List of all MSTs


This list is intended to document Mobile Specialized Teams (MSTs) to avoid creating any new MST when an existing one suffices. Contributors are free to add any MSTs that have not been included or have been recently created. An MST must appear within at least one on-site, canon article to be added to this list.

When having these requirements, writers are allowed to include those MSTs below with the following format:

Designation Codename Description Previous Operations Site Garrison
NATO Code & Number Codename of MST Specialization/Roles RPCs encountered MSTs assigned facility


Yankee-21 Sleeper Agents Specializes in infiltration and counterintelligence of Groups of Interests RPC-245, RPC-921 Site-204

Note: MSTs, when designating a NATO code and number, must be in alphabetical order when arranging the list. Anything that doesn't follow the NATO phonetic alphabet goes to the very end of the page. At some point, this page will be sorted letter by letter but until that day comes, please try to keep it clean and organized.

Specific Mobile Specialized Teams that have been widely used or are notable by the Authority can be found in MST Registry.

List of Specialized Teams

Alpha Codename Description Previous Operations Site Garrison
Alpha-1 Angels of Eden The Angels of Eden is the Authority's answer to super soldiers. Stronger, faster, and all around better than the normal soldier, the Angels are called in on only the most dangerous missions and are very rarely ever assigned to long-term containment given their small supply and high demand. RPC-302, RPC-831 Site-000
Alpha-2 Maritime Praesidio Subvehi A majorly aquatic- and naval-based division, well-used to working in purely or majorly aquatic conditions. RPC-347 Site-018
Alpha-3 Scavengers First responders to anomalous events or manifestations in order to amnesticize witnesses, confiscate evidence and bring wounded subjects to local medical centers. RPC-029, RPC-399, RPC-319, RPC-630 Site-015
Alpha-4 Void Raiders [N/A] RPC-001 Site Unknown
Alpha-5 Thor's Hammer Specializes in electrical and magnetic equipment. RPC-087 OL-Site-118
Alpha-07 Compellers Assists MST Alpha-39 in the containment of RPC-398 RPC-388 Site Unknown
Alpha-39 Ballroom Blitz Specialized in the containment of RPC-398 RPC-398 Site Unknown
Alpha-21 Wolf Pack Specialized in tracking Persons of Interests RPC-490, Site-009 Site-009
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