Dr. Robert D. Seidman



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Dr. Seidman preseting his new research to a board of researchers and directors.

Name: Dr. Robert David Seidman

Clearance: Level-4

Class: Head Researcher

Age: 44

Physical Description: Dr. Seidman is a Caucasian male of American origin. Dr. Seidman stands in at 1.75 meters tall and weighs 66kg. Dr. Seidman is known for his multicolored eyes (Green, yellow and blue) along with his comedic demeanor and ties to multiple extra-dimensional anomolies.

Background: Dr. Seidman graduated from Caltech Graduate School in 1997 with a specialty in theoretical and extradimensional physics. In 2003, Dr. Seidman graduated from Northwestern Medical School with a specialty in trauma surgery and xenobiology. Following his successful work pertaining to Higgs-Boson physics, he was hired by the Authority to serve as a researcher on various cases involving dimensional anomolies. Dr. Seidman rose through the ranks quickly, taking on various senior level roles and standing in as voting proxy's in the event Global Directors were unable to act on voting decisions. Currently, RPC-963 and Dr. Seidman are interconnected through unknown means.

Researched RCPs:

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