Media ID#: M-4B004

Foreword: The following is a transcript of the contents of a camera, located within the helmet of a member of The 4th Battalion, who was discovered within PA-004 (Potential Anomaly 004).

<Begin Video>

00:00 - Screen is black.

00:15 - The screen suddenly changes to the face of an Asian male, between the ages of 20 and 25, the same male discovered within PA-004.

00:17 - The man states "Oh, didn't realise it was recording,".

00:18 - The camera pans around, to show an abandoned hotel (PA-004). The man's voice can be heard, saying "I'm agent M'Gonagy. I work for The 4th Battalion, a government that deals with and contains anomalous objects, entities and locations. I have been tasked with exploring this building, because of its history with occultist rituals,".

00:45 - The audio cuts out, but the man can be seen talking for five more seconds, before putting on the helmet and entering PA-004.

00:52 - The helmet pans around the lobby of PA-004, before quickly pointing towards a wooden staircase.

01:04 - The man quickly takes out a firearm, and begins to ascend the staircase.

01:38 - Before reaching the top of the staircase, the silhouette of a figure with bright red eyes appears.

01:39 - The figure holds out its hand.

01:41 - The man squeezes the trigger of the firearm, but no bullets come out.

01:43 - The man falls backwards, before the screen goes out.

03:12 - The screen suddenly shows the head of the previously mentioned figure. Only their eyes can be made out. The figure looks at the camera for twenty seconds.

<End Video>

Addendem: Further research into PA-004 is currently under way, while operatives have been planted within the closest 4th Battalion facility to PA-004, to gather further information on the deceased agent.

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