List of all MSTs


The (Very Incomplete) list of all MSTs

This list was written as a tool for writers to:

  1. Avoid repetition in MST numbers and names
  2. Avoid creating a new MST when an existing one suffices
  3. Increase usage of more obscure MSTs

This is primarily a collaborative project, so feel more than free to add your MST if you found a missing MST/made a new one for an article. By the way, please wait a few days before adding your new MST, in the event that you have to return to the drawing board with your article. The format is as follows:

||MST number||Codename||Brief description||Works that it is involved in||Site garrisoned in||

Security Teams marked with a '•' have had their entries fully verified. Please don't verify your own entries.

Follow the alphabetical order when arranging the MSTs. Anything that doesn't follow the NATO system goes to the bottom. Anything that follows the NATO system goes above non-NATO stuff. At some point, this article will be sorted letter by letter but until that day comes, please try to keep it clean.

This list is probably going to have some mistakes with the "brief description" part, so if you are the author then please go ahead and explain what your MST is supposed to do. Thank you.

Juliett-9 Aperture's Subjects Specializes in containing anomalies with temporal capabilities that do not exhibit any abilities in time manipulation. [RPC-689] [N/A]
Romeo-7 Urbanists Specializes in containing anomalies located in urban areas and is focused on crowd control and CQB combat. [RPC-689] Site-038

Individual pages on the more notable or well-established MSTs can be found on the MST Registry.

