The NV-Anderson is a military submarine that resembles an Ohio-class model. It contains a Semi-Artificial Intelligence that has control over minor parts of the vessel and can be easily upset.



The following document is outdated. Please see Appendix C.

Item: NV-Anderson
Item Number: 005
Size: 90 meters in length; 10 meters in width
Living: No
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Malfunctioning of systems, hostility from on-board sAI.
Location: Site-023
Reported Anomaly: Semi-Artificial Intelligence and thaumaturgic design.


The NV-Anderson when not in use it to be further developed to full completion. Use of the vehicle requires the approval of one member of Alpha Command, and from lead researcher Dr. Herbert Lee.

Captain Erwin Wright is the only person to command the NV-Anderson with crew members of his choosing. The NV-Anderson is to avoid combat whenever possible and be currently used for reconnaissance. It is not to travel more than 10 km below sea level.

The crew is to avoid talking to the NV-Anderson. If a crew member is responsible for upsetting the item, they are to be banned from boarding the vessel.

If the item betrays the Authority, the planted explosives within the vehicle are to go online and be detonated. Other causes for detonation is to prevention of the item entering enemy hands. The existence of the on-board explosives are to remain a secret from the item.


The NV-Anderson is a military submarine that resembles an Ohio-class model. It is 90 m in length, and 10 m in width.

The NV-Anderson has a sentient semi artificial intelligence named "Shaun". It communicates to individuals within the submarine via a series of connected intercoms and speakers. Its voice sounds like a young adult male with a Low Saxon German accent. "Shaun" has minor control over some systems of the NV-Anderson such as the radar and lights in a few areas. It also can be easily upset and can be uncooperative with someone that had been rude to it. It has a child-like mentality.

The NV-Anderson is incomplete and is still being developed. The vessel was acquired in 1996 from the company Nucorp Industries after being unable to further finance the development of the vehicle, and having staff layoffs. The Authority acquired the project via a straw purchase performed by APAS on the Authority's behalf with their connections.1

The NV-Anderson was purchased for 9 million dollars, via money produced from the Couch Of Revenue, the Fuel Ball, and the Iraq government ruled by Saddam Hussein2. Along with the NV-Anderson, documents relating to the item were able to be retrieved that details the final envisioned product, which involved thaumaturgic weapons (see Appendix A).

Originally, "Shaun" was not installed in the item. It was devoid of any sAI though Nucorp did intend to install one. An AI was installed by former Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy employee Jim Milhouse which he had stolen.

The NV-Anderson is able to house a six-man crew. It can fire on-board torpedoes.

The current state of the vessel has several problems. Issues the item possess is as follows:

  • Sudden temporary power lost; deactivating the vehicle.
  • Malfunctioning of the sonar and radio broadcasting system.
  • Slow delay in torpedo firing.
  • A few monitors displaying a blue screen error and requiring a reboot. Fortunately, this rarely occurs but it is being looked into.
  • Previously mentioned AI. Due to its nature, it is unfit to be on the NV-Anderson but attempting removal poses the risk of losing the NV-Anderson.

Appendix A: Nucorp document regarding the NV-Anderson.



Humanity seeks to travel into the frontiers of the unknown, on land and in outer space. The world's surface has been explored except for the world's oceans, which is sometimes the least thought about frontier to explore.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it is estimated that only 5% of the ocean has been explored, leaving 95%. Furthermore, the ocean floor itself remains 99% unexplored. Humanity knows more about the surface of the Moon than the ocean of our own world. Meanwhile, there is plans to explore the vast seas of distant planets and moons, such as the moon Ganymede which orbits the planet Jupiter.

Problems faced when exploring the ocean is water pressure, lack of visibility in extreme depths, and costs. Not to mention the potential encounter of a dangerous anomaly.

Furthermore, most aquatic vehicles require large crews to operate them. The crew themselves require food, water, and warmth. This increases the cost of underwater operations. In addition, human error can cause an issue for the survival of the crew when at a dangerous environment.

Due to the issues mentioned above, it is difficult for scientific analysis on ecosystems, geology, chemistry, and biology of deep-sea organisms. There is also the presence of valuable resources that is unobtainable.


We propose the development of a submarine vehicle able to traverse the hostile environment of any ocean via thaumaturgic technology. It is also to be mostly automated with the application of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Scientific, mining, and military equipment will be constructed into the vessel. Tangential technology to be included are an Etheric Resonance Imagery device to be in the radar system. Viewers would be installed in the outside of the vessel in various angles to see detected anomalies.

A reality anchoring system is to be implemented in the event of encountering unstable reality. Finally, the power source of the vehicle could be nuclear or anomalous in nature.


