LO-067 Experiment Log


Experiment LO-067-1

LO: 067
Date: 31/03/1919
Location: Site-002, Anomaly Research Sector
Attending Research Team: Dr. Giertz, CSD-2243.
Security: two (2) security guards in ARS, Three (3) MSTs stationed at photograph site in Paris, France.
Purpose of Experiment: To see if LO-067 can be utilized for long-distance transportation, as well as determining LO-067's eligibility as a Registered Phenomenon.
Hypothesis: If LO-067 works based on perception, then placing a photograph over the scope of LO-067 will cause the viewer to be teleported to the location of the photo.
Experiment: One (1) photograph of the Eiffel tower was placed 10 meters away from LO-067. LO-067 was set to 45x magnification. CSD-2243 was instructed to look through LO-067.
Proceedings: CSD-2243 disappeared upon looking through LO-067. MST team reported that the subject did not arrive at photograph site. A subsequent search discovered CSD-2243 to be located on the floor in front of the photograph, at 1/45th of his original size.
Conclusion: LO-067 does not work based on perception.
Notes: While my initial hypothesis was disproven, the test results promise something far greater. Additional experimentation is required to investigate this new development.

-Dr. Giertz

Experiment LO-067-2

LO: 067
Date: 02/04/1919
Location: Site-002, Skygate F.
Attending Research Team: Dr. Giertz
Security: Three (3) security guards manning turrets, should hypothesis prove correct. Two (2) security guards on ground zero with fireman's trampoline should hypothesis prove incorrect.
Purpose of Experiment: To test LO-067's newly discovered property, and to test whether it can be used to increase resources. If successful, LO-067 will be assigned a Registered Phenomena Code
Hypothesis: if the size change and transportation work under similar principles to the way light is refracted, then looking through the telescope backward should increase the size of the viewer.
Experiment: LO-067 was positioned at a 45-degree angle, with magnification set to a factor of 10. CSD-07481 was instructed to look through the large end of LO-067
Proceedings: CSD-0748 was enlarged upon looking through LO-067. Turret operators kept Subject stationery while Research Team re-adjusted LO-067 to face the opposite direction. During the readjustment of LO-067, Subject complained of "feeling, like, really heavy", and was instructed to gently lower herself to a crouching position. She was then instructed to look through LO-067 normally. However, due to the increased size of CSD-0748's eyes in comparison to the diameter of the telescope, they were unable to do so. CSD-0748 is currently held in a type XL-01 Biological Containment Unit until the correct course of action is determined by Director Sullivan.

Conclusion: LO-067 teleportation functions similarly to light refraction.
Notes: Ok, so there was a minor setback, but overall the experiment was a complete success! I think you'll agree that the possibilities this opens up far outweigh the issues raised by having to temporarily house a giantess. I have already come up with a possible way to overcome this obstacle; a large monocle placed over the eye of CSD-0748 that will magnify the small end of LO-067 enough for them to look through it. If this is successful, we can potentially use LO-067 to increase our resources!

Of course, some tests will need to be run on CSD-0748 to ensure such an application will be profitable; if it works by decreasing density, it will be useless to us. However, this would also mean that the reverse would increase density, allowing for more compact storage of resources. I request assigning a Registered Phenomena Code to LO-067, so that more resources can be used for further research.

-Dr. Giertz

Letter from Site director Sullivan to Dr. Giertz

I regret to inform you that your request for additional resources has been denied. Building a giant monocle would be too costly for something we cannot guarantee will work. Likewise, building two smaller monocles and using a CSD to enlarge them is too much of a risk; we were fortunate that CSD-0748 has not yet attempted to use her enlarged size against personnel; the risk of another CSD potentially attempting to take advantage of their new stature would be too great.

Additionally, due to your inability to deliver on your promises, along with the mixed results of both your experiments, further research of LO-067 has been deemed an unnecessary waste of Authority resources. As such, LO-067 has been denied a Registered Phenomena Code.

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