Personnel Dossier

Foreword: This document is a collection of all notable Authority personnel for official archival and internal matters.

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Capt. Lydia Litvyak by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 4.3 7

During her first sortie as an RAVAAF pilot, Lydia Litvyak shot down 2 targets before running out of ammunition over the skies of Kharkov, Ukraine, during the Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive Operation in...

Inv. Nathan H. Keller by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 4.2 6

Nathan Keller's colleagues had filed complains against him during his time in the Authority for being overtly cynic and hostile, often assaulting personnel who mentioned Léa and Mary Keller or The...

Dr. Mallory C. Heston by Ashtor3thAshtor3th

Rating: 4 8

Her peers note she was never cruel or overly callous in her actions. By 1976, Heston had been promoted to Senior Field Researcher, and was left on to contend with RPC-234 as head of a Mobile...

Janet E. Neuman by HellsvergHellsverg

Rating: 3.6 18

Janet Neuman later joined the US Army as a communications officer in ██/██/1942. After World War II was over, The Authority drafted Janet Neuman along with several other assets. Janet Neuman was...

Dr. Harold R. Ames by Wow Very AnomalousWow Very Anomalous

Rating: 3.5 11

Harold R. Ames was born on 11/12/19██ in ██████, WV, USA. He is the son of Cane Ames and Ashley Ames. At age 23 he worked in a model train factory, and soon became an amateur engineer. #1 Article...

Dr. Frederick C. Isaac by ICFDICFD

Rating: 3.5 13

Dr. Isaac was brought to the attention of the Authority in 1987 due to his exceptional work as a prison architect, and general talent in engineering. The prisons he helped design and construct...

Dr. Robert D. Seidman by d4rkseidd4rkseid

Rating: 3.3 7

Dr. Seidman graduated from Caltech Graduate School in 1997 with a specialty in theoretical and extradimensional physics. In 2003, Dr. Seidman graduated from Northwestern Medical School with a...

Captain Erin McKinley by XedricXedric

Rating: 3.3 12

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 19██, Erin Elrick McKinley to Mrs. ███ McKinley and Mr. ██ McKinley. She let an uneventful childhood and graduated school with an interest in architectural. However...

Jacob D. Eridanus by moist breadmoist bread

Rating: 3.3 13

Previous to joining Alpha-1, Jacob was a pizza deliveryman, in Boston. After tensions escalated in the 1940's, John, having no friends or family members, joined the US army. After training, he was...

Deus L. Vulte by JokahJokah

Rating: 3.3 15

Deus, prior to taking any medical or scientific training, was a German boxing champion in his local home of [REDACTED] winning 4 championship belts before retiring due to required military action. He...

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