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Registered Phenomena Code: 002

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Newtonian Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-002 is to be contained in a standard Alpha-class container. RPC-002 is only to be removed for testing purposes, which must be cleared by any level 3 research staff. RPC-002 is not to be used outside of approved testing areas, and only on approved targets. All organic based testing must be approved by the Site-███ Director. See Addendum 002-1.

Description: RPC-002 is a Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, painted silver, with a wooden handle. RPC-002 displays no anomalous properties when unloaded, and pulling the trigger has no anomalous effects. The material and quality of any bullet loaded into RPC-002 has no effect other than as a delivery vehicle for RPC-002’s anomalous effects. When any bullet fired from RPC-002 connects with an object, it affects objects on the subatomic level, changing any manipulating matter to change based on what cylinder has been fired. This does not require penetration, and will work at any velocity. While this affects more complex compounds, it is far less effective, spreading its effect out in a much smaller area, and often not converting the entire compound to the new element, due to impurities.

When used on base elements, RPC-002 manipulates the element into another element, state, or form. This changes based off of what cylinder the RPC-002 is currently rotated to. While multiple attempts have been made to mark and catalogue which chamber has what effect, the item seems to anomalously clear and clean itself, preventing all markings. The item also seems to pose a minor cognitohazard effect; anyone focusing their mind on keeping the exact rotations of each cylinder seem to remember numbers incorrectly and will be convinced that the number they remembered is correct, even when researchers have the rotations marked down from prior testing in a session. Though testing is difficult, the reference point of the only constant, the destroyed chamber, makes it possible to test and mark each cylinder.

Each cylinder is denoted with a dash at the end of the test log, in order of cylinder tested by distance from the control destroyed cylinder.

Addendum 002-1: All testing suspended on orders of Global Director 04. Due to the items anomalous self-concealing properties, and incident RPC-002-6, further testing has been considered too dangerous to continue.

Addendum 002-2: RPC-002 has been transferred to Site-001 in ██/██/████ by order of the Board.

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