Authority Artist Reproduction of RPC-004

Registered Phenomena Code: 004

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-004 is to be kept in a locked archival room inside of Authority Site-077 art depository. Two Authority agents part of task force “Eckys” will monitor entry to this part of the facility from unauthorized access at all times. Any unauthorized personnel seen to be attempting to gain access to RPC-004 are to be turned over to Authority security and barred from return access to the archival section of Site-077. The room storing RPC-004 will be maintained at an internal temperature of 22° C (72° F) and relative humidity of 45%. One D Class personnel with no prior political beliefs will enter the archival room on a weekly basis to monitor the storage conditions and check RPC-004 for any signs of decay.

Description: RPC-004 is a cubist painting by German painter ████ ███ ███ that depicts a trench containing multiple dead and dismembered German soldiers during the first world war. RPC-004’s memetic effect materializes in groupings of individuals theorized by the Authority to be linked to their ideological or political viewpoints.

Painting was first discovered on 18 July 1937 at the ████████ ████ ████ in Munich, Germany. Prior to the opening of the exhibit, ███ members of the local Schutzstaffel unit were afforded a pre-screening of the event with RPC-004 being the centerpiece of the collection.1 Following exposure to RPC-004, ██ members of the Schutzstaffel unit began ████████████████ in an effort to steal gas masks from others in order to escape exposure to a mustard gas agent resulting in ██ fatalities while the remaining ██ members of the viewing party were unaffected by the reported hazard.2 All surviving members of the Schutzstaffel unit were brought under custody of the local Gestapo regiment and subsequently released after interrogation and transferred to Einsatzgruppen units as unfit for regular duty. [See Addendum 004-1-1 for interrogation logs] A contact within the Abwehr alerted Authority personnel operating from a nearby field office, in which task force “Eckys” was dispatched and obtained the painting from ████████, a local arts dealer for ███ dollars; with the disappearance being blamed on a local burning of degenerate arts.

Note 004-A: Request for more tests of RPC-004’s memetic properties under Level 2 Restricted Access.

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