LO-067 Experiment Log


Letter from Site director Sullivan to Dr. Giertz

I regret to inform you that your request for additional resources has been denied. Building a giant monocle would be too costly for something we cannot guarantee will work, especially with your current track record with this project. Likewise, building two smaller monocles and using a CSD to enlarge them is too much of a risk; we were fortunate that CSD-0748 has not yet attempted to use her enlarged size against personnel; the risk of another CSD potentially attempting to take advantage of their new stature would be too great; even if we were to terminate them before they could cause any casualties, we would have a 50 foot corpse to dispose of, which would be both costly and time-consuming.

Furthermore, even if they were compliant, should your theory fail, we would then have to house 2 giants, which would be a considerable drain on our resources. Furthermore, we would have 2 giants that would have good reason to be upset with us, which would increase the odds of them revolting. If this occurs, and they work together, the ensuing conflict could potentially cause a much larger containment breach, which, given the casualties and damages sustained during our past containment breaches, is a risk that we are not willing to take.

Additionally, due to your inability to deliver on your promises, along with the mixed results of both your experiments, further research of LO-067 has been deemed an unnecessary waste of Authority resources. As such, LO-067 has been denied a Registered Phenomena Code. The 2 affected CSD personnel may be registered for further research into how LO-067 has affected their physiology; which, depending on the results, can re-open the possibility of registering LO-067, but until then it is to remain a Lesser Object.

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