Major Adam E. Merack



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Major Merack briefing security personnel before an on-site exercise.

Name: Adam E. Merack

Area of Occupation: Authority Security Force

Rank: Major

Role: Security Administrator

Commanding Officer: Colonel ██████████ (off-site)

Clearance Level: Level IV

Biography: Adam E. Merack began his professional career after enlisting in the United States Army at the age of eighteen. During the first three years of his military service, Mr. Merack underwent basic combat training, advanced individual training, and army leadership training before acquring the rank of Sergeant.

In the following two years, Mr. Merack served two consecutive tours in Iraq before returning to the United States. Mr. Merack then attended officer candidate school and obtained the rank of Second Lieutenant before transferring into the National Guard for the remainder of his career. During his time in the individual ready reserve (IRR), Mr. Merack acquired a master's degree in criminal justice. Due to outstanding medical issues contracted toward the end of his career; however, Mr. Merack was medically discharged after fifteen years of service with the rank of Captain.

After undergoing an extended period of in-patient care at a veteran affairs medical facility, Mr. Merack's medical issues eventually subsided. Mr. Merack, utilizing his acquired degree, later pursued a career in law enforcement, eventually becoming the assistant commissioner for the ████████ ██████ police department. Due to his extensive background in military and law enforcement, Mr. Merack was placed on the Authority's potential inductee list. Eventually, Mr. Merack was approached by an Authority embed with the offer of being integrated into the Authority Security Force. Although initially hesitant, Mr. Merack accepted the offer and was provided the rank of Major.

Current Duties: Major Merack is currently deployed at Site-063 to oversee on-site security operations and training of recruits.

Previous Operations: Major Merack has been involved in the following containment operations:

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