Operation Sub Vesuvia





Mt. Vesuvius.

Briefing Video Log
Hello, I am Officer Jacobs, and I am with the Protection Division. There has been notable seismic activity detected underneath Mount Vesuvius, in Italy; whether this is anomalous activity or possible eruption signs on Mount Vesuvius is yet to be determined. If it is indeed anomalous activity, then this is possibly a lethal radium of purple, which means that it will be the most lethal thing you’d going to be dealing within your short MST career, and that’s saying a lot in this line of work. Your job is to: get out there, recon the area, figure out if we should contain or neutralise this threat, AND if we can save the population.
Now, if we fuck up, we will be in big doo doo, because after we fucked up with Site-014, we’ve been in hot shit with the rest of the governments in the world, alright? We don’t need to lose any more credibility, so keep your eyes open, your ears open, and your mouth shut. Good luck out there.

Lance sighed.

The briefing room was completely silent, and big; it was the biggest briefing room Lance had ever seen, it was so big that voices could echo, and even the smallest sound could be heard. The lights were shut off, so that the projector could play the briefing video on the big screen.
Everyone knew what they were dealing with, and they also knew that the lives of billions were in their hands.

In about 24 hours, teams from all divisions would have been on fly straight to Italy, including MSTs.
Lance immediately went to the barracks, with the only goal of getting ready as soon as possible.
At the barracks, he met up with his team: F4-Alpha-2 team;
At the entrance, he noticed one of his teammates, Gilmour, doing absolutely nothing; this got on Lance’s nerves a bit.

“Oi Gilly! Have you not heard shit? Get your ass back inside, pack everything up!” He yelled at him.

Gilmour looked rather annoyed, and shouted to Lance: “Yo man calm down, we got plenty of time! The flight is in 24 hours!”

Gilmour was young, clever, but rebellious. On mission, he’d always follow his orders swiftly, but he often took his sweet time when it came to preparations.

“Just don’t waste anymore time, alright?” Ordered Lance to him.

Inside, he met Fox and Pearce;
One was their team leader, and a fierce one too, looked up by many Foxtrot-4 operatives…the other, not so much:
Pearce was often arrogant, lazy and irresponsible, and he was also criticised for being “loud”, but after all, it was part of his Highlander nature.

“Lance, can you please tell Gill to get his ass here before I kick it?” Asked Fox.

“I already did.”

“C’mon guys, give the kid a break, he’s been having a rough day…chatting with Anders ain’t easy!” Yelled Pearce.

The “Anders” Pearce was referring to was another Foxtrot-4 operative; Gilmour very much liked talking to her, but no one knew the true reason, and he was often annoyed by those who kept asking him about her.

The intercom of the Site suddenly went off.

“Attention, personnel. All members assigned to Operation Sub Vesuvia are to report in about twelve hours. Thank you for paying attention.”

Pearce barked in confusion: “Wasn’t it twenty-four hours?”

“That’s for the flight. We need to reach the airport first.” Answered Gilmour, who has just now entered the room.

“What do you know, lazyass?” Shouted Pearce at him.

“Officer Daniels told me just now.”

Underneath all the talking, Fox was extremely quiet.
He had already finished packing everything he needed, and had not spoken a word since. It wasn’t weird for him to just retire in silence, but during more recent time it had gotten worse.
Lance noticed this, and tried to talk to him.

“Hey Foxy, what’s wrong?” He quietly asked him.

He simply shrug his shoulders, not saying a word.

“Listen up, if you need something, you just gotta say: we’re here for ya man.” Stated Lance, who then got back to his locker and finished doing whatever he needed to do.

In about five hours, several members from all three divisions were ready, all they had to do now was reporting.
Six hours had passed since The Authority had arrived to the airport: it was a military one, provided by the government for this kind of situations.
Words had already spread that Authority personnel from Italy was already getting to work, and that the situation was mostly calm.
At least for now.

The flight didn’t take long, they landed on yet another military airport, and now that had to get ready for a long convoy ride to get to Mt.Vesuvius.
Trucks, APCs, SUVs…it looked like a military operation.
The air was fresh, the sun was blazing in the sky and the view of Naples from Mt.Vesuvius was nothing more than otherworldly.
When the ride ended, everyone stopped by a monastery, THE monastery; even those who had limited knowledge of it knew what went on in that place.

Officer Jacobs called everyone to attention: “Alright, listen up. I don’t want to repeat myself, I suppose the video is saved on your user pads. It’s time to get to work!” He exclaimed.
As he spoke, a monk came out of the monastery.
“For all engineers and non combative personnel, you will set up the camp just outside, here.
All Research and Scientific personnel, you will follow that monk over there when he tells you to; do what he says and don’t stray off.
MSTs, here’s what you will do: Sierra-8, the monks will tell you what to do.
Foxtrot-4, you’ll recon the area: makes sure there’s nothing dangerous around.
Alpha-3, nothing for now, make yourself useful.
X-Ray-6, we have set up a tent just for you: you’ll find computers, pads…whatever you could ever need; make sure there is no image of us up here, starting now.
ASFs, you’re on guard duty, also, set up all defensive tools.
Ok guys, it’s no joke now, our reputation is at stake: get moving!” He shouted at the top of his lungs so that everyone could hear him.

Lance and his team, being Foxtrot-4, got the recon duty.

“Why is it always us, with shit jobs?” Complained Pearce.

“What? You really wanted to go inside that church?” Rhetorically asked him Lance.

“It’s a MONASTERY, not a CHURCH, get your facts right!” Shouted at them Gilmour.

“Tsk…I much prefer stayin’ around here, when do you get the chance to be on a damn mountain?” Quietly stated Fox.

As they walked and walked on Mt.Vesuvius, they noticed some unexpected movements.

“Get down!” Whispered Fox.

“The fuck is going on?” Asked Gilmour in confusion.

“Look, down there!” Quietly shouted Lance, pointing at some lowland.

On their sights were dark figures; they looked almost like Foxtrot-4, but they surely weren’t. They were armed to the tooth: Assault rifles, sniper rifles, some carried an LMG on their shoulder.

“Malthus?” Asked Lance.

“No…too organised, look, those guys have some serious military training.” Answered Gilmour.

“The folks at Langley didn’t mention outsiders!” Complained Pearce.

“The ACI must have missed this…do I send a message to Officer Jacobs?” Requested Gilmour to Fox.

“Mhm…granted, don’t want these guys interfering. Let’s keep an eye on them as Gill makes the call.” Ordered Fox.

The soldiers quickly lost interest in the area, for a reason or for another, and headed on a much more elevated area, they were then extracted by an helicopter soon after, and headed South of the team’s position.

“Jacobs got the message, he also said he’s got something for us.” Said Gilmour soon after.

“Finally, something that isn’t recon!” Happily yelled Pearce.

Soon, no one would be laughing.

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