List of Security Teams

Alpha-2 Maritime Praesidio Subvehi A majorly aquatic- and naval-based division, well-used to working in purely or majorly aquatic conditions. [N/A] Site-018
Alpha-5 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-087 OL-Site-118
Alpha-21 Wolf Pack POI track down team [N/A] Site-009
Bravo-4 Siberian Tigers Specializes in Cold-Weather Warfare. RPC-908 OL-Site-908
Bravo-46 Edict of Francia Specializes in containing historically significant European anomalies RPC-145 Site-47
Charlie-10 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-111 OL-Site-35
Delta-3 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-087 OL-Site-118
Delta-6 Space Folders Specializes in the containment of spatial, temporal, and physics based anomalies RPC-620 Site-██
Delta-9 Mistresses Shadows Specializes in the containment of anomalies reported by RPC-227. RPC-227 OL-Site-07
Delta-13 Men in Black Only used for combat roles when necessary. Keeps RPC-204 contained. RPC-204 [REDACTED], Slovakia
Echo-1 Whale's Tongue Specializes in using auditory equipment for containment. RPC-737 Site-██
Echo-7 L'Infanterie Composed Entirely of French-Speaking individuals. Used mostly for combat situations not involving anomaly containment. RPC-085, RPC-686 (Used by MST) Various
Echo-11 Securities In charged with the security of Gamma-class anomalies. RPC-793, RPC-286 Site-793
Echo-13 Charlie's Anglers Specialized teams of enhanced individuals for aquatic, urban, and air based missions. RPC-030,RPC-221 Site-16, The Kraken.
Echo-21 Sleeping Sirens Tactical espionage response team. Formerly focused on containing audio-based anomalies. RPC-301 [N/A]
Echo-34 [N/A] Focuses on containing anomalies that cause mania.1 RPC-301 OL-Site-070
Echo 51 Roaming Millennial Specializes in investigating anthropological discoveries and mass information censorship campaigns throughout Europe N/A Site-47
Foxtrot-9 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-056 [N/A]
Golf-1 Crufix Chasers Formed to recover and contain the █ anomalous objects detailed in RPC-058. █ anomalous objects from RPC-058 and █ anomalous objects not detailed have been contained to date. RPC-058, RPC-107 Site-006
Golf-1-EX [N/A] Lost while containing RPC-041. RPC-041 Site-004
Golf-14 Jatayu's Vultures Specialized in the capture and recontainment of anomalous biological and biohazardous entities RPC-277. RPC-286 [N/A]
Hotel-1 Highlanders Generalized strike team serving as first response and containment for the British Isles and Europe RPC-061 Site-007
India-13 Squirrel on a Stick Containment MST specialized in the cleanup of anomalies that produce large volumes of waste matter during containment breaches. RPC-286 Site-286
Juliett-9 Aperture's Subjects Specializes in containing anomalies with extra-dimensional capabilities. RPC-689 [N/A]
Kilo-4 Screaming Frogs Often serving as protective auxiliaries to other MSTs, they specialize in undercover raids RPC-793 Site-119-1
Kilo-5 Beaker Breakers Strike team assigned to dealing with GOI-005 ("Global Enterprise for Advanced Research") RPC-256 [N/A]
Lima-19 Mess Makers Specialized in containment of small scale anomilys in urban and rural areas. RPC-372 Site-23
November-7 Hammer The Gamma Specialized in containment and termination of Gamma-class anomalies. RPC-793 [N/A]
November-12 Dumpster Divers Specializes in exploration of anomalous objects with spatially large interiors. RPC-128 [N/A]
Omega-3 Tell Tales Specializes in the containment of anomalies on RPC-310 and the protection of Extraplanetary Site-002 RPC-310 EX-Site-002
Oscar-5 [N/A [N/A] RPC-058 [N/A]
Oscar-6 See No Evil [N/A] RPC-450 OL-Site-17
Oscar-7 The Good Guys [N/A] RPC-450 OL-Site-17
Oscar-8 Mars Pathfinders Specialized in clearing occupational hazards and marking territories before further MST arrive RPC-514 Site-119-1
Oscar-9 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-450 [N/A]
Oscar-12 The Harbingers Specializes in the exploration of anomalous areas. RPC-111 OL-Site-35
Osiris-5 Web Nerds Specializes in the containment and neutralization of online anomalies. RPC-699 Site-██
Osiris-19 Hunter Gatherer Task with the capture and termination of rogue Authority personnel. RPC-699 Site-██
Papa-1 Berserkers Specialized in close-quarters and unorthodox methods of containing Beta- or higher-class anomalies. Prioritize sending after anomalies with conversion properties. [N/A] Site-██
Papa-9 [N/A] [N/A] RPC-227 [N/A]
Papa-10 Sophists Specializes in combating sound-sensitive RPCs, and operations in areas of memoriological uncertainty. RPC-347 OL-Site-1010
Papa-84 Amitabha's Chainsaws Specializing retrieval/termination of biological anomalies such as PM instances derived from RPC-513 through incendiary weapons RPC-513, RPC-286 Site-88
Sierra-10 Mechanical Heart Tasked with the liquidation/containment of humanoid anomalies when little to no information is available on the entity. RPC-256 Site-06
Romeo-7 Suited Gentlemen Specializes in containing anomalies located in urban areas and is focused on crowd control and CQB combat. RPC-036, RPC-085, RPC-378, RPC-689 Site-038
Romeo-31 Caesar's Legion Specializes in containment of anomalies with correlation to ancient Rome RPC-094 OL-Site-094
Tango-8 Border Control Assists in containing mind-modification anomalies passively. RPC-133 (unlisted) Installation-133
Tango-9 Wall Defenders Assists in containing anomalies contained via walls. RPC-450 OL-Site-17
Tango-9 Cauldron Focuses on monitoring and protecting anomalous humanoids under Authority custody while in areas not under Authority jurisdiction. RPC-183 [N/A]
Tango-10 T-Poser Specifically trained to handle grouped anomalous creatures. RPC-212 site-074
Tango-81 Anansi's Vacuum Assists with the Viderics R&D Department to create psionic warriors capable of tackling pataphysical and pseudofactual memes,antimemes, and normally imperceivable entities. Localized in Ethiopia and regions of Africa. RPC-512 Site-127
Tango-91 Repeating Crossbow Fields a large array of mobile vehicles with mounted incendiary weapons RPC-513 Site-88
Victor-37 "Web Killers" Specializing in the security and containment of RPC-382 within the 'Quarantine Zone'. RPC-382 OL-Site-132
Whiskey-7 Space Force Formed from the need to interact with numerous extra-terrestrial species and/or anomalies. RPC-196, RPC-866, RPC-058 Site-099
Whiskey-89 Late Iron Age Specializing in the expedition/censorship of hidden Children of Nihil compounds throughout Europe RPC-145 Site-77
Whiskey-15 Wish Watchers Whisky-15 is tasked with the traversing of unstable realities and the handling of individuals or locations capable of manipulating space and time. RPC-315 [N/A]
X-Ray-6 Annulifiers Tasked to expunging all evidence of the Authority and its anomalies in the mass media and apprehending individuals with said evidence and/or knowledge that is not involved within the anomalous community. RPC-055, RPC-075, RPC-150, RPC-444, RPC-450, RPC-625, RPC-689 Site-002
X-Ray-8 Lab Rats Tasked with locating and containing anomalies from underground facilities. RPC-256 Site-06
X-Ray-17 Jade Rabbits Specialized in the extermination of humanoid entities localized around Sino-Tibetan mythology RPC-514 Site-119-1
Zebra-43 Deep Ones Tasked with deep-sea containment and observational duties. RPC-969 Site-███
626 Heaven's Fist Formed to assist in the containment of RPC-626. RPC-626 Site-███
[N/A] Peacekeepers [N/A] RPC-054 [N/A]
Zulu-1 Silver Retrievers Combination of intelligence division staff and security. Commissioned to retrieve anomalous objects from decrypt and abandoned locations, have experience combating and working with anomalous sentient entities. RPC-144 [N/A]
Zeta-45 Backwater Filterers Initially formed from security staff at Site-45 in Nigeria, MST Zeta-45 was designed to contain anomalous objects found in backwater nations. They are also used for the containment and protection of relatively unimportant objects. RPC-302, RPC-666 Site-45
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