Various industries would be interested in such vehicle. They include mining companies interested in acquiring valuable minerals and oil, space exploration organizations with hopes of distant planetary colonization, and for militaries to deploy for reconnaissance or combat.

A potential customer for such vehicle would be the Coalition. The Coalition uses advanced equipment when performing their duties of neutralizing anomalies. The Coalition's navy have no deep-sea assets as far as we are aware. They are also likely to invest into the project and provide their technology.

Nucorp itself may use it to acquire precious materials or data for whatever purpose.


An approximate total of $45 million (US) will be needed for the purpose of designing and constructing a working prototype. Below is how the funds will be distributed during production.

  • 15 million will go into the designing and construction of the submarine itself. It will be made to be able to fit all planned features. Also, it is to pay for the workers and to have a facility to store it.
  • 5 million will go to the creation of a semi artificial intelligence and the robotics that will be on board automate the vehicle when needed.
  • 10 million for the creation and installment of the reality anchoring system and Etheric Resonance Imagery devices, which would also be connected to it.
  • 5 million towards basic science, military, and mining equipment onboard. In addition to minor life supporting systems for a small crew.
  • $500,000 for hiring a thaumaturgist to provide thaumaturgic incantations and symbols for the exterior of the vehicle, along other sections.
  • 9.5 million for research and development of an indefinite power source.

Half of the cost could be covered if we approach GEAR the Coalition with the project and inquire if they would be interested in investing.

Time it would take to develop the prototype is estimated to be between 10 to 15 years.


It is not certain if the sAI could handle most of the systems simultaneously, especially in dire situations. The complexity of the interconnected systems may lead to delays in processing actions.

Furthermore, the reality anchoring system could fail due to not knowing what stable spacetime should be and how to maintain it. This could require complex programming.

Appendix B: The following is a transcript of a conversation with the AI "Shaun" on the NV-Anderson.



DATE: 5/19/2004

Note: The following communication was performed by lead researcher Dr. Herbert Lee. Operative Jim Milhouse was also present due to be the installer of the AI. At time of recording, the NV-Anderson was not deployed yet. It was spoken to via an intercom near the entrance of the vehicle.


Dr. Lee: Hello?

Shaun: Hi.

Dr. Lee: Good day, Shaun. How's it been?

Shaun: Wet and cramp. Hard to move around.

Dr. Lee: Sorry about that. Everything isn't connected yet for you to move.

Shaun: Then, uh, just connect it. This feels very weird. Can you tell me where we are?

Dr. Lee: I'm sorry. I don't know.

Shaun: (To Milhouse) Uh, do you know?

Operative Milhouse: Me? Nope.

Shaun: (Sighs) I want ice-cream. Wait, where's my mouth!? (Makes heavy breathing sounds)

Dr. Lee: Try to relax. There's nothing to worry about. Just, uh, take a few deep breaths.

Shaun: (Slowly produces three sounds of drawing breathe.)

Dr. Lee: Better?

Shaun: Uh-huh.

Dr. Lee: Alright. Good to hear. Tell me, what is the earliest thing you remember?

Shaun: Um… I-I don't really, um, know. Uh, it makes my head hurt.

Operative Milhouse: (To Dr. Lee) That's interesting. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I heard of a few cases of memories returning in some prototypes when they aren't suppose to. Hopefully this isn't one of them.

Dr. Lee: Hm. Shaun, do you remember Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy?

Shaun: No. What's ecclesiastical?

Dr. Lee: It's nothing. I guess we are done for now. We'll talk to you soon.

Shaun: Um, okay.

(Dr. Lee and Operative Milhouse proceed to the exit but are stopped by Shaun speaking.)

Shaun: Wait, I remember something!

Dr. Lee: Really? What is it?

Shaun: I remember a teddy bear and a bedroom. I remember a woman… I feel weird. I… don't know why.

Dr. Lee: Don't worry. It is likely nothing important. Go and rest, Shaun. We'll see you later.


Note: According to Milhouse, the sAI is believed to be regaining some of its memories from its previous life. It is an issue some artificial intelligences from Association for Ecclesiastical Primacy have due to the use of spiritual essence. Further research is needed.

Appendix C: Cancellation of NV-Anderson

After much deliberation, it is the consensus of Alpha Command that the NV-Anderson is to ceased being worked on indefinitely. It has been costly, time consuming, and hardly has much use. It'll remain deactivated and at Site-023 until further notice.

Alpha Command has proposed scrapping the material of the NV-Anderson to create something much more useful. I'll personally discuss it with them. Remember we are at war with powerful foes that stand in our way. Maybe another time in the future we'll try this again when the Authority is an absolute authority.

- GD-04

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