Non Canon Hub

Non-Canon Hub

Non-Canon articles are articles that don't fit within the Baseline Canon for various reasons. This page exists to keep them in an organized place.

Non-Canon articles are upheld to the same quality as normal articles. Just because it isn't included in the Baseline Canon doesn't excuse low quality work. Be sure to get enough criticism and feedback before uploading your article.

Non-Canon RPCs

Suffix: -NC

Non-Canon articles do not fall within Baseline Canon, but are not necessarily comedic or meant to be taken non-seriously.

To create a new Non-Canon RPC, enter the title and click create.

Joke RPCs

Suffix: -J

Joke RPCs are articles meant to be taken less seriously than regular articles. They are written to be comedic.

To create a new Joke RPC, enter the title and click create.

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