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A God is nothing without the universe over which he presides. No matter how many there are, their numbers do not emphasise their meaning.

A soldier cannot keep fighting a war he does not wish to be a part of, or he will lose himself for a cause he never believed in.

A rebel cannot keep running from the hand that once fed him, or he will be unable to live without it.

A lunatic cannot keep obsessing over faces now lost, or he will live in rage and regret.

Three men will be pushed. Three of them may fail. Or three of them may not.

Their true fate is with the gods.

Agent Peter Urquhart is sick of it all. Stranded on foreign rubble, isolated and without the help of his employers at the RPC Authority, he desperately searches the barren wasteland of RPC-733 in hopes of successfully making it out with his life. He thinks he is alone… But he is not.

Victus, a rebellious human with some tricks up his sleeve, agrees to assist Urquhart in traversing the bleak landscape. With his own history within the dimension, and the dangers that lay within, he hides many secrets. He too would like to escape the hellish plain, but is hesitant, for wherever he goes, chaos may follow.

Dr. Adrik Ivanov knows there is a way out of RPC-733. With the one thing he dedicated himself to now a detrement to his own survival, he must escape as soon as he can. He will spare nothing and no one in his quest. He is intelligent, powerful, but above all, he is insane. And the voices are getting much louder.

Worlds are colliding. Lives are being torn apart. Wars are being waged. The Great Avi are attempting to rectify their mistakes, but their efforts are lazy, and with every lazy action taken, more problems begin to arise.

The Halberd Corps are fighting to clean up the mess, but they are not entirely capable of doing so. It's up to Officer Arkus and his compatriots to prevent the oncoming storm before things get out of hand. This will be his greatest assignment yet.

Nemphis has never been the same following his conversation with Ivanov, living in regret of the lives he could have saved. But once things begin to bleed back into his prime reality, he realises that his inteference is mandatory in keeping a balanced, pure world. He decides to act, unwilling to watch a world of so much potential burn before him.

It's a long day in the office for all parties, that's for sure.

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