactly the kind of stuff I look for in RPC creatures.

It was featured on Critic's Pick by Victor117Victor117 (who was also a massive help in its creation and is an amaZING AUTHOR READ RPC-997 NOW), and I was absolutely speechless upon learning of its popularity. I loved writing it, and I'm glad it got me some recognition.

RPC-370, The Ring of Gaia, 04/01/2020

My first attempt at incorporating lore into a piece. Ever since I read Rick Riordan's "Heroes of Olympus" series, I always loved the idea of Gaia being anything but a benevolent goddess. So, I wrote about a shrine inhabited by creatures who make their best effort to wake her up and build her a body, sort of giving the reader a growing sense of dread that the earth is stirring, and she is not our friend.

I enjoyed writing this one, even if it isn't that incredible in terms of lore. It also allowed me to give Agent Urquhart some more personality. Go read it and rate it 5 stars!

Enlightening the Void, 21/01/2020 (Reuploaded 15/03/2020)

My first tale. Decided I wanted to build upon the character of RPC-459, as well as introduce new elements to use in future pieces.

It's definitely no masterpiece, and I will probably be making a lot of changes to it in the future, the more problems I spot, but I think it's fairly good for a first tale.

RPC-733, The Age of Procreation. 10/02/2020

Building upon foundations set in Enlightening the Void, RPC-733 was pretty much an origin story for the antagonistic force introduced, while still (in my opinion) standing strongly on its own.

I've had the story of Dr. Ivanov and the power of procreation and subsequent destruction cooking in my brain for many years now, and I'm glad to finally be finding a good medium to get it out there.

Probably my favourite of my articles, despite its debatably very cliché nature.

RPC-622, The 20th Halberd, 08/04/2020

An article with… actually, very little answers. For now, at least.

Inspired by Karn of the Spider-Man comics, 622 serves as both a conduit for a GOI I've been at work on, and as a character profile for Officer Arkus, a prominent Plainswalking character.

RPC-902, Vessels of the Sun, 31/05/2020

A contest entry. My first ever, as a matter of fact.

I was given three random hazards; climatological, sentient and psychotronic. As I wanted to also undertake the random image challenge, I was given two choices: A train station in France, and a llama. I chose both. So, naturally, I wrote an article about a climatological anamoly resulting in a bunch of llamas manifesting that all congregate and explode in an attempt to bestow the warmth of an Aztec sun god. And it's exactly what it says on the tin. Don't think too much about this one, it's a simplistic article and is mostly goofy, with some underlying tones to make it seem a little bit more frightening.

Final Remarks

That's about it from me. I really do hope you enjoy most of the strange things I write about, because I absolutely adore the process of writing them. I'm always aiming to improve, so do not hesitate to let me know if my articles are utter dog shit, because I'll happily hear you out, even if you're wrong.

Thanks, and have a good day.

- Lieutenant Marshall